Tyrone Bodybuilder Shot Dead While at Bar in Rosario Oeste, Brazil

Tyrone Bodybuilder Shot Dead While at Bar in Rosario Oeste, Brazil

Tyrone Bodybuilder Shot Dead While at Bar in Rosario Oeste, Brazil

At dawn on Sunday, February 9, 2020, a man identified as Marcos Camargo was shot with at least 5 rounds from a firearm inside the Music bar in the center of Rosário Oeste, a municipality in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil.

The victim died on the spot. The attacker fled and his identity as well as whereabouts are unknown. A skank looking to jump on the cock carousel for pussy tingles was also shot. She was hospitalized at Amparo Hospital and is said to be out of danger.

The killed man was a bodybuilder. He was the Tyrone type, so when he showed up at the bar, the bitches like on command left all their men and pushed themselves onto him. The speculation is that this may have been the reason why he was shot.

So… you mean to tell me women are so shallow and superficial, all they care about are looks and as such, will readily give finger to a decent guy for a shot at being a good bitch cumdumpster hoe for Tyrone Roidmuscle? And the most pussy-whipped men in the world will kill each other over these thots? Color me shocked…

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          1. Oh shit! My man’s white!?
            I was actually quoting a movie, from orgazmo.
            My mental image of you will not be the same.
            Not to sound like a queer or nothing, but your a handsome dude 😉

          1. I’ve been reading comments for at least 3 years, especially yours(cause you genuinely make me laugh) dano conda has been this comedic rival towards your music taste, as I had assumed you must be colored to a degree. I suppose I digress, as I am a Caucasian, with a black avatar lol
            Good old nems is a smart and complex cookie… as I always imagines him to look like socrates.
            Show your yourself ye australian bastard!

          2. Haha. Its true i have thought Honkey a black man for ages. I joke every so often that he is Zach ’cause i know he also is a Carolinian and a funny prick.

            Me? I’ve described myself here many times. Middle aged. Bit over average height,white /pinkish skin, now balding so i have short to shaved head.I had dark brown wavy hair and grow a gingerish beard. Lol Look like a former athlete;big shoulders and chest and slim hips,black man’s arse. Losing my middle-aged “dad” belly. Big smile ,animated face and eyes. Big cock…na…average.

            In my youth i looked like the Riace Bronzes but would love to be as clever as Socrates!

            So when are we going wenching?

          3. Absolutely true. Always beware those who say they have all the answers. A true wise person is aware he knows more than most but still knows very little in the wider scheme of things. That is why Davinci or Michelangelo,a genius,can’t remember which , said “I am always (still) learning.”

            Can you believe it ,i have never seen this movie , so -crates! Haha. Great life , gymnasiums,eating grapes fed to you by slaves and then off to orgies or chariot-racing with a war or two every few years for excitement and to keep you in peak condition.

            [email protected] honkeykong. We will do so one day. Maybe we will meet in London ,Paris or Rome for a Wine and sex -fueled bender.

        1. @hopingfornemesis

          I recall your description of yourself, just testing to see if your exaggerating!
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  1. Go ahead and call me a „cock-carousel-rider“ and „attention whore“ but can we please stop acting like all women are whores? What about your moms? In the opinion of most guys on here i probably look like a whore too but i‘ve been with my boyfriend since my teen years and reject EVERY single guy who tries to approach me (happens a lot btw and no, i’m not seeking for attention and it also happens when i‘m wearing baggy clothes and no makeup) and i would NEVER cheat on my boyfriend.

        1. “Clearly see”, no, I clearly didn’t even bother looking at your face.

          On a webpage where we’re allowed to say whatever we damn well please you need to expect “racism”. Fucking idiot. And you crying about it isn’t going to change anything, do you think people will listen to YOU?

          1. lmao. someone’s an internet troll.From your own words it’s ” a webpage where we’re allowed to say whatever we damn well please…….” seems like you dont follow your own advise, because here you are telling people they are a “fucking idiot” for doing exactly what you said. Now pull your panties up and out my replies.
            Thank you kindly 🙂

  2. The ironic thing is I heard he was dancing to Gloria Gaynor’s bitch anthem “I Will Survive” when the trigger was pulled. Should have been Donna Summer’s “Last Dance”.

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