Two Women Sentenced to Life for Killing of Toddler Collapse in Court Room

Two Women Sentenced to Life for Killing of Toddler Collapse in Court Room

After contributing to the destruction of Detroit, single mother by the name of Leshia Richardson sought to migrate to Summerville, South Carolina to contribute to the destruction there. In order to pave her way to Summerville, Leshia Richardson enlisted the services of her trusted childhood best ghetto friend forever – Erica Mae Butts whom she asked to look after her 3 year old kid Serenity Richardson while she was looking for new home.

Erica Mae Butts, along with her housemate Sharita Latrice Cunningham took the toddler in and during two weeks in their care, beat her regularly up so bad, the kiddo died. The last straw was the audacity of the kid to piss on the floor, an act the carers determined worthy of proper punishment. In a way – they’d succeeded in teaching the kid a lesson. After the disciplinary action, the toddler never peed again. And never will.

Coroner who examined Serenity Richardson’s body determined that the child had been beaten with belts and plastic coat hangers all over her body except her soles. There was also a large burn mark on her leg. With all the evidence in place, investigators concluded that the toddler had been abused from the moment she was dropped off in the care of Erica Mae Butts. Her housemate Sharita Latrice Cunningham was found to have participated in the beatings which lead to them both being charged with homicide by child abuse.

The accused based their defence on denying an intent to kill. Somehow the tactics failed to impress the judge and they were both sentenced to life in prison. Upon hearing the sentence, the two women collapsed on the courtroom floor as mother of Erica Mae Butts turned to her apish side and unleashed the drama by yelling bloody murder. She had to be physically escorted out of the courtroom.

Bitches fainted when they were handed down life sentences but I doubt any form of similar reaction was produced when they repeatedly beat the defenceless child.

Props to Best Gore member Buffsmom for the video of the child killers collapsing in the court room:

Couple of pics:

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        1. They should burn in hell! Anyone who harms or takes the life of a child should. They had to know what was coming. They are so melodramatic! They probably aren’t thinking of the life they took, probably more worried about getting their asses kicked in prison!

  1. I hardley watched the video and don’t think I had to read the synopsis before I came to my conclusion that these are nothing but niggers, some over-dramatic maury povich shit goin on here. Fuck all niggers who have all the free education and means to make something of their life but decide to live off welfare and people that try and do the right thing. Shit, I said all that at the beginning of my post…….Fuck niggers!!!!!!

      1. I hear you on that @sr, but I don’t think my middle finger offends any one here (’cause if it did I’m sure I’d hear about it, and I myself (am ,is ,are) tired of it, will try to change it, as soon as my lazy ass tries to figure out how to do so, until then ,l,

    1. 1st of all, state facts & not base your theories on small-minded historical crutches that were used to justify inhumanity, evil & ignorant beliefs, which your comment proves is still prevalent today. do some thorough research on those “living off welfare”. you’ll be surprised just who’s REALLY “living off off others” the most. “and ppl that try & do “THE RIGHT THING” huh?! smh my my the irony & joke of THAT statement. you need to come out of that mentality. humanity has enough on its plate now & in the fast approaching future. all that small minded hate has left you drowning in the deep end & now you can see your way to the surface. i dont care if you grab a life saver, scuba gear or sunken treasure just get to the surface!! a game of chess is being played by those in power, which will have ALL of humanity facing a crisis the likes we’ve never seen before. its beyond race, religion, sex,etc. theres more going on than your mindless racism. they dont CARE about that mess. it wont matter anyway. green will be the one true & ONLY color, race, power & god that matters.

      1. ellarfox6, first of all, he’s allowed to state his opinion. If doesn’t matter if you like it or not, agree or disagree, it’s none of your business to tell him how or what he should think or what his opinion should be, on any post.

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        1. Murdering a baby doesn’t have a fuckin thing to do with growing up in Compton, Detroit, or any other bad neighborhood or family. If those two black female child murderers were brutally raped by the male guards in a maximum security women’s prison, I can guarantee you that where the guards grew up would never be a justifiable excuse to those two child murderers, their families, their community, or to those who provide that excuse on behalf of these two vile and sick-ass murderers. They both should be hog-tied, raped in the ass Brazilian Style, and have the video of it put on BEST GORE. Now, that would be JUSTICE. And they would be alive afterwards, unlike their victim. Unless, of course, they were raped and strangled; and, that, would be a far more complete form of justice.

  2. thats some actual reality television… the judge made a good point. I’m sure the little girl they killed made more chilling sounds than the selfish cries of these sub humans during sentence. They’ve turned their last moments of freedom into a youtube bid for temporary fame… or maybe they really felt that bad that they were CAUGHT?

    1. It should be noted that women are promoted as more caring, loving, and nurturing of children, so in custody battles women win 95% of the time over men. It should be noted a good majority of child murder and child abuse are commited by women.
      Women raise children to be obedient slaves, men raise children to be independant thinkers.

      1. That’s just [email protected],I stayed at home and devoted my entire life,heart and soul into raising my children,all of which are boys and ALL 3 of them are very independent thinkers who are a slave to no one! And all are doing very well for themselves and no we are not a wealthy family and we had to budget to make ends meet week to week like anyone else!!!

  3. Horrible tragedy but please, talk about making a drama out of it. Had nobody every heard of quiet dignity? Boy, some people have absoloutly no control of themselves. Reminds me of when my son was being born. At first they put me in a ward seperated by curtains. There were a lot of African women on there, Nigerian, and they screamed thier heads off non stop. The white women didn’t make hardly a sound.

  4. I’d hate to see how those two hood rats would react if they were condemned to death. Child abuse is heinous and cowardly … they can’t defend themselves. Not that it matters, but they were lesbian lovers.

    1. @buffs,
      thanks for that vid.
      I find those two women vile and creepy. To faint and hyper ventilate over thier own fates when they had beaten a tiny child to death ignoring her genuine screams and cries.
      They didn’t deserve to be helped, they should have been left to flail around until someone poured some cold water over them and dragged them back to prison by their hair.

  5. I feel sorry for the black people who strive, overcome and succeed like this judge who have to endure the burden and stigma of being associated with these sub-humans. It must be very frustrating for them.

  6. I hope that the people freaking out in the back aren’t related to the child that was murdered. Cuz if they are, then that’s super fucked up. Why feel any sympathy for someone who took the life of your baby grandchild/niece/cousin? I mean yeah they’re family, but once you murder your child, I don’t think you deserve to have any support from anyone, aside from the group of inmates kicking your ass for being “fresh meat”

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  8. You know, Im one crazy ass bitch but Im darn tootin good mother, hate
    These kind of low life shit stains poor excuse for beings, I dont believe in god heaven but this kinda shit makes me have a hope that maybe these innocent babies can really have a happy eternity…..

  9. I don’t feel bad for these people at all. It may be sick but I’m almost glad they are suffering. You beat a child to death, then there probably is hardly a punishment too harsh for what you’ve done. It makes me incredibly sad to hear what they did to that poor little girl. I’m so sorry, sweetheart.

  10. Lol, the fems killed a child then gets dramatic and faintness when they get the proper court sentence!????….i think they were expecting a jodi arias style court case or something. Good to see a fem judge at least handing down the Law without bias….

  11. Rest in peace, little girl. Hopefully someone will remember that you were the only victim in all of this. The so called adults murdered you and acted like victims when they should have manned up and taken responsibility for their actions.

  12. looks like no more obama bucks for you nigger bitches.. i guess those days of free 40 oz and weed ended when you killed that child.. back to the cages of the zoo you go you dumb niggers.. good fucking riddance

  13. I have to admit, listening to old girl at the end made me grin. Now maybe she has.a vague concept of how it feels having your life taken away from you. My black (I’m caucasian), and even she will tell you there are black people.and there are niggers. It’s not about color, it’s about class

  14. It is amazing how these people do not see this judgement coming their way. ‘Oh, we beat a kid to death in our care. How steep should the penalty for that be?’ But, I suppose that even when people know what their fate may be, it is still a shock when it is actually real, as apposed to what it might be . . .

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