Two Teenagers Brutally Murder a Doctor in Bacolod, Philippines

Two Teenagers Brutally Murder a Doctor in Bacolod, Philippines

Looks like Canada is not the only place with cold blooded murderers. Except that while in Canada it’s a gay who kills an Asian, in the Philippines it’s a gay who gets killed by Asians.

This video is from Bacolod in the Philippines. It’s a case of an incredibly cold blooded murder in which the murderers – both teenage boys – set up a camera in the room to make sure their deed is caught on tape. It looks to me very much like pre mediated, first degree murder.

Back in February 2012, Dr. Andres Gumban, 63 years old pulmonologist (doctor specializing in the respiratory tract disorders) from Bacolod City had himself a bit of an itch in the groin. He went on Facebook, hooked up with these two teenagers and arranged a meeting. Being a wealthy doctor, Andres Gumban invited the boys to his home at Regent Pearl Subdivision in Barangay Alijis where, I assume he thought he was gonna have butt sex with them. Penetration did in fact take place but it wasn’t a dick that did the penetration and it wasn’t an ass that got penetrated.

Once inside his house, one of the boys turned his cell phone camera on and set the cell phone on a shelf pointing at the scene where they were going to kill the doc. The unsuspecting old man casually walked in wearing just underwear, turned his back on the boys who smashed him several times in the head with a rock.

Clearly maimed and bleeding, the doc managed to pull himself together but overwhelmed by you youths, he was stabbed in the chest, neck and stomach areas before being dragged into the bathroom where one of the attackers sliced his throat. Poor old man died in his house with full ballsack of sperm.

Since murder in progress created a bit of a commotion, doctor’s neighbor – Jonathan Maniego took his handgun and went to see what was going on. Jonathan Maniego caught the boys just as they were about to leave the house. Since they weren’t willing to let him in, and since he noticed blood spilled all over the floor he pulled out his gun and ordered the teens to drop down.

The duo of useless Filipino twinks was identified as 18 year old Fof Pascual Jr. (Fof? Who the fuck names their son Fof?) from Barangay Tadlong in Sagay City and 16 year old Neil Jhun Destriza from Cadiz City.

When the police arrived, the teens tried to frame the doctor maintaining that they were sexually assaulted by him and killed him in self defence. Except that the twinks had a cell phone on them with real sequence of events filmed on it. The police also learned that Fof Pascual (dude, do something about your fucking name) was also a suspect in 2010 killing a pregnant woman in Sagay City.

The video ends with one of the killers taking a shot of the doctor’s lifeless body before turning the camera on himself to give it a wink. The murderers admitted that they were drug abusers.

Many thanks to aljim and ryankun who each independently sent me the video. I just took a look at both of your profiles and see you have both been members of Best Gore for a long time. Especially ryankun – you must have registered good 3 years ago. Cheers guy, you damn Filipinos for sticking with me for so long.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. “I assume he thought he was gonna have butt sex with them.”

    It was very difficult to read the rest of the description after this line. Hahaha. “Butt sex”… What a way of putting it. Anyway…

    This is just one of the many reasons you don’t hook up with someone over the Most Depressing Website on the Internet. It could result in a totally disorganized killing that only ends up entertaining a bunch of gore fans on the internet. Silly bastards.

          1. Hey, look at you! That’s cool of you to admit. Most women I’ve talked to act all uptight about anal sex, or butt sex, excuse me there. And they all say the same thing “Exit only.” Lamos…

          2. I’ve always imagined it feels like taking a poop… then shoving the poop back up your butt… childish curse words are just so much better..

          3. I like it more when the girl doesn’t like it.
            I also like it when shes sleeping, on a bus
            at night, at i’d prefer it if shes a stranger.
            what can i say i like real life role play

          4. @Razor.

            I appreciate your input.

            Although what I would indeed like to do. Is do it doggy style.

            Whilst watching the X files of course.


            Like all acquired tastes you must try it several times to really apreciate it.

        1. @trooper…..i like it doggy but im kinda freaky…..its actually easier to try first time when the women is on her back and the man on top…….but yeah doggy so i can watch the x files or millennium ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Some nice imagery their Razor.

            I was joking about the x files. I was referring to the Bad Touch by the Bloodhound Gang.

            I don’t like any background noise whilst having sex. Although I must try just normal vanilla sex in doggy whilst watching the x files. Iris on this years resolution.

            I have never seen Millenium. Any good?

            I love the Lone Gunmen. Especially that freaky first episode about flying planes into the world trade centre… This dating some 3 months before 9/11.

          2. I guess some club classics work with angry sex. If I want angry sex I usually watch a David Cameron speech… Ooh, I get so cross when I watch him!

            PMQs is a bloodbath round here!

            If I was to stick some tunage on. It will likely be a bit of Al Green/ Luther Vandross, at a push, Maroon 5.

          3. We should have a bit of a jam sesh.

            I guess I can listen to anything really.

            Anything as diverse from ‘Star to Fall- Cabin Crew’ to ‘Embedded- Job for a Cowboy’.

          1. Same as FD really.

            It’s not a common thing for me either.

            Just on special occasions, e.g. A birthday.

            Baked has the right idea concerning this particular taboo. A former conquest of mine once revealed she had Crohn’s disease, funny that the first thing that crossed my mind was ‘no bum fun’.

            An attempted conques

          2. @IRegretNothing Thank you. It’s nice being able to come to a place where I can give people the kind of honesty that I can usually only give them at a bar after a couple of drinks. Being able take off this mask of humanity that my society forces me to wear is a relief. So much so that I want to run through the streets naked right now. Just kidding…

          3. vic you dont seem like the type of person to refrain from an honest opinion… honest to a fault whether drunk or sober…..sometimes it gets me into trouble though

          4. @Razor It happens to me a lot, too. My closest friend is always calling me an asshole for acting the way I do in public, but I just see my behavior as being honest, real. Oh, well. With 7 billion people on the planet, I think I can afford to offend a few of them.

          5. @FD I find no fault with anything you said, INCLUDING the running naked through the streets XD. The way I see it, you don’t like what you see? Don’t look. Don’t like what you hear? Don’t listen. Honesty is definitely not a problem, it’s how people react to said honesty, where problems start. PS: Society can go get a ?full ballsack of sperm?? emptied, where the doc was hoping to end up, before being penetrated prematurely ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. No, ‘capping’ is too good for them, Filth like this should live a long life of suffering. Personally, I think a bit of ‘knee capping’ would have done the job. The neighbour had a gun, a couple of shots to each of them in the general patella region would have made sure they survive but with years of prolonged pain. Maybe a sadistic prison officer good give them the occasional well aimed kick to make sure thier injuries never properly heal.

      1. Good Comparison,
        but have you ever think about Thailand, Malaysia Indonesia or other South Asian Countries Before you compared us to Niggers?
        who do you think among us “South Asian Countries” have lot’s of video’s here about killing or other Violent Acts.
        But anyway at least not compared to Brazil, China and Mexico ๐Ÿ™‚
        Thanks… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. it used to be a case that you would read about serial killers or hear about them in the news. It just seems that now they are just videoing themselves in the act and showing the world what they are doing. It really s getting pretty bad

    1. I wish we could see most of the murder, and goddamn why is the video quality always suck. Well I guess because 3rd world countries don’t have nice things. But it was amusing, haven’t laughed in a while but hearing him suffer… So great.

  3. Two things…
    First, the old dude screaming out reminds me of the old dude in “Taxi Driver” after DeNiro shoots the guy’s fingers off and prior to blowing his brains out.
    Second, “Fof” is probably an acronym for “Full-On Fruit”. Considering Fof is a peter puffer, it makes sense.

    1. Taxi Driver is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I see what you’re talking about here, but I just can’t endorse your observation on the grounds that I don’t want to think of these two fuckfaces when I watch Travis Bickle save Iris. You’ve got an eye for detail, though. Good on you for that.

  4. Is it me or did that house not look like a rich doctor lived there? Looked like a shithole to me. Anyway, one of the punks, maybe Fof, slipped on the old fart’s blood by the doorway. Too bad he didn’t fall and hit is chinky head … but, alas, he didn’t. ๐Ÿ™

    1. I think he was just keeping a look out you know making sure no one showed up…which they did, I also heard a dog in the background maybe it belonged to the doc and he was trying to keep the dog quite, or maybe he was just waiting for the stabbing to pop off so he could get to jacking and looting the house, or he’s just a big pussy running around scared..I go with latter

  5. After visiting bestgore for as long as I can remember, no story is impossible to me. Every news story I hear that includes a murder of some sort I always think to myself “yea I can see how that can happen, I might of seen something like that on bg. Which is cool because I used to be overwhelmed with the word “murder” itself but now I have realized that’s just as common as anything else.

  6. What a.horrible job, the old guys screaming like a Bitch , the one fag keeps coming in and out that room, other one slips on blood, ,horrible murder, I’m sure they got caught , and bradley got no chance..

  7. What a.horrible job, the old guys screaming like a Bitch. almost as bad as those cartel beheadings, the one fag keeps coming in and out that room, other one slips on blood, ,horrible murder, I’m sure they got caught , and bradley got no chance..

  8. is it just me or does the song that one dude starts playing sound like ‘bad romance’ by lady gaggag ? figures they would be listening to that lieing stealing bitch!=P lol and love how mark descirbes the vid so fuckin funny!x) haha butt sex!xP

  9. It sure makes it alot easier to find out who is the guilty party. Fuck’n dumb-ass fleshy virus is just making it too easy for the cops!! This keeps up we’ll have no use for the cops anymore!!!

  10. Even if it was premeditated these guys sure didn’t seem to think of a good escape plan, they were making so much noise when they were killing the doctor. And what did the pervert doctor think was going to happen when he invited these guys to his pleasure mansion, guess his ploy backfired big time.

  11. Dang, that old fart was screaming his ass off almost through the entire video. Good thing the dudes set up the cell phone cam on a shelf otherwise we would have ended up with one of those shaky shit videos we usually see.

      1. Baked, and Moonma, hope you’re not that down. Esp. over this kind of thing. It’s been going on forever, just not caught on camera. There has always been, and always will be, some scary good reasons not to get stupid and complacent (like inviting strangers in to do something you coulda done with your hand and a magazine). But, don’t let the evil fucks stab you in the heart from way the hell over there. Keep your fists up and your head down. When they’re rotting in prison and hell, you’ll be sitting with friends, doing good and feeling better. Man, if there’s one thing that we have seen a hundred times here, it’s that once you quit fighting like a sonofabitch, they’re all over you, excited to be getting the upper hand. Don’t let that happen. Fight your way up from the floor, if you find yourself there. Another thing we’ve seen here, a hundred times, is that alone against the mob, your odds are long. Don’t try to fight your way through by yourself. Hope you tell me to fuck myself, because you’re doing just fine.

  12. I like how white shorts does all the work and red shirt just keeps going back and forth fucking with a door.

    Seeeeeeeeeeeeeriously these two must of been doing alot of drugs added with bad grades given from this dude.

    I hope these two get all the butt sex they need in jail.

  13. Off topic here but we just had a murder here in Toronto’s Eaton Center shopping mall where a gunman opened fire on Saturday in the lowere level food court killing one man and injuring several others.
    I guess he did’nt like his food.

    1. Is there a pattern starting here?!…
      Last week a guy went into a Sushi Restaurant in Burnaby, BC and killed the owner and an employee.

      Hmmm… first it was postal, then scholastic – now diening out???

      Bwa Ha Haaa… I kill myself !!

  14. Bacolod City is a nice place to visit. It’s located in Negros Occidental province in the Visayas region. Bacolod is famous for their “chicken inasal”. I vacationed there last November. Anyways, the doctor probably didn’t pay them enough for their sexual services. They must really be high on shabu or meth. There’s blood all over the floor and the guy washes his feet.

  15. These assholes were probabaly looking for some Oxycontins, Americas heroin in pill form of choice brought from Afghanistan, 95% heroin supplier of the world. Maybe this was the wrong video to post in.
    Probably looking for some drugs and killed him to get to the drugs.

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