Ukrainian Tank Operator Lies Ripped in Half Next to His Destroyed Tank

Ukrainian Tank Operator Lies Ripped in Half Next to His Destroyed Tank

A pair of guys from Eastern Ukraine filmed what’s left of a destroyed tank with a torso of ripped in half tank operator lying next to it.

At around 1:29 you can see anti tank mines planted on the road. I suspect one of those mines may have started the tank’s demise, which was then finished off with a blast in the turret from an RPG or a similar weapon.

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    1. I love that Name Samurai ritual suicide! Ya those RPG shaped charges are no fun he probably gout his directly by the formed copper penetrator then overpressure caused his top half to launch out the tank it’s amazing the damage a cone of copper and PETN,RDX,or Tovex explosive can do the Monroe effect is a nasty piece of work!

  1. That looks like it hurt. He looks like he could open his eyes and reach for whoever leans over him for a look, and scare the life out of them. No glory in war for this guy. A shame we fight, considering we are armed with a brain capable of solving problems without killing each other, but choose not to.

  2. That’s the TC on the ground, that’s my best bet…

    0:11 the cameraman shows the TC doesn’t have his 12.7mm machine gun mounted (probably taken by the enemy), and a box of ammo for this weapon on the ground. Going into a hostile area, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be mounted, especially when these tanks are ridiculously small, even for a three man crew. These tanks are so small, you need to be 5’4? or shorter to be a good tanker, if you’re taller than that, you’ll be cramped in your station for hours and feeling like shit for it.

    The gunner is too far down in the turret to have been ejected like that and it doesn’t look like the drivers hole is unbuttoned, there’s no way the driver would have been ejected through a closed hatch (1:23) and a drivers hole still in tact. If the driver got out through the driver’s hole running for his life, he would not have bothered to close the hatch 1)because he wouldn’t be able to do it from the outside, 2)he’s too busy running for his life. Also, if the driver was to crawl out of the tank by pulling himself out of the drivers station and exiting the tank through the top of the turret, the turret and main gun would both have to be specifically aligned to allow the driver to get out. This would have to be, because this particular tank has a 125mm main gun, a big ass breach block, and an auto loader that would get in his way. In this video, the main gun is depressed (lowered), thus raising the breech block in the turret but I still don’t see how the driver would have squeezed past the auto loader in time to get out. These tanks are not designed like NATO tanks, there is no separation of ammo compartment and crew compartment. If you have an explosion or fire in the crew compartment, all those main gun rounds are going to blow up with you inside before you have time to do anything, tanks are a tankers coffin.

    1:29, yes, the mines are visible, and the drivers periscopes I saw on some of these tanks were shitty, you may as well be looking through a keyhole, but I still don’t see how the driver could have missed them. Scouts and infantry are also supposed to be deployed with tankers to look for shit like this, a single dismounted grunt is more expendable than a tank.

    1:48-1:54 It looks like he has magazines and rounds laying next to him on his left. Was he blown that far away from the tank from an explosion, did he dismount with a smaller weapon only to be gunned down and his weapon taken by the enemy? Back up a little bit and take another look…

    1:34 Walking towards the body, you see what looks like a big as stain in the pavement, is it blood? Running for his life, did he step on a mine at that point blowing off his legs and sending his torso flying?

    Speculation abounds…

  3. This whole scenario is actually quite comical, if the fact?that White folks in Eastern Europe continue to die for a cause controlled by, financed by, and praised by Jewish vermin, did not exist.

    One can see quite clearly?that those living under Kiev?s thumb face nothing but financial hardship, endemic violence, cultural degeneracy, and unlimited immigration, once their nation merges with the European Union monstrosity.

    In addition, the reason why a rapidly declining?United States continues to provoke a massive nation like Russia by hosting this terrorist is still up for speculation, but probably stems from long-term manipulation of the American State, combined with the absolutely incompetent governing abilities of non-White morons.

    It can only grow more vicious and unpredictable as time progresses, and let us hope that we can come through safely once the drama settles.

  4. Narrator could you kinda explain what is going on in Ukraine right now I haven’t kept up and too lazy and don’t want to sift through global medias Bullshit or can anyone enlighten me please and Thank You. No Dramatics please!

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