Ukrainian Soldiers Shot at From Behind by Barrier Squad, Separatists Provide Cover So They Can Run to Them

Ukrainian Soldiers Shot at From Behind by Barrier Squad, Separatists Provide Cover So They Can Run to Them

You may be familiar with “Barrier Squads” from World War II. After killing the Tzar and taking control of the world’s largest country in the October Revolution of 1917, Jewish Bolsheviks embarked on the greatest ethnic cleansing and mass murder the world has ever seen. Then in 1945, after initiating their long longed war on Germany, they took a break from systematically exterminating Slavic Christians, and forced them into battle against the Germans. To ensure none deserts, squads of Bolshevik Jews and their cronies followed them from behind and shot anyone who wouldn’t advance against the enemy without a thought.

For decades, Russians, Ukrainians and other related ethnicities lived under the oppressive Bolshevik rule, and then they briefly freed themselves off it, only to have the Jew waltz back in and plunge them into the same dark ages again. And what do you know? They seem to force the Ukrainian soldiers into battle the same very way.

Video below alleges to depict Ukrainian soldiers being fired at from behind by Barrier Squads for refusing to fight the so called “separatists” – who do nothing other than defend their homes and families from attackers. “Separatists” then give the surrendering Ukrainian troops cover fire, so they can run to them.

Recently, a book titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine“, authored by 22 acclaimed professors and analysts with impeccable credentials, was released, but got no coverage in the western press. By taking a closer look at the book, it is easy to understand why.

Michael Hudson – Research Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri in Kansas City explains in his chapter, which he titled “The new Cold War’s Ukraine Gambit” thus:

The object is the same as that of military conquest: appropriation of land and basic infrastructure, and the rents that can be extracted as tribute.

In today’s world this is taken mainly in the form of debt service and privatization. That is how neoliberalism works, subduing economies by indebting their governments and using unpayably high debts as a lever to pry away the public domain at distress prices.

John McMurtry – Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the University of Guelph, Canada says in his chapter:

It is true that Ukraine – the biggest country and bread basket of Europe – has now been pried wide open for transnational Western banks, agribusiness, Big Oil and NATO to feed on. And it is true that all talk of ‘land grab’ has been projected onto Russia even as US Greystone and Blackwater mercenaries – now called ‘Academi’ in the Big Lie lexicon – move on the ground in Ukraine as the US and NATO propagate ever more threats of force and embargo against ‘Russia’s aggression.

Russias ‘designs to take the whole of Ukraine’ is again a US projection of its own objective, as in the old days when a ‘world rule plot’ was attributed to the former USSR.

Financial contracts and assets are violated by one side alone. Hate campaigns without evidence go one way. Uprisings have been mass murderous from the US-coup side and long without harm from the resisting side. Russia is behind its own borders, and the US deploys threats, covert operations and mercenaries from thousands of miles away.

Video alleging to depict the separatists offering surrendering Ukrainian troops cover fire to protect them from certain death from Barrier Squads is below:

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    1. Great info mate! Russia and China together would be a force to recon with, for sure my friend. Maybe that,s what,s needed to silence the Zionists once, and for all, and return the government to the good people of Canada, the U.S. and many others.

      1. Has anyone else noticed that the pipeline deal in canada would put a pipeline from russia to either canadian coast whilst simultaniously we have opened the mining deal with foriegn chinese “workers” siting our lack of skilled mining operators as our primary need for this huge influx of workers and unchecked shipping. Hmm speaking of china and russia teaming up. Interestingly enuff our gov. Has catered to both the mining and the pipeline deal. And while people dont want the deals bad enuff and indians are mostly holding firm on the protection blah blah, our gov. Has decided to allow natives to deal with native crime and sentancing. How does this play in. As long as the natives can protest and do whatever they like free of repercussion and white people resent them for while the gov. Says not our buisness and the russians and chinese say stop fucking with our shit. Yup civil unrest to distract us with the media villianizing the natives natives villianizing themselves and noones watching while russia and china do whatever they like. So our race war will start up again. facilitating all the changes made to our counterterrorizm laws turning us into martial law kinda country. If they can convince you that more action needs to be taken at home due to the growing concern around native bands they can tighten the noose. Seriously way to much oppertunity here for it to not be the plan. At this point given the changes to the sentancing of natives a good enough lawyer could probably free any native in a cell.

  1. If everything @ate says is true (and I’m not doubting him) wouldn’t it be in Putin’s best interest to expose this nefarious bullshit to the world? Surly even the MSM couldn’t successfully suppress all the facts from the masses…could they??

    1. The articles written on BG are the authors interpretation of an event, you wouldn’t be here unless you haven’t learnt over the years to take everything you hear with a pinch of salt and make up your own mind.

      Only BG provides facts that are usually unquestionable and therefore undeniable. They are not necessarily concrete proof of anything but that’s the beauty of a site like this. Discussion between members and opinions of other like minded people will seek out the truth.

      If you follow the MSM which is 90% pure fabricated bullshit then you have no chance of ever understanding the truth. Long live the freedom between people who don’t deny the reality. Whilst this is still alive there will always be a chance of a true Union of peace!!

  2. Bolshevik Jews never left Russia. Putin and Medvedev are jewish and all the “russian” oligarchs too. Jews are on both sides of every single conflict in the world and their outcome is always predetermined and they control/own every country in the world not just the “West”.
    “We shall set up our own, to all appearance, opposition, which, in at least one of its organs, will present what looks like the very antipodes to us. Our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will show us their cards.”
    -Protocols of Zion -No. 12

    1. While you’re making a valid point, and I absolutely agree than in most major conflict in the last 400+ years, Jews sponsored both sides, even if they didn’t have any major beef with the other. But Jews made each side believe the other is a threat, irked them against each other and then financed each’s war against the other, and watched from the sidelines as the two weakened themselves senseless.

      It would be foolish to think that this may be any different. But the one thing that doesn’t support it is the massive anti-Putin smear campaign that all Zio media work on in unison. If Putin was part of the plan, they wouldn’t be so relentless with his character assassination. You could basically always tell who is part of the plan by who Zio media doesn’t focus on. People like Bashar al-Assad and Volodya Putin get attacked so relentlessly, there’s little doubt they’re refusing to play the part expected of them.

      1. I can’t believe that people are still falling for the same old 2 sides charade. Zio media smearing Jewtin is just to make this whole thing believable for the stupid masses. Real opposition gets quickly killed like Gaddafi or injected with cancer. Real opposition doesn’t get to hold high positions of power, give TV interviews or speak at the phony UN. Google poiskpravdy putmed if you don’t believe Putin is jewish.

      2. Unless it was absolutely required that he be the enemy of zion in appearence. So as to be befriended by those who are weakened in either thier position or fortitude. Stephen harper! Throw money or flak jacket at that coward and he buckles garaunteed. Look at putin look at harper put them at the same table and harper would tuck tail and pee in the corner. Theres alot to be gained by having an anti zio war machine whos actually zio. And such a deception is perfectly depraved. Besides it wastes time trying to figure it all out so for every time people fall for a fake hero or villian they have bought enuff time to distract you with the next.

    2. @MaxPayne, Vladimir Putin is not Jewish. He was secretly baptized as an Orthodox Christian, as his mother was. His father was atheist, and knew about his son,s baptism, but did not agree with it!

      1. Putin setting up the perceived anti dollar BRICS alliance and it forming the new Development Bank that competes with IMF and World Bank is definitely not pro Zio….Putin has also taken down a few Russian Jews so I don’t seeing him as their puppet like the monkey in our White house…it’s to bad anti zionists are not organized like the Zionist to give Putin cover like the above POWs…

        1. Its not supposed to appear pro zio if the sheep have no options they wont follow get it. You can garauntee zios decided long time ago how the new element of control would function and they damn well knew it cant be them offering it. Whos gonna prescribe to a new world built by the same cunts who made the old world so fucking miserable. A VICTORY OVER OPRESSION is required the shepard must defeat the lion before he will weild the faith of his sheeple. So ultimately your hero is your enemy.

      2. Jews are an ethno-religious group, that’s why there are “secular jews” because jews are actually a race.
        Putin’s mother’s real name is Shalomova and his father’s real name is Epstein. There is no historical record of the name Putin apart from his grandfather, father and Jewtin himself. Putin’s grandfather was a cook of the jewish Stalin and Lenin so that’s how Jewtin got his job as president.
        Jewtin is a billionaire controlled opposition puppet politician owned by Rotschild and your disagreement with me doesn’t change that fact.

    1. Putin-Shalomov-Epstein is 100% jewish no matter how much he pretends to be slavic. “Alternative media” (in reality controlled opposition agents) on the internet is painting Jewtin as some white knight-hero-savior fighting the Zionism/Nwo/Illuminati/West 😀
      Sheeple who believe that fairy tale about Jewtin aren’t capable of critical thinking.
      I mean your name is TheProtocolsOfZion so you should know best what I’m talking about. The sheep should read the Protocols first and realize how retarded they sound with their “Well the Zio media is attacking Putin so he must be the good guy” 😀 You’re being played like a violin from all sides by the same jewish master Rotschild.

  3. There is another aspect to this. For years I have tried to be non racist and tolerant of other religions but you soon begin to realize that the Jew and the Muslim will never be tolerant of you. Throughout Europe our Christian heritage is being slowly eroded by the march of Islam. There are Muslim dominated no-go areas in British cities (my country) and in other countries too. The Serbs tried to address this issue but no one can argue the methods they used were over the top to say the least and therefore doomed to failure. Now, only Russia is standing up for Christian values and seeking to rid their neighboring lands of Jew controlled economic dominance and the filth called Islam. I hope they succeed.

  4. All my symphaties go to Ukraine people! They are fighting back to evil empire which wants to absorb all small nations next to its border line! You think you are very clever to judge Ukraine as some zionist leaded country but i understand them very well. Russia have been occupied my country (Latvia) for more than 50 years. Before that our country was fast developing country with great economics and great culture life. Then we had be incorporated to some medivial type culture and sent back to ages. Most of you do not understand a shit of this and just behave like you know what is best for nations like ours… Shane on you! Russians are destructive nation! They have won all wars but at the same time their people live in much worst conditions to compare with the countries they have won in wars! Do not try to judge things you are far from, ok?

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