Two Palestinian Teens Shot Dead During Nakba Day Protests Outside Ofer Prison

Two Palestinian Teens Shot Dead During Nakba Day Protests Outside Ofer Prison

Two Palestinian teenagers – one 17 and one 16 year old were shot dead during a demonstration marking Nakba Day outside Ofer Military Prison in the West Bank city of Beitunia, according to Defence for Children International. Earlier that day, some protesters were throwing rocks at the Israeli Defense Forces soldiers, but when the teens were shot, no rocks throwing or other forms of protests were taking place in the area.

Nakba Day (يوم النكبة) aka Day of the Catastrophe, marks the anniversary of the 1948 Palestinian exodus. It is usually commemorated on the 15th day of May each year. Nakba Day marked the beginning of living under the terror star of Israel.

Here are also some interviews with Israeli children:

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  1. Again folks, the real threat is not guns in the hands of citizens. It’s guns in the hands of governments.

    Odd, how American Jews are all liberal-progressives pushing for gun control. They demonstrate that it’s governments that abuse guns, much more than private citizens.

    1. As long as we’re in a constant state of conflict, everyone will accept killing and being killed as the norm. Of course it takes a dying economy, false flag attacks, and the media spewing it’s filth as well..

    2. American Jews are all liberal progressives in America, when it comes to israel, American jew are all ultra-nationalists and extremely conservative. hypocrites is what they are.

    1. After seeing this you can count on me as your greatest supporter here on Bestgore. Utterly disgusting footage. I’m not fond of Arabs, but these little monsters just make me feel sick to my stomach.

      1. Well, actually that’s exactly what I meant to say. I have no particular fondness of Arabs, so my sympathy for those two rock slinging teenagers that were shot is rather limited.

        Nonetheless, I agree with you that the thoughts expressed by the kids appearing in the second video are much more disturbing then the actions of the two frustrated, but harmless, Palestinian slingshot wielders.

        Please excuse my ambiguous choice words in my earlier post.

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