Two Students Killed on Amban Beach in Manokwari, Indonesia

Two Students Killed on Amban Beach in Manokwari, Indonesia

On the afternoon of October 31, 2016, two students were stabbed to death on Amban Beach in Manokwari, Indonesia. The victims were identified as Irianike Thanesia Sapulete (veterinary student at Universitas Papua), and Augustine Aun (engineering student at Universitas Papua).

The students went to the Amban Beach, and stayed in a secluded area near by. As they enjoyed the company of each other, they were attacked by unknown assailants with machetes.

Indonesian police determined that Augustine was killed first. Irianike may have been raped before being killed.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Definitely a brutal amount of pain and suffering, but on the good side.. Together for eternity. On a side note.. There’s a lot of new people on the site..Haven’t been here in a while I don’t recognize many

  2. Their wounds (stares as well) paint a picture of an attack undoubtedly barbarically savage in nature. Notice the chopped off hands on both victims (woman especially), induced probably from the victims trying to shield themselves from the machete attacks. The woman was most likely raped while still alive, both hands cut off and with no clue what in the everloving fuck was happening to her. Betcha she loved that one, final, shagging.

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