Ukrainian Army Shoots at Civilians in Mariupol, Dead and Wounded Filmed on Video

Ukrainian Army Shoots at Civilians in Mariupol, Dead and Wounded Filmed on Video

On May 9, 2014, Kiev’s puppet government sent an army to the eastern city of Mariupol with an apparent objective to storm the local Interior Ministry building, where police, who allegedly refused to carry out orders from Kiev to neutralize anti Kiev protesters, have barricaded inside. After residents began flocking to the scene, the army reportedly opened fire on civilians.

The reports on how many people were killed jump up and down with each source. The Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov published an update on his Facebook page which said that about 20 anti-Kiev activists were killed, and 4 were taken captive. British journalist Graham W. Phillips tweeted, quoting Mariupol hospital doctor, that number of killed could be over 100. That however contradicts reports from pro Western sources which say that the official number of dead is 5.

May 9th marks Victory Day – the day on which many Europeans celebrate the end of World War II. The residents of Mariupol held a commemorative parade, but many moved on to show support for barricaded policemen after the reports of shooting started coming in. Interfax quoted a witness as saying:

About 1,500 people left the parade and went to the local interior ministry HQ. People in camouflage confronted them, shooting into the air using lethal weapons. portal reported that:

On the Lenin avenue in Mariupol, two people were seriously wounded – one in the head and another in the stomach. A large pool of blood is next to the “Arbat Café”. It’s not known whether the wounded people have survived. Witnesses say they were driven away in a passenger car. The fighting is on next to the main police department, gunfire is heard. Two armored vehicles blocked the Artyom street.

And I just happen to have the video that matches the report:

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  2. Ukrainian officials stated today, that victims from the civillian’s side was a work of an unknown sniper, which sounds like a truth, because at the same moment pro-Kiev head of police force was also killed by some sniper.

    Army and other official forces have no reason to shoot unarmed protesters, because it automatically discredits them in the eyes of people.

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