Unarmed Man Shot While Arguing on Road with Man Pointing Gun at Him

Unarmed Man Shot While Arguing on Road with Man Pointing Gun at Him

Best Gore member @TerrySattan sent in this video of a standoff on a road between an unarmed man and a man with a shotgun, but I don’t have backinfo. It looks like a residential block in the USA or Canada.

Filmed from inside a house, the video shows the two men arguing, as the one who’s armed points his weapon at the one who apparently forgot to bring his gun to the gunfight. When they get close to a truck, the armed man discharges a round into the unarmed guy at close range. I don’t know if this was a case of a road rage or some deeper rooted issues between the two. Also no idea if the shot was fatal or not.


The incident happened in the 1000 block of Cedar Drive in Killeen, Texas, USA. The victim, identified as Curtis Shelley, died. His family expressed desire to have the video of his murder shared and seen. The police have been provided the video, but are failing to investigate, and are yet to name the killer, because allegedly he’s relative of one of Killeen PD citizen killer. Local news station KCEN has confirmed that the killer is indeed related to a Killeen police employee.

Props to @terrysattan for the video, and @AshesToAshes for the update:

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  1. Guy with gun, who at one point stopped pointing it, showed much restraint & was backing away all the time giving white t-shirt guy ample time to go on his way. It looked like t-shirt man got what he was wanting.

  2. Yeah absolutely agree. The wigger looked like he was trying to be tough by saying he was going up the street to get his posse and more guns like a tough wigger, then he probably said he was going to rape the dudes family before they got their throats sliced open then BANG.
    Should’ve walked away while the gun was down, tough little wigger.

    1. Yeah, baggy clothes guy had at least 3 chances to walk away, best one when the gun was lowered. But instead he escalated it to the final shot. No way was the shooting justified by US law. The shooter’s life was not in immediate danger. Only the police get away with shooting like that, recorded on video.

    1. Hey, my uncle went to prison for making and distributing moonshine. Lol True story. He did his time, got out, bought several McDonald’s franchises and now he’s legally making people unhealthy. Lol. Hey, he became a millionaire about 7 years ago. Moonshine experience works!

  3. This is exactly how one should handle the jigaboo wannabe epidemic. Instead trying to get along with them because your intentions to develop some form of cerebral communication with the scum of life out of sympathy, you should just shoot them at point blank range. Put them out their misery so to speak. This is what I’m going to do for now on, because I see scum like this jigaboo wannabe riffraff all the time, testing one’s patience waiting for someone to kill them one day. People like that should just eradicate themselves, but they want to drag you down to their parasitic level because they have no life, no future, no vision. They are just nuisances and their very presence is just to annoy or vex.

  4. This video is why we need more more legislative, judicial and especially, executive control within our U.S. Government. It’ll be a cold day in hell, when these pigs decide to shoot me at close range. Can’t think of a better way to check out, keeping these trigger happy bastards out of my “soon to be ending” life.

    You change the system, you change society for the better. Until then, I’m nobody’s fool!!

      1. anatomybuff

        I learned a long time ago to never trust our government. (as the late George Carlin stated) As a matter of fact, I’m old enough to see a few of them that I went to school with, who hold elected office to this day, in MY local government. Most, were snotnosed self centered pricks with rich parents, who were hated by many, at various parties I went to in my younger years. They had no sense of right and wrong, and would befriend you in a heartbeat, if their ass was on the line. I really do my best, to try to change my little world around me for the better. I never take myself seriously, by farting in public when I possibly can. But a sick society, is the end result of a much sicker government, who is protected by such a corrupt corporate media. A media that wants you as a consumer, and not one who can make rational decisions for themselves.

    1. Coincidence? According to Wikipedia some homey killed 23 on 10/16 1991 (23 and double 9/11’s(6 is 9)). And on 11/5 2009 (9/11 again) another brother killed 13 and wounded 32. Plus the city’s nickname is “Hell.” Forgive me for boring you to tears. XD

  5. Should’ve been the cameraman on the receiving end for these reasons…
    1) vertical video
    2) dropping the phone down at the most important time
    3) that obnoxious metal butterfly lawn ornament you buy out of a Skymall catalog.

  6. In the state of Texas as in many southern States there is a law called the stand your ground law and the video actually help the accused more then anything! The guy with the shot gun moving back while being persued by the victim in a threatening manner falls right in line by the stand your ground law so I doubt there will be any charges filed against the man with the shot gun so long as he had a valid license to carry a fireman. At the very most negligent homicide charges but would most likely be found not guilty! Especially with family inside the police department you can forget about this ever going to trial.

    1. I have a valid CWP’s and can carry in 30 of the lower 48 states including Texas and can tell you that the stand your ground law does not apply here nor will it help him in any way. 1. A shot gun is not a concealable weapon and is not applicable to a CWP. 2. The shooting did not occur on private property. 3. This is most important, in order for the use of lethal force to be justifiable under law, The shooter would have had to be under threat of lethal force, basically the victim would have had to be armed and pointing a firearm at him for the shooting to be justifiable. The victim could have had a stick in his hand and it would still be unlawful to shoot him. A CWP does not give someone the right to kill like some Police officers do. If this shooting happened on the shooters private property and his noisy Nancy Neighbor from California minded her own damn business, he could have shoot this fucker with no legal problems, but he had to be a faggot, stop his truck get out with a gun follow the wigger around instead of just beating the piss out of him. They will try to keep him out as long as they can, but eventually the shooter will go to trial more than likely getting a very light sentence considering Killeen is Middle America.

  7. Dumbass. He looked like a wigger. Eminem should have got the fuck outta there and left the guy alone. On the other hand, He might have deserved that shot to the face, though.

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