Ukrainian Army Continues to Indiscriminately Shell Residential Areas with Grad Rockets

Ukrainian Army Continues to Indiscriminately Shell Residential Areas with Grad Rockets

Much as his Jewish predecessor Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich, brother-in-law of Josef Stalin, the man who earned himself the nickname of “The Butcher of Ukraine” for mass murdering at least 10 Million Ukrainian and Russian Christians, the new “Butcher of Ukraine” and a fellow Jew Petro Poroshenko is doing one hell of a job in catching up to his forebearer.

In the recent days, war criminal extraordinaire Petro Poroshenko visited Canada, where he received unceasing praises from the world’s staunchest supporter of terrorism, Zionist bootlicker and Israel-firster – Stephen Harper. Then he went to the USA where he asked for “lethal military aid” and told the Congress:

Just like Israel, Ukraine has the right to defend her territory

LOL, one can smell a Yahood from a world apart.

Barack Kenyan Obama praised “excellent” Poroshenko and offered Ukraine $1 Billion of financial guarantees. While receiving the guarantees, Poroshenko said:

We really hope that the ceasefire, which already lasted for 12 days, will transform into a real peace.

This is what Ukrainian ceasefire looks like. This is how, like Israel, Ukraine defends its territory – by indiscriminately shelling residential areas with Grad rockets. What fucking Jewish liar that pig Poroshenko is:

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45 thoughts on “Ukrainian Army Continues to Indiscriminately Shell Residential Areas with Grad Rockets”

    1. I shared the Donbass doco with several people and they STILL accuse Russia of shelling these people. Seriously how much evidence do these morons need? One person claimed that these people had no idea who was shelling them and said to me ‘don’t believe everything you see on the internet’. What an ignorant cunt..

      1. Too tuned into the system. They believe what MSM tells them to believe without seeking answers to the many questions for themselves. They are so comfortable with their rosy shades on, they will fight to death anyone who’d dare take them off and show them the real world.

        We see lots of them flooding Best Gore to preach. Hard to tell if they are the sheeple of shills paid to solidify the status quo.

  1. Obama can keep his change, I’ll keep my guns. These devils disguised as humans are going to be the death of us all. I grew up believing my country was a shield, but it is a sword.

    1. I’ll remember those words: “I grew up believing…”

      Exceptionally well said. I’d like to be able to use them again, when the opportunity presents itself. Sadly, I fear those opportunities will be many.

  2. When’s this shit gonna end, been saving up to fly to Kiev, got a twisted fascination with Chernobyl. Osama Obama gonna fuck me out of a trip.
    Guess I will just spend that money on guns. Wouldn’t want the zombies (southern Baptist democrats) to get me.

  3. Hello, hello, anyone home in there? Don’t you know it’s 2014 you fuck heads…wake up from your coma….

    I did – it’s a piece of piss ( and it was in Espanol)

    Play a game of rugby instead, much easier and you can have a beer afterwards….

    They just don’t realise how precious life is

    1. ***Play a game of rugby instead, much easier and you can have a beer afterwards?.

      They just don?t realise how precious life is

      Agree Dutchy…

      And since I don’t drink anymore, and I have bad knees to begin with…

      Can I just simply shoot these bastards instead?

  4. To see innocent civilians shelled like that, knowing they have no way to defend themselves is just horrifying. I’m glad this site shows the world what’s happening there, because you certainly aren’t going to see this on lame stream media.

  5. Their time is coming. Those fucks will pay, when Russia and others hit back with full force. These rockets will look like something K-TEL produced by Jew owned K-Mart, compared to what Putin will hit them with!

      1. ***Those are Putin?s scrum shooting rockets dipstick. You Stalinites aren?t very swift. No wonder Putin leads you along by the nose?.

        I don’t know about that WP2014…

        One of the tall tale signs that America trains terrorists, is their ability to laugh uncontrollably, when murdering innocent civilians.

        …then they lie about their deceitful act.

        But don’t take this personally…o.k?

        btw: It sure looks to me, that those things could bring down a jet airliner!!

  6. I blame ObaMao for that. I hate this …God i don’t have word to describe ma hate to this snotty man

    Can i share something?
    Barack Husein Obama is flaming homosexual.
    His “wife” is actually a MAN. His name is Michael and he is TRANSSEXUAL.
    Imagine yourself, living in USA, having a homosexual president with a First Ladyboy “wife”? Not cool

  7. Assuming the accuracy of this videos introduction is incontrovertible, which I have no reason to doubt. A quote comes to mind regarding the western worlds stance ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive’. On a serious footing, one can only hope that no one was murdered on that day.

  8. @Srbija didn’t the late Joan Rivers just make that comment a few weeks before her death. Everyone got on her ass for saying Mrs. Obama was a tranny.

    Think the trannys got upset because they look good compared to her. Or some do. He could at least get fashion tips from RuPaul.


    I am ashamed…kinda….that I have to state this is the first video/photo/comment that I truly hurt in seeing that it was not what I thought it was going to be about. How was I to know that “Ukrainian Army Continues to Indiscriminately Shell Residential Areas with Grad Rockets,” wasn’t going to be a video about disgruntled mollusks embedded with the Ukrainian Army?

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