Uber Driver Reacts to Attempted Robbery and Kills Two Assailants

Dead Shit Better Compensate Driver for Interior Detailing

An Uber driver reacted to an attempted robbery and killed two assailants with at least three shots each. The incident took place late Friday afternoon on July 14, 2017 on Avenida Max Teixeira, in the Cidade Nova neighborhood, the northern zone of Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil.

The driver’s name has not been released yet, but an unconfirmed note I received states that he was an off duty police officer supplementing his official income.

The assailants had reportedly robbed a motorcycle parts shop moments earlier, and tried to carjack the Uber car in order to use it as their getaway vehicle.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. I thought about doing it but I just don’t see it being worth it. A few dollars here and there isn’t worth the wear and extra mileage on my car let alone the headaches that I could predict happening but if anyone here knows better please let me know. Also I’m in Toronto so the traffic here is always busy.

        1. No it is not worth it. All costs related to vehicle are on you, tires, accidents, if someone vomits in your car, gasoline, oil changes. Vomiting clean up will be reimbursed but so what? The smell will still be there, and it’s gross.

          You will put many miles on your car and greatly increase your chances of being in an accident. It is a red flag to insurance companies. You will have to get commercial insurance which is expensive.

          You are also at risk of getting killed, robbed, beat up like you see here

  1. Damn this is some crazy shit that happens in the countries the last thing I would do as a job is transporting people through Uber. taking about taking the last breath of air then expiring. I wonder if you see your life flash before your eye’s closed for the last time.

  2. Some people just can’t get to grips with the fact that violence breeds more violence. Brazil, particularly this area of the place, is a fine example of it. A degenerate shite hole.
    This off duty copper knew he would run into trouble and was prepared, but who the fuck wants to live like that?!, eh hmm.

        1. I never said I was invincible… but… unlike you… I don’t depend on the police to fight my battles and I’m always prepared to defend myself and my home… something that seems you’re against and I can’t imagine why that is…

          1. I’ve stated many times that our police are not a bunch of psychotic imbeciles, yes. I have not, however, ever stated that I’d rely on them for anything. Don’t assume things.
            And actually, although now I’m a bit older and not proud of it, I had more run ins with the old bill back in the day than you’ve had hot dinners. As The Service Crew used to say, ” nothing better than a dust up with the old bill, apart from a ding dong with Chelsea” !!
            And to assume I wouldn’t defend my family and home is, quite frankly, fucking idiotic.

    1. One is not allowed to carry guns outside the premises of his/her property in Brazil since 2003, unless you have a special permit which is only given to cops, armed forces personnel and people in other similar special occupations. It seems that only law abiding citizens are respecting the law and crime has not decreased, though, as you may have seen on Best Gore…

  3. Hey uber driver, give us all your money now!
    You talkin to me? You talkin to me?
    I don’t see anyone else here around, you must be talking to me..
    Ahhhh how do you like my little friend now huh? Bang bang!
    Good job by the uber driver, I approve and will tweet my approvals soon..

  4. Even cops had to do a second job to survive no wonder looting robbery is rampant.. most problems in countries like Brazil and India can be considereably reduceed if population growth is controlled. Unfortunately in both countries their governments doesn’t care about the people living in slums as for them they are the easily buyable votes.

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