Ukrainian Tank and Crew Destroyed by Freedom Fighters

Ukrainian Tank and Crew Destroyed by Freedom Fighters

Ukrainian freedom fighters, who risk their own lives to defend civilians in Eastern Ukraine from raids by blood thirsty, Israel friendly hoards, destroyed an enemy tank and crew.

I don’t know much more about the video, so here it is without further commentary. Props to Best Gore member ThePortugueseDude for the hook-up:

28 thoughts on “Ukrainian Tank and Crew Destroyed by Freedom Fighters”

  1. Ukrainians does not make movies about killed enemies. European values. Russian mercenaries and kriminals and moslems shoots bodyparts of enemies as usually.

    So in this video we see dead ukrainean patriots and idiots filming them.

  2. ouch. tanks just seem like outdated technology now….. even modern tanks can be pretty easily destroyed by laser guided missiles….. int eh future tanks will most likely just be unmanned like drones.

  3. Blame Blatter for being such a twat, keeping all of the important stuff off the airwaves. You know, like what we have here and all over the planet.
    The masses have been numbed into a near comatose state of ineptness / unawareness / ignorance.

    1. WW3 tank ?
      are yu kidding me ?

      even an old T70 or even an WW1 french tank was better than this shit.
      this lookl ike an old VBL (light vehicule) create in paper and recycling metal scrap lol

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