Two Security Guards Killed for Their Firearms in Soweto, South Africa

Two Security Guards Killed for Their Firearms in Soweto, South Africa

Two Security Guards Killed for Their Firearms in Soweto, South Africa

This happened at Maponya mall in Soweto, a township southwest of Johannesburg in South Africa. Two guys shot and killed two security guards for their firearms.

The guards were sitting in their vehicle. The murder, including the faces of the killers, were caught on the vehicle’s interior dashcam camera. It looks like the guards wore bulletproof vests, but those provided no protection against ambush headshots from behind.

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      1. As the person who posted the clip I’d say they had a shot gun behind the seat, but the back of the vehicle was an open canopy pickup, -otherwise known as a ‘bakkie’ here in South Africa.- which meant they had zero weapons and ammo except that which was readily available.

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