Ukrainian Tank Men – Civilians in Mariupol Block Army IFV with Their Bodies

Ukrainian Tank Men - Civilians in Mariupol Block Army IFV with Their Bodies

There is precious little difference between Tank Man on the Tienanmen Square in China, and these brave civilians from Mariupol in Ukraine. Both risked their lives by using their bare bodies to try to stop armored vehicles from invading their city and crushing dissent with brute force. The only actual difference is that while the Tienanmen Square Tank Man has been hailed a hero by the western press, because when in comes to Ukraine, the West in on side of the puppet government, these brave civilians are called terrorists.

The only other difference is that had this happened while the previous, democratically elected government was in power, and the men who tried to block the tank were pro-Maidan agents (aka CIA assets), photos of it would be plastered all over the world, deifying the “Ukrainian Tank Men” while decrying the oppressive government for using military force against unarmed protesters. Alas, the roles are switched therefore you won’t see this in the mainstream news and if it is mentioned, it will still be twisted to picture the tank men as terrorists, and the invading army as heroes battling the ruthless insurgency.

The invading vehicle the Ukrainian Tank Men are trying to block with their bodies is an IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle). The citizens of Mariupol expressed their undesire to become slaves of the International Monetary Fund and inspired by Crimes, decided to hold a referendum on secession from Ukraine. The puppet Kiev government has declared the referendum illegal, cause that’s what it was commanded to do by the string pullers that orchestrated the putsch in the first place. Can you imagine the circus the mainstream press would create if it was the democratically elected government that declared a voice of the populace illegal before it could be expressed?

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21 thoughts on “Ukrainian Tank Men – Civilians in Mariupol Block Army IFV with Their Bodies”

  1. Fair play to them , especially the older geezer in the cool orange / brown suit .

    Next time , maybe one of them could sacrifice a sock to be used as a sticky bomb to disable the tank tracks , it worked wonders in a film I saw once .

  2. This reminded me of Rachel Corrie, the brave American woman who stood in front of an Israeli bulldozer trying to prevent it from demolishing the home of some Palestinian friends of hers, dying as a result.

    There will always be brave people in this world who will sacrifice themselves for the good of humanity and whose memories we should honor.

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  4. This is not the same thing as Tienanmen Square. LOTS of differences.

    Ukrainian government and the West are not going to lock people up for POLITICAL DISSENT. When you fight tanks only to be ruled by the Russians you are just asking for BACKWARDS Third World Rich of the Rich ruling your entire thought process.

  5. lol they tried to be like that one pic except now it was more people than tanks
    i was kinda just hoping the guy in the tank ran them over so then people would stop getting ideas you should get in font of a tank

  6. They are lucky the driver was so patient, not sure i would of been when a crowd is trying to jam my tracks and gain access, they are fortunate not to of been turned into puddles. i think the crew showed them more mercy than would of been given to them if they’d got pulled out.

    They weren’t brave to do that, they were stupid.

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