Ukrainian Freedom Fighters Cleanse Town of Shakhtarsk Off Occupying Forces

Ukrainian Freedom Fighters Cleanse Town of Shakhtarsk Off Occupying Forces

Now that it’s become obvious that the crashed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was most probably the work of the Ukrainian army, the Zionist mainstream media conveniently switched their rhetoric from openly blaming Russia, to manufacturing an illusion of a mysterious Ukrainian Army “Defector“. It’s beyond dumbfounding that they would never even touch the most probable scenario – that the missile that presumably struck and brought down Flight MH-17, killing all 298 people on board, may have been launched by someone working for the Ukrainian military – but instead would continue twisting their reports to support the ZOG’s case blaming the rebels.

The Los Angeles Time reported:

U.S. intelligence agencies have so far been unable to determine the nationalities or identities of the crew that launched the missile. U.S. officials said it was possible the SA-11 [anti-aircraft missile] was launched by a defector from the Ukrainian military who was trained to use similar missile systems.

In other news – the Ukrainian terror forces commanded by the Yahoodi war criminal Petro Poroshenko who appears to enjoy bombing unarmed civilians into oblivion (as do his Zionist counterparts in Gaza) were stopped in their tracks during their attempt to bring terror upon the people of the town of Shakhtarsk. Video below shows what’s left of them after their occupation was halted and the town cleansed off them by the freedom fighters.

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    1. No shit, we published a video that was filmed on July 31, 2014 a few weeks ago. Sure thing.

      The guy videotaping runs a Twitter account @Borisich_glass. He publishes updates of their fights against the Ukrainian army. Here’s his tweet published after the video was filmed, but before it was published:

      Here’s article about it in pro Kiev mainstream Ukrainian publication:

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  1. People Confusion Is

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    With a long history of American persecution,
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    Laws that are passed to cause wide spread hate and distrust,
    then when those same citizens
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    and then by arresting those that caused them said harm.

    Confusion is
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    Medieval and modern prisons
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          I consulted a surgeon and this is what she said,”Death occurs due to separation of the brain and spinal cord, after transection of the surrounding tissues. This must cause acute and possibly severe pain. Consciousness is lost within 2-3 seconds, due to a rapid fall of intracranial perfusion of blood”

  2. Fuck, now I’ve got the “allahu akbars” going through my head. The last time this happened I would say it out loud without even realizing it. Gets quite the reaction when you’re out in public.

          1. I sometimes wonder why Islam is so connected to violence. I wonder if it’s maybe the culture of Islamic countries or rather the religion itself. I know plenty of Muslims who are my friends and very nice people, but so many Muslims in the Middle East are intolerant of other beliefs other than their own, and have no respect for human life. Why does Islam turn some into savages, but others not?

          2. I dunno. I have several Muslim friends and i have been friends with them for years. What’s ironic is that the prophet Mohammed’s army was more decent i.e, it had proper rules of engagement and rights for prisoners of war. Maybe it’s due government instability due to vested foreign interests. Have you read the quran? If yes then what’s your opinion on it?

          3. I’ve read a bit of the beginning of it and all I really remember is polytheists being condemned to hell and how only Muslims, Christians, and Jews can get into heaven.

          1. Aww thanks obli that was so sweet the sound and the twisting was beautiful 😆 I don’t get how I missed that post 🙁

  3. You say probably the work of the Ukrainian army. Where is your proof. Yet again some smart arse thinking they know every fact. Nobody will take the blame so lets not fuel the fucking fires

  4. “Now that it?s become obvious that the crashed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was most probably the work of the Ukrainian army”

    No, it is not obvious. Russian “separatists” admitted to downing the plane 30 minutes after the crash. But I understand, this site always sees facts awry

    1. That alleged audio recording has been solidly debunked as fake. Nobody refers to it anymore cause everyone already knows it was fabricated. Only total uber sheep still cling on to it:

      US army satellite images clearly show that it was the Ukrainian army that fired the rocket at the plane. They can’t debunk that so they are adopting the “defector” rhetoric to keep the sheeple in the mindframe that it was Russians.

  5. In the beginning they say “Ukrainian soldiers who died”. Pretty sure you can even see on their jackets that the ones alive are Russian. Those are Russian uniforms. Ukrainian army and government is NOT the ones who are killing people. People are getting caught in crossfire or the Russians/pro-Russians are doing it themselves.

  6. I’m still hoping that pro-kiev fighters win and russia backs the fuck off. While the propoganda is strong on all sides, every country that’s been under the soviet ruling, knows that russia and kremlin are full of shit and people want nothing to do with them.

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