Two Young Men Assassinated on Quiet Street in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Two Young Men Assassinated on Quiet Street in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

On December 4, 2017, on a quiet street in Nilopolis, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, two young men met their maker when a pair of assassins, who arrived in a car, shot them dead in cold blood.

Local media reports suggest that perhaps this is the work of some “justicieros” – a union of local vigilantes who began to act as people’s militia, weeding out all the suspicious bandidos and narcos from their neighborhoods.

Here’s the CCTV footage of the double assassination:

I also have a video of the aftermath. Nice to see the local community coming together and having their lemonades at the bloody murder scene. Props to Best Gore member @terminator_g for the videos:

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82 thoughts on “Two Young Men Assassinated on Quiet Street in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”

        1. The day after the shooting @ the The Nilopolis PD,
          the following conversation would have had taken place:

          Officer Uno#
          Did they even use a car?
          Officer Dos#
          Looks more like a modern donkey to me!
          Officers Uno & Dos#
          Walk out the office to get some coffee with churro’s or donuts…

          The End!

  1. The guy in the red hat had an excellent chance of taking off and run away… While his partner got murder.
    But for some stupid reason decided to walk back towards the killers and simply laid down for the last time.

  2. A man twice the size of a kid subdues him with a gun and leg sweeps him off his feet then ends his life with a few shots to his half grown body, now that’s a real man. Now he can go home and fuck his wife in the knowledge that he’s a real man.

    1. Howdy @thedre ? Hope ya are doing fine Bro !
      Haha the crackheads don’t take a leaf out from the other crackheads who were once their ancestors and slained brutally in the past.
      There is much to learn for them from these assassinations yet they turn a blind eye like only the crackheads do and ultimately end up in a morgue sometimes unclaimed unidentified .
      There is a bullet marked for a kill for each of the crackhead who dares smoke or paddle drugs . Hope Brazil comes clean as its getting more gutterish .

  3. Local police getting to grips with the compition the takedown was the give away the 2 guys never ran simply complied the 2 killers showed no remorse no fuckin about headshots all round flawless…

  4. There were some rodent like individuals that would steal for me as well. People with absolutely no moral compass. I was much more lenient to them than these Brazilians are to people that steal from them. Laws are different in third world countries. They got what they deserved.

  5. Leg sweep indicative of some sort of Training.
    And my belief is that he may have been reaching for Gun or some object but not his genitalia because lets face it,
    What are you really gonna do with with your dick in your hand?
    It seems like victim 1 was ready to commit more crimes up until.
    It was a good video. Vigilantism,top notch.

  6. The guy furtherst from them walks back to them a good 10 yards instead of bolting. What is wrong with these fools they don’t even attempt to fight back or save their lives in so many videos I have seen on here ? Sure I’ll walk back towards you Mr man in the black car with the mask on pointing a gun at me when I have a good 10 yard start at on you and I doubt you’re all that great of an arm with a small barreled weapon

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