Two Turkish Soldiers on Patrol in Mountains Killed by PKK

Two Turkish Soldiers on Patrol in Mountains Killed by PKK

Two Turkish Soldiers on Patrol in Mountains Killed by PKK

PKK forces ambushed and killed two Turkish soldiers who were on patrol in the mountains. The incident is said to have taken place on October 22, 2018, according to PKK.

It looks as though the PKK sneaked up to the Turks and used hand grenades along with rifle fire to take out the surprised soldiers.

The submitter of the video wished to remain anonymous. Thanks for your submission:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Just go on YouTube and look at how many troops to regular militiamen around the globe from Mexico to Ukraine have gopros attached to their helmets. Also maybe they’re trying to prove a point by showing the incompetence of Turkish forces by catching them off guard.

        1. If I was the president, I would equip every soldier with mandatory POV camera, which would stream 24/7 live on the internet, so every kill could be see in real life by the whole world. People could place bets, cheer for their favorite teams, fund and donate to their favorite squads e.t.c. If we kill people anyway, why not make a sport out of it?

          1. I would absolutely subscribe to that.!!
            29.99 a month sounds reasonable.
            It could be interactive, you could vote on objectives, targets, squad members, weapon loadout, tactics, whether to take prisoners or not, etc.
            As you say, these deaths are happening anyway & it’s tax payers money that’s funding it all, so why not “Showbiz” it up a bit.?
            After all, the ancient Romans knew the civic entertainment value of a bit of gore.. Some would, in fact say….
            They had the “Best Gore”.!
            Ha.. Sorry, it had to be done.!

      1. Yeah I don’t think Redneckistani forces will go that far in gang infested areas where a lot of ex military gangstas will lead and command their troops into battle in da hood. Stalingrad 2.0 or should I say Hillbilliegrad.

          1. And buy lots of sports paraphernalia like jerseys and hats. Dress like you’re on the team even though you’re not, you’re just an easily manipulated sock puppet couch potato asshole with a fat stomach who cheers over stupid shit.

      2. Look up the 1953 Iranian coup d’etat. Same thing happening in America now happened in Iran where the left went crazy and this pushed the country far right. History continues to repeat itself. Coup was conducted by British and American intelligence, Brits under the name of “Operation Boot” Americans under name “TPAJAX Project.” I’m just saying not to act the same way they would like you to act.

      3. Judging by the way things are lately, it shouldn’t be much longer.. I’m literally inching closer & closer to the edge of my seat…
        It’ll be an unfair fight though.. One side has all the guns while the other has puppy dogs, rainbow coloured dildos & an “It’s not about winning, taking part is the important thing” attitude.!
        Methinks that won’t get them far.. Unless they can weaponise a dildo.!?

    1. No game, that’s for sure, as these PKK are No Pussies! Way ta go PKK Keep Fucking-Up those Zionist Ass-Kissing Turkish Military. 🙂 A Lot of those PKK Fighters were trained by the worlds best,,, The Russian Spetnas. 🙂

        1. Yea, i agree with you as all religions,,, faiths,,, and Countries as a whole has had in the past some skeletons in their closets brother.But the fact that they had had enough with This Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Dude, or “This Sultan Of Swing”, lol, sort of speak is good enough for me, even if the PKK was Formed way before his Presidency. And The Fact That They Are Against the peaceful nation of Syria, and the other Fact That They Shot Down A Russian Jet During The Israeli Security Intelligence Soldiers or better known as I.S.I.S. Their Jew-Bootlicking-Cunting Acts will never leave me.

          1. Yes of course friend, I can’t stand The Dog or any of his cohorts.

            Watch those protected headchoppers that arrived in Canada bro. Coming to a neighborhood close to you.They were despised ,none of their own came to see them at the airport.

            That “Nice Guy” boyish PM of yours should have manned up and said to the US ,”not on my watch Yankees,you broke it ,you pay for it,not us!” He is just as bad as that stiff Harper. Will our countries ever have PMs that do not kowtow to Washington?

            I guess he was too busy making sure all the third-gender legislation was going through properly to check on letting marauders into your lovely country.

          2. Well, they have not arrived yet because of public outcry alone. I Was listening to one of Ottawa’s Top Radio personalities saying that Canada should do exactly what Brittan has done and that is to say Never,,, Will They Ever,,, let back I.S.I.S. Or Jew Paid Head-Chopping Peice-O-Shit Spies Back In To Their Country now that Their Jewish Payroll, & Support has run dry.

          3. I read some had arrived at Ottawa Airport only last week.
            I will try and find the article. You know what I say. Someone with balls needs to bus them to the US border and shoo them across at gunpoint.
            Shopkeeper’s rules should apply,”You broke it,you pay or fix it!”

            If they are so harmless ,why didn’t the Uk,Holland,Israel ,Denmark and the Us take them in? After all,their charities and taxes paid for their formation.

          4. Well since they were funded by Israel, now that Putin, and The Russian Spetznas kicked their fucking asses all over the sand, Their Jewish Funded, & Freshly-Printed but Worthless , & Non-Gold-Backed Fiat Currency We Call The Greenback from The Jew-Owned, & Controlled Federal-Reserve 100 Dollar Bills, as their Paychecks, Got Instantly Cut-Off, the minute that they lost! But The Jews Got Their Use Outta Them!

        2. maybe only the kurds fro Turkey. Kurds are related to persians and other iranian peoples(such as ossetians from the north caucuses in Russia) / people from the south caucuses including armenians and azeris. The kurds in iran never killed anyone and iranians protected the christians in persia including armenians and assyrians during the time when the ottoman turks were slaughtering christians in the middle east/caucuses. The worlds oldest church, the black church is located in Iran and was protected by Iranians.

          1. @hopingfornemesis

            And Lets Not Also Forget The over 50 Million Christians That Were Senselessly Slaughtered by The Bolshevik Jews In Stalin,s Old Russia, Along With The Tens of Thousands Of Polish Officers, and Their Entire Families That Were Also Slaughtered and their Dead Body Pictures That Were Used As Fake Holohoax-Jews In The Katyn Forest Massacre that happened In Poland. 🙁

            This was The “”ONLY REAL HOLOCAUST”” That Has Ever Happened, and Was Openly Admitted By The Jews “ONLY” Recently!

          2. Read them for yourself @hopingfornemesis





          3. Why Continue Believing In One Of he Greatest Lies, And Hoax Of All Time When There Was Not Even 6 Million Jews In Existence During Their So-Called Fake-Holocaust??? Why???





    2. Great Post/Video, my good brother @vincitomniaveritas as it’s been quite some time since we have seen some great footage from our friends fighting Against Global Jewry,,, or, The Jewish War Machine, and All their Boot-Licking Slaves, likt The U.S. Canada, and the entire western Countries Military. 🙂

  1. Maybe they should get out of Syria or it’s karma for killing Armenians

    It’s funny how the Turks think they’re Europeans but all I see are durka durkas blowing them up in theirs eastern provinces and military coups like a typical 5th world shithole. Maybe they should add Stan to their name….. I forgot about Soviet Turkmenistan and Turkestan

    1. Turkey is stolen land. The original turks came for central asia and are a mongoloid race. The Turks in Turkey are not real turks but a mix of real turks with caucasian people that live in that area including Georgians, armenians, kurds, and balkan people such as greeks, and assyrians, and persians. kurds did not come from central asia and are genetically related to persians and south caucuses people including the armenians , Georgians and azeris. The are not arabs or “durka durka” people and the ones from turkey are communists and not religious. Lot of turks are in fact armenians, kurds, georgians etc. that have adopted the turkish language / muslim religion and consider themselves “turks” now.

      1. True. If you think like a headchopper Muslim you are a headchopperMoslem.

        Surprisingly,a large number of Turks have blonde hair and blue eyes and /or look Yugoslav/Bulgarian / Greek/ Georgian etc.

        It is because they are! Their greatgrandmothers were enslaved in sex slave harems and /or their greatgrandfathers were converted to Islam ,whether forcibly or not.

        Some of the worst headchoppers in the yugoslavia/ kosovo wars of the nineties look like the average US or Britisher’s father or grandfather for that reason.

        If you look at Turkish film stars you will see many of them have blue eyes and /or blonde hair and/or Look like Italian bombshell starlets or have Dark Adonis Greek looks. It is all well thought out to sgow a Europeab face to the world for them to be allowed into Europe!

        Never allow them .They will rape ,murder and pillage the first chance they get!

        1. well “blue eyes and blond hair” is not just a european trait. so just because a turk has blonde hair would not automatically mean that they have euro dna. I have people in my family with blue eyes and also blond hair (dark blonde) and I had blond hair as a child and I did a dna test ( and my dna test just came back as persian/iranian/caucuses. I originally had some greek (4 percent) but that was later removed from y dna profile and I also have no middle east (arab/semitic blood). On they include persians/kurds/turkey as part of the caucuses dna cluster.

          most people from the balkans are not blonde hair blue eyed people (lot of greeks are darker than I am as I am pretty pale white), same with caucases people. Most people from caucases have black or dark brown hair. blue eyes and blond hair exists in all caucasian people. Minority of iranians also have blonde hair and it’s not because of any european dna. It’s however common for persian, armenian, georgian, kurdish etc. children to be born with blonde hair. My sister was also born with blonde hair but now we have brown hair.


        2. Persian, very interesting. When i say European,I mean Caucasian ,white -people ,Indo- European,Aryan people .To scientists that inludes the Persians and even Northern Indians.

          I did not mean blonde ,blue eyed in a Nordic way ,they are simply a subset of Caucasian /Aryan people.

          Persia also had many Greeks marry into there via Alexander’s settlers who also stretched to Afghanistan and India. The Northern Greeks to this day have a high frequency of blonde/ blue eyes as do Northern Italians ,Spanish and Portuguese. The Lurs or aboriginal people of Persia also are said to have blonde hair/blue eyes.

          Anyway ,science now says that the first Indo -europeansAryans,known as Yamani ? Or Yavani? Had blue eyes and olive skin like a southern Italian ,Greek or Spaniard. Many lost the dark skin as they moved into colder,sunless climes. We are talking about ten thousand to five thousand BC.

          Anyway , lovely to talk to you.

    2. the word “Stan” i think derives from the Persian language (so I have heard). Armenians also refer to their country as “stan” in western countries it is Armenian but Armenians themselves refer to Armenia as “Hayestan”.

    1. I’m an avid fan as well, and I have missed it here on BG.
      Please more battle footage!

      I always enjoy watching the Houthi’s slaughter Saudi’s in Jemen.
      So entertaining to see a couple of flipfloppers with an AK and a lighter destroy a complete military outpost 😀

  2. I swear Turkish soldiers have the worst perimeter security, there are a bunch of videos like this: PKK sneak up within touching distance, spam granades and volleys of fire, kill everyone and loot their equipment. Haven’t they heard of sentinels or guard duty?

    1. Oh i am sure that the Saudi’s are far worst in their battlefield manners. Go look up “When houthi’s attack” on youtube.
      There are about 30 video compilations that will show the incompetence of the Saudi’s 😉

  3. i dont understand why the slow mo, at beginning and when the guy is looking on stuff on the ground near the end…

    i dont get the point of the slow mo.. can somebody explain me why the slow mo ? and what are we supposed to look at at this moment ?

    i get the 2 kill when one guy try to escape (and get shooted later at the end) and the other guy on the MG nest getting rekt by the grenade.

  4. Hell the barrels were aimed at the clouds and the sky as if the intent was to hole them up first .There wasn’t a face except the gun muzzle shown moving those rocky wilderness with debris flying like some UFOs from a distant star
    The lensman seemed partly boozed because of the way the video was shot doddering side to side .

  5. Biggest fucking piece of shit video I’ve ever seen. Slowmo? Really, you dumb fucking sand nigger fucks? I would’ve had a better time pulling one off into a condom and then pissing into the wind afterwards.

    Stupid dumb motherfucking cocksucking pieces of horse shit….

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