Two Motorcycles Carrying Two Brazilians Each, Pull Up in Front of House and Gun Down Man on Porch

Two Motorcycles Carrying Two Brazilians Each, Pull Up in Front of House and Gun Down Man on Porch

The state of Pernambuco has become the state for murder and mayhem in Brazil. Pernambuco, as you may or may not know, is home to Caruaru, deemed one of the most violent places on earth, neck and neck with Rio de Janeiro. Now, on to the case at hand…

On February 11th, 2015 in Jupi, state of Pernambuco, Brazil, 20 year old Edenilson Santos da Silva was just standing on his porch, minding his own business when not one, but two, motorcycles each carrying two men pulled up in front of his home. Being a resident Brazilian, Edenilson knew that this could only mean one thing and he took off into his home. All four men got off of their bikes and followed Edenilson into the house and shot him nine times, killing him.

Edenilson was an ex con who had previously done time for robbery and it is speculated by investigators that this murder was linked to drug trafficking. Whether this was the work of a rival gang or not is unknown.

I’m telling you there is something about Santos. Now we have a case of a man with both Santos and da Silva in the same name! What sorcery is this?

Badass props to DaSilvaFlipFlops for this.

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  1. Not the best decision to run inside his house, which by the looks of it, had only one door !. He ended his life as a sitting duck !
    Should have slipped his flip flops off and run away into the darkness as fast as his legs could carry him.

        1. @ewe…exactly. Not much in the cognitive dept. If he was up to no good (95% chance of that), you would think he’d be anticipating shit like this to happen and at least prepare for it…but he didn’t, and now he’s toast…

          1. True @justice. If those guy’s brains were computers, they would require one hell of a defrag !. I’m not sure Kaspersky could manage such a task to be fair.

          2. So you’re a darts player @ewestomper… Next time I’m in England I’ll have to call you up… Pint for pint… That’s if you’re game… 😉

          3. I like watching darts @Gnat, those guy’s make it look easy ! , whereas I have this knack of slightly drifting the dart right into the treble 1 area !.
            You’re on mate, pint for pint it is. 😉

  2. Off Topic


    Have you or any of the others in the hierarchy heard about Mark, his well-being and his trial? I thought I’d ask since I may have missed a recent update or maybe we just haven’t had one in a while. I’m glad you are doing better and are back to contributing mightily again.



        1. Sorry for cutting in guys, but that creep Lucca Magnotta, got sentenced to 25 yrs in prison last Wednesday! I would like to thank our Mentor Mark for his diligence in helping bring this creep to justice, and making our world that much safer! Respect 🙂

          1. Can you believe the shit justice in Canada Dre? A murder trial starting it is resolved before his case….he definitely needs to get out of Canada as soon as he can….

          2. Crazy is it not ? I don,t know what to think anymore. I just hope that they leave him alone now that this other trial is over, and let him get on with his life!

        1. Maybe it’s because I’m English that I’ve heard of him !!. There’s the Belgian’s too, coming up on the rails. Those Dutch players though, they’re getting a bit good.
          Can’t beat a bit of bully ! 😉

    1. LOL :-D. When I first read the original post – I had assumed it was some sort of homosexy hook-up, with SantosDaSilva walking into his house, expecting to be followed by 4 men and, subsequently, a wild gang bang.

      He obviously misread the situation.

  3. No wonder they needed two motorcycles and four assassins they were up against a Santos da Silva, I?m surprised such an unholy alliance of genetic foulness could ever possibly exist.

    I bet the mother was consumed from the inside out with that monster residing in her womb, no doubt heaven and hell trembled the day that little fucker was conceived.

    They had better drive a stake through its heart to make sure its truly dead.

    1. Haha @ empty soul! Check for those three sixes. They got to be there somewhere!

      I would add that the double bike execution squad may have actually been two squads, one from the da Silvas, the other from the Santos, with both families united in the destruction of this unreal abomination.

      1. There is no group more shocked than Brazilian physicists, they were operating under the assumption that the Santos and da Silva could not exist in the same space at the same time.

        According to the Brazilian-Pauli exclusion principle the Santos and da Silva simply cannot occupy the same quantum state simultaneously but now that this new evidence has arrived, well, this will completely change the way we view and understand the universe.

    1. The numerology you highlight is most profound and intriguing. The numbers “2” and “3” are wonderfully important numbers, as any freemason will tell you.

      Santos-DaSilva’s expiry is most accurately described as “death by square numbers”: 4=2*2 killers, using 9=3*3 bullets.

      How pleasing.

  4. Retardists are equal like Communists, Zionists, Fascists, Capitalists and Islamists are terrorizing the globe for their pathetic ideal to be recognized. As a Latin American, I should have the right to exterminate them, because their relations to drugs is criminalizing the economy to disorder.

  5. WOW! Those 4 guys who killed this da Silva had HUGE balls! Sure, murder isn’t that big of deal, especially in Brazil. But what amazes me is that these 4 people gave zero fucks about facing a trespassing charge by going onto the property and entering the house without being invited in. I don’t speak Portuguese, so maybe he did. If he didn’t? HOLY SHIT! That’s some serious courage on display by these guys.

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