UN Report on Israeli War Crimes in Gaza Shows Jews Murdering Unarmed Palestinians

UN Report on Israeli War Crimes in Gaza Shows Jews Murdering Unarmed Palestinians

UN Report on Israeli War Crimes in Gaza Shows Jews Murdering Unarmed Palestinians

This video report was screened at the United Nations Human Rights Council meeting held on February 28, 2019. The report documents Israel’s war crimes, capturing Jews indiscriminately murdering or maiming unarmed Palestinians during the Gaza protests in 2018.

The report shows moments Israeli snipers shot unarmed protesters. Each protester is identified with a name, the date when he was shot and whether the shot was fatal, or what other consequence it had on the victim.

I don’t presume your local TV station aired a report on this screening at the UN. They were probably too busy filling their airtime with reports on the need to gender confuse your child and the fairytales about 6 Million Jews being gassed.

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    1. I understand the westerners worshiping Israel and Jews, they are brainwashed into it from a young age by their sleazy and crooked protestant priests. But a chinese being an apologist for Israel? That’s very stupid.

      1. Israel has always been a terrorist rogue state. Founded on terrorism and murder. Bombing of Palestinian civilians, UK soldiers and civilians (St. Davids Hotel), and even bombing Jewish neighbourhoods in Arab countries, to impel them to come to Israel. They even murdered UN representative who witnessed the genocide with his own eyes, as he was on his way back to the UN (Count Bernadotte). The terrorist leaders went on to become the political rulers, and engaged in land clearances and genocide.
        Arab countries tried to fight back against Israeli outrages and were beaten, with Israelis taking that as Carte Blanche to steal even more land.
        (if someone steals your house and car off you, and gives you back your car, would you be happy with them keeping the house?)

        With the help of money, political influence, the ‘in my name’ Jewish population of the world (with many exceptions, e.g. Norman J FInkelstein and Jews Against Israel) and control of vast swathes of the world’s media, they have been able to continue this barbarity largely unchecked.

        US taxpayers subsidise the country with coffers of cash (which is given in preference to any other funding issues in the US) and with arms.

        The first bombing of civilians in modern Israel was by a Jew on Palestinians.
        The first suicide attack was by a Jew on Palestinian, who were actually praying when they were shot. After a week of mourning, Palestinians launched their own first suicide attack.

        Remember that massive incursion into Gaza about ten years ago? Time and time again, on every channel and on every newspaper, and on every forum, Israelis and their supporters put it about that the Palestinians had broken the ceasefire by kidnapping a young Israeli soldier as the reason for sending tanks in, bombing from F15 and dropping phosphorous bombs on civilian areas
        Well, that was a complete lie. It was propaganda, and deceit.
        The actual fact was that the peace was broken by the Israelis purposefully to enable these actions (as Israelis usually break the peace agreements) by a gun boat firing shells at groups of picnicking Palestinians on a Gaza beach, killing women and children.
        Google footage, check the dates!

        any non-Zionist who supports and does not condemn these Israeli actions is a sheep,

        1. Your just so far off. Yes everyonce in awhile some Israeli troop snaps and shoots some kid throwing rocks, yes sometimes collateral damage happens and civilians are killed. The Israeli do try and avoid this. Its the Palestinians that launch rockets at Israel from schools from hospitals from homes. Its the Palestinians using women and children as human shields. Imagine how laughably gory it would be if the Isreali troops used jewish women and children as shields. The Palestinians have, in their constitution a pledge to kill every single jewish man woman and child in Israel. Look at it this way, what would each side do if it could do anything it wanted to the other? We already know the answer. If Palestine had the power to do anything it wanted we know what they would do because they’ve said it. They would kill every single Israeli man woman and child. We also know what Israel would do if it had the power to do whatever it wanted to do to Palastine, because they already do have that power. If Israel decided to kill every single Palestinian they could accomplish this within 72 hours. Yet they dont. They largly attempt to live in peace with their neighbors who want to kill them, but of course defend themselves as necessary. If Mexico had some pledge to kill every single man woman and child in America, and launched rockets at us, if mexicans where blowing themselves up on our children’s school busses, you dont think we would defend ourselves? Hell i could see america just fire bombing all of mexico in this scenario. You’ve gotta look at this realistically.

          1. It’s one thing to attempt to propagandize the sheeple with the common hasbara fairytales, but here you’re gonna fall short, because here we have the evidence of Jewish lies. For example, you ccan trick the sheeple with the lies about the Palestinians using women and children as human shields, but here we have evidence that it’s Jews who use women and children as human shields. Oh yeah, at Best Gore we know Jewish lies backwards, so you’re not gonna get far with them here. We have 10 years of busting the living shit out of them and counting. That’s why they hate us so much.

            Likewise, it’s not the Palestinians who have it in their constitution to kill Jews, it’s Jews who have five thousand years of documented history of seeking to exterminate the entire human race and have been consistent at it without deviation the whole time. Palestinians respected all religions and creeds prior to the occupation by the Jews, who came there with openly genocidal intentions and plans. So again, you’re not in the sheeple staple. Here your propaganda falls short. Here we know the truth and know a shill when we see one.

          2. No your missing the point. Yes there have been incidents of isreali soildres doing bad shit, bad shit happens in war. Again, if Israel wanted all Palestinians dead, they could do that in 72 hours. Palastine has sworn to kill all jews. Your anecdotal instance does not over rule reality. Yes some Israeli troops used Palestinian children to shield from palestinian attackers. Now imagine what would have happened if they used jewish children as human shields? Oh the Palestinians would gladly kill them, its their objective. It is written in their constitution.

          3. No your missing the point. Yes there have been incidents of isreali soildres doing bad shit, bad shit happens in war. Again, if Israel wanted all Palestinians dead, they could do that in 72 hours. Palastine has sworn to kill all jews. Your anecdotal instance does not over rule reality. Yes some Israeli troops used Palestinian children to shield from palestinian attackers. Now imagine what would have happened if they used jewish children as human shields? Oh the Palestinians would gladly kill them, its their objective. It is written in their constitution.

      1. The chinks will rule the world soon anyway, most of it at least. Russia will get the rest and usa will be ruined by political confusion. india and pakistan will fight a holy war thios year which will culminate in world destruction in 2020 . Soon you’ll read that pakistan has attacked india by mass bombings. That will be in june. i have deliberately booked my holidays for that month so i can watch it on the news.

    2. We need to stand with Israel, pray for Israel, this site must be full of Democrats, not sure who’s feeding a lot of you misinformation but the things I’ve read in these comments sound like conversations you’d hear on the playground of a daycare absolutely fucking hilarious! Oh especially the one where the Holocaust never, my sides hurt I laughed so hard!

  1. The Israelis will say

    “If the shoe was on the other foot, the Arabs would Drive us all into the sea”

    i don’t think that is an excuse to keep bombing and shooting these wretched sand people. Shooting them just for running near or grabbing a fence surrounded by tanks and entrenched soldiers is a bit harsh.

    They need to seriously calm that shit down.

      1. I am Mexican-American and have absolutely no sympathy for Mexicans and Central Americans “invading” the USA. I am for deporting all illegals … and in the future, if they insist of invading, shooting their criminal asses to keep them out. Sounds desperate to say this, but the US has over 20 million illegals in the USA…. Q. How did this happen? A. Mexico and Central American illegal invaders (with drugs and violent criminal culture) are a big reason. I know because I have been up close in many situations that prove me right.

    1. @wogg Is that sarcasm or are you just simple? UK and USA do it by proxy. they fund isis and make ignorant fast food jihadis do their fighting for them. Have you ever noticed how dumb those jihadis are, throwing their lives away so someone lese can get rich. How dumb is that.

  2. i’d say… just nuke the whole fucking thing… palestine, isreal, all of this and even the nearest countries.

    kaboom and its gone.

    why american ? why did you wasted thoses bomb on japan ? you missed the target from half the planet diameter lol

        1. that’s not a fence beween us and mexico. It’s like jews in the US. claiming California as their new country and building a fence around it to keep other Americans out of California. Even the ones who were born there and go back 7 generations.

          That fence is not supposed to be there in the first place. That’s what they’re protesting.

          1. I agree that it was not theirs and they had no right to take it. But they took it by force and they are now using force to defend what they took.

      1. I’m definitely a psychopath but I would never put my children in harms way and make martyrs out of them. What do you think would happen if there was no response? They would be climbing that fence with suicide vests and fire bombs.

    1. It’s not a protest, it’s a basic struggle for survival after you’ve been caged in and abused to the point that you have no other option but to stand up to the oppressor.

      Funny to see all the inactive accounts suddenly come out of the woodwork when jew needs defending. Hasbara HQ must have sent the memo to rally all the shills for damage control.

          1. @bolshevik slut – how the fuck is @HFN going behind your back when you can read his comment just as easily as anyone else. You dumb whore……

      1. @happy

        I believe this insect @hopingfornemesis – who gets his news from Zionist-funded websites – may be referring to me. He has been humiliated over his pig-headed ignorance on multiple occasions and now goes around accusing people of being Hasbarat-Jihadi sympathisers although he himself is beholden to the Zionists for his comic strip Weltanschauung.

    1. Baaaaaahahahahahahahaaaaa!! Still not as bad as the rockets Hezbollah and Hamas have lobbed into Israeli cities. These ragheads want a war, Israel is giving it to them. You think other Muslimes and Arabs really give a shit about the Palestinians? They just use them as cannon fodder in their proxy war so their hands stay relatively clean.

      Dead diaper heads and dead criminals are ALWAYS a good thing!! Keep wasting your time making me think otherwise idiot you seem to have all the time in the world. Baaaaaahahahahahahahaaaa!

      1. Fun fact “Hamas” is israeli puppet ragheads, Hezbollah are real freedom fighters.
        Looks like i pinned you down right to being boot licker and juden licker, next your gonna come out as a kiddie fucker too. Another fun fact, those israeli are not from the middleeast, do they look like sandniggers to you? or do they look like euro cucks

        1. You are too fucking easy to prod on! Whatta fucking lunatic! Truth is you have no clue about anything about me! I could be a Jew, I may not be. I could be a woman for all you know! But I know a whole lot about you! You’re a raging fucking paranoid lunatic who is too easy to toy with!

          1. @RichardHead It’s not about being easy to prod, i don’t actually mind interacting with you, especially if im just kicking back on my phone scrolling during a break, spliffing back a good joint as stress free as can be haha ^_^, like many others here you can just get a kick outta conversing with different minds from other parts of the world, sometimes i learn new things, othertimes i get to shit talk with assholes like you and probe to see how your mind reacts and functions to certain things, believe it or not Psychology can be interesting, seeing different mindsets & philosophys at work.
            I do quite like the idea of sending people through cognitive dissonance,
            That feeling of satisfaction when the opposition try to run away and bury face into sand, its the best!
            You know a whole lot about me? sure, ask Nemesis, he knows a whole lot about me too.
            You could just ask some of your slimy hasbarat friends to hook you up with some Intel on me ya kno? thats what they’re there for, and im sure my computers no obstacle, i don’t mask my IP nor do i use any security software, your welcome to even come to my front door, i’ll invite you in for a cup of coffee, i can’t promise anything Kosher tho.
            Hmm i am intrigued tho, what do you find that is paranoid or lunatic about me, please tell me more in a little extra detail?

          1. Fuck-Off You Back Peddling-Cunt. You Are Always talking against (Muslims, & Hitler) when they are Standing-Up To These Jew-Pigs! TWO-FACED MONKEY-MAN!

            *THEY* Are The Victims Along With Christians You Stupid Cunt.

            🙂 YOU MAD BRO??? LOL. 🙂

    1. Hear, hear! Look at the first scene; young man throwing rocks, then bang, he’s down. Right behind him is emergency personnel ready to perform a dramatic rescue attempt for the camera. It’s a setup.

  3. Such a fake, this 6 million Jews gassed. The actual number was perhaps 600. And they died from leaving their ovens turned on when making matzohs. It’s time for Nazis and Jews to kiss and make up. OK, some Jews were roughly handled, but only because they were pushy and uppity.

  4. I’m not a fan of Jews at all. My grandfather’s cousin was in the Afrika Korps. You can blame Hitler for the creation of Israel. Kind of ironic don’t you think? Dispersed Jews with no where to go. The UN is worthless. I’d like to see those fags in real combat. Western Europe is full of pussies. Knife attacks are increasing in the Uk, lol, makes me think of Crocodile Dundee, “That’s not a knife”

  5. quite a few dodgy ‘shots’ here. Some vicitims were so covered they had to be shot at close range.There is only one or 2 that are long range shots and they were trying to jump the border, so ratatat to them is a given.Plus good riddance to a few tea towel heads

  6. No probs as long as you think the Christian Genocides committed by Headchoppers in late 1800/early 1900s and now in Iraq and Syria occurred worse.

    In fact ,if I’m at not mistaken a Jew called Lemkin coined/popularised Crimes of Barbarity that morphed into crimes against humanity which then morphed into Genocide ,to describe and criminalise particularly in International Law , for these very Anti-Christian slaughters by Jihadi moslems.


        1. I don’t know where your getting your history, maybe your talking about the Armenian Genocide in WW1. And what’s your problem with the word genocide? If your anti-muslim, than your pro-israel almost by default

          1. Yes I am partly speaking about the Armenian Genocide but not exclusively so. It was in fact the Near East Christian Genocide.
            I have no problem with the word Genocide. I was simply reminding you that even Jews knew that a Genocide had occurred .
            You can be anti Israel and Anti-headchopper as well. It is lazy thinking to believe otherwise.
            Historically ,Israel and Arabian Peninsulars have been moving in lockstep for many decades ;at least since the Moslem /Christian Wars of Yugoslavia in the 1990’s.

  7. I wonder how our entire world would change if the land of israel and all humanoids on earth carrying jewish genes disappear just like that. Like Thanos finger snap BOOM – not a single jew on the planet.

    What do you think people how it would impact the present and future?
    We humans always need some kind of “boogeyman” so we would probably create a new one to blame for everything, I wonder who would be the “new jews”. Americans? Latinos? Arab muslims ?

  8. Okay basically I hate jews (not all of ’em okay? the bad one) they’re fucking psycho with the guns on their hands they kill unarmed civvies and that’s against the fucking law. Against the humanity. They are literally criminal of war. First, they took their lands, killing unarmed civvies, etc… Palestine gave some of their land to Israel and what those fuckers did? Return them with thanks and make Tahini party? No, they just invade Palestine instead… Great. Just fucking great. Fucking zionist.

  9. There are nearly 2 billion of these sandpeople and you are telling me they are incapable of dealing with a mere 10 million Christ killing jews?
    Well, it’s because other moslems dont give a damn about palestinians, they instead make deals with jews. Saudis, even Iran are bffs with israel.

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