Unarmed Van Driver Tased, Maced and Executed by Police in Bend, Oregon

Unarmed Van Driver Tased, Maced and Executed by Police in Bend, Oregon

Reader of Best Gore from Oregon, who asked to remain anonymous because he fears the cops will execute him next, told me the driver of the van was constantly harassed by the police, who even made public remarks abut their grievances with the guy. They had a beef with the guy and publicly executed him as a show of force and intimidation for the rest of the public. He also said that if you want to be the law while breaking the law, join a PD in Central Oregon.

The incident happened at 10:30pm on December 23, 2016 (Christmas). 31 year old Michael Tyler Jacques was driving his van home after visiting a family and that presented the cops with the opportunity to harass him in a new show of force.

The cops pulled him over at the intersection of Bond Street and Franklin Avenue, and stopped their vehicles in such a way so as to block his van’s passage. Officer Marc Tisher got out of his vehicle with his gun drawn and instantly proceeded to intimidate the driver. His colleague, Scott Schaier, forced the van door open and used force to try to yank the driver out, without telling him he was being detained or otherwise explaining what was going on.

In his report, Marc Tisher wrote he observed Jacques moving his hands slowly, which worried him because he found the slow raise of the hands confrontational. Tisher also said Jacques didn’t look like “a deer-in-the-headlights scared citizen“, which made him realize that “this was something that needed to be stopped.” Apparently, if a cop doesn’t like the facial expression you are wearing, it’s justified to execute you. An even better get told by Tisher is “As soon as I looked at the driver, I knew this was not going to go well,” – no shit, you went into it with your gun drawn. You didn’t care about assessing whether there is a threat before drawing your weapon. You went into it with the intention to kill. Isn’t that why you went from pulling the guy over to executing him in 27 seconds? Isn’t that why neither of you made any attempt to deescalate the situation?

Because Michael Tyler Jacques had been assaulted by the cops multiple times for no reason in the past, he suspected they just wanted to get their rocks off on him again, and tried to defend himself against the abuse. For that, Officer Schaier tased him with his stun gun twice, and then maced him in the face with his pepper spray, while he was inside his vehicle being tased by officer Tisher.

The minivan then rolled forward, as if the muscle tension and rigidness caused by the multiple taser shots, and the blinding by the mace made the driver involuntarily slam on the gas pedal. That was all officer Schaier needed to execute the guy he’d had a hard on for for a long time.

Scott Schaier fired five rounds, hitting Michael Tyler Jacques in the head and shoulder blade, killing him. After executing the guy, the cops hid behind their car as if the dying man was somehow gonna Jason Bourne his way out of the fatal head shots. Instead of trying to save his life, they made sure he does not receive aid before he’s surely dead.

On July 10, 2017, the Oregon Department of Justice announced it would not prosecute Schaier or Tisher. Meanwhile, the entire law enforcement community from the area rallied around the murderers in attempt to impugn the character of the victim, claiming he was drunk, and concocting a PR campaign to cover up the murder. Good cops… yeah right!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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119 thoughts on “Unarmed Van Driver Tased, Maced and Executed by Police in Bend, Oregon”

          1. My favorite is when the cops shoot someone and then tell them to put their hands up or behind their back. Like they’ll shoot someone in the fucking head then expect them to do something afterwards.

      1. And anyway, since when is it policy or statutorily protected action to use deadly force on a fleeing subject? The problem with these fucking men in blue is that they have, particularly since 911, elevated themselves to a status that fortifies their own misinformed notion that they are the proprietor(s) of the herd-culling enterprise that has been dramatically increased since 911. I have had a very hard time locating ANY data that reflects in detail, the number and circumstances surrounding police involved executions. I know it’s not very “American” of me, but I honestly get a feeling of relief and a breath of justice when I hear about one of these perinea being terminated in the line of duty. Only thing is, it’s unlikely the perpetrator of the justifiable “homo-cide” wouldn’t get paid administrative leave after the incident.

          1. @mesonsdad unfortunately Washington Post is NOT a reliable source. It is a police state propaganda portal with the goal to diminish the severity of police brutality. The role of the mainstream press is not to inform the reader, but to program the reader and mold his mind into what the people controlling the portal wish it to be. Here’s a reliable source with well documented references:


        1. Mark just recently posted a link to pretty decent site regarding your execution query. was fairly recent too. search brutality threads

          WAIT I actually came to comment about the cop who couple days ago stumbled onto movie set and shot at fake robber/actor . thought it was Oregon too, maybe not

    1. Ok for all you conspiracy-theory dickbags that think this guy didn’t deliberately step on the gas.. tune your antenna hats more carefully. He OBVIOUSLY hit the gas intentionally. It’s no doubt that we’ve seen many killings by cops for minor reasons and while I don’t think this guy should have been killed, the fact remains that he did stomp on the gas intentionally. If nothing else convinces you, the fact that he hit the gas TWICE should let you know it wasn’t involuntary muscle movement. Go watch another episode of Ancient Aliens and leave the sleuth work to detectives lol

      1. Came out of a cave last night, did we? If anything, the fact that he pressed the accelerator twice only proves that it was involuntary. If he wanted to dash out of there, he’d slam it the first time. You’d really have to have lived in the cave your whole life to think that if a person realizes he’s in trouble and needs to get out of where he is immediately, that instead of flooring it, he’d just test if the pedal works.

        Nice try shilling for the police state. Is it your job requirement to bring up conspiracy theories, while presenting a conspiracy theory that the guy intentionally stomped on the gas pedal. Cause you’d really need a tin foil hat to believe this bullshit.

          1. @thedre never thought about it but in my head it rings true…
            Just by knowing that the earth is +24000 miles at the equator and we have a full rotation of the earth in 24hrs that can only mean that the rate at which the earth revolves around its axis is something like 1000mph.

            1000mph × 24hrs
            =24000 mile round object.

            Damm I learn new shit everyday.

        1. People need/have to educate themselves on how the system works and avoid getting killed for some meaningless shit.
          Situations like this in Oregon could easily be avoided just by knowing the do’s and dont’s of the game.
          If you don’t know what to do in whatever specific situation it’s all good don’t worry too much about it all you have to know is what not to do and you’ll be just fine.

          The 31yr male that was fatally shot by this officer made a mistake that up until now nobody has noticed or point it out.

          Basically driver had made lots of bad choices throughout his life up until the day he was off’d by a trigger happy pig.
          Had he been educated properly on how to deal with law enforcement whenever he was to make contact with them.
          He would be alive.
          This guy was the result of a 911 call reporting the white van and drunken driving and running a cyclist off the road.
          So according to the call he was being too dangerous behind the wheel.
          The cops didn’t went out and about wandering without nothing to do and stumbled upon this innocent 31yr male and decided to execute him.
          Like some narratives might paint the picture.
          The cops were just responding to an emergency call.

          The only mistake that this guy made that night besides driving while drunk was not acknowledging the officer’s presence and that cost him dearly.
          The excuse that the cop gave for shooting suspect was that he floored the gas pedal and thought of shooting driver for fear of being ran over with the rear wheels.
          Anybody that isn’t blind can see that this officer’s fear is/was justified because he was close to the rear wheels and it was icy/slippery.
          Chances of his fear becoming reality so slim that most likely it wouldn’t have happened.
          But fact of the matter is his fear is justifiable cause it was a possibility.
          So technically speaking cop is justified for dumping led on drunk driver.
          When the driver got stopped by patrol car he should have completely brought vehicle to a stop, turn his turn signal to the right and put vehicle in Parking and taken feet off the pedals and put both hands on steering wheel.
          I bet money had the driver of van done as I described he wouldn’t have been dead.
          By not taking his foot off the brake pedal he spoke loud and clear, he’s not expecting or willing to get off his vehicle.
          And that’s what got him killed.
          If I was a cop that’s how I would have interpreted the situation and just like this cop I would’ve approached with my gun in my hand.
          It’s just common sense, suspect’s foot is on the brake pedal = suspect is in possession of a deadly weapon, his car.
          So this guy got murked by porky so what?!? No big fucking deal he’s not the first nor will be the last.
          And besides he was driving drunk (could’ve killed someone on the road) He didn’t know how to deal with cops, had assaulted cops 6 months prior to his death, had just gotten released a month prior from county for assaulting an officer.
          He terrorized his girlfriend and molested a young girl 13yr old and got arrested for that.
          According to some reports of his criminal record that surfaced after investigation.
          Not that his past matters but seriously all people who have done similar things like the ones this guy did should be wiped out. The world is going to be a better place without them.
          Everybody in this site need/have/must get the fuck out of their emotions.

          1. Thank you! It’s obvious in the video it was icy and he did floor it-look at the speed of the wheels.
            All these people criticizing police, but they will be the 1st people you will call when someone like this idiot comes after you or your children.

      2. Sounds like you’re doing a bit of “sleuthing” yourself…however, regardless of whether or not the accelerator was deployed of the deceased’s own volition, these officers seem to have entered the situation with a frenzied and aggressive posture.. Roid-Rage?

    1. You are completely on the ball. If you plan on resisting: you must go full measures with deadly force immediately with no warning. Cops won’t tolerate you resisting a bit, and will always escalate violence no matter what. They’re not like normal people, who if you get into a scuffle with just duke it out and leave. These are non-humans, and will never show mercy like any normal decent person would. So don’t show them any.

      1. Yes, agr eed. O ne needs to decide well in advance at what point one will not be deprived of life or Liberty.

        anybody who has watched enough execution ,torture or lynching death videos knows most people eventually will fight back. You can’t help but fight back when you are being tortured to death. but they waited too long. They let some idiot tie them up. they gave up their chance to defend themselves. yes you probably will be killed anyway. But you won’t be slaughtered like a pig. you don’t feel any pain in a fight for your life.

        and maybe you can take one or more of them with you. That increases your Vanguard in Valhalla.

      1. Fuck Israel, cause it has always been my #1 Hated, & Fuck-You-Cunt Nation. It’s not for nothing that 129 Countries have kicked-Out These DIRTY- JEWS so far. One of the only Countries that have NOT followed suit is Israel Itself, but this is starting to change because lately, many Jews In Israel cannot even Stand Themselves Anymore, because they always seam to stick their “Big-Fucking-Noses” where they do not be-LONG, and simply because they are in the way, by Sniff-Out Trouble.

    1. It’s what paid assassins do, they kill for the state and their quotas as they serve the system, to hell with civilians. Whenever a CK is killed I don’t shed a tear, it’s one less citizen being gunned by the “We Fear For Our Lives Group”.

  1. That’s what they do now. The enter the situation searching for a reason. “He wasn’t scared so he must be guilty of something or preparing to attack” or “He moved slowly and appeared to be reaching for something” Some cop killing vids should be in the rotation soon

          1. For the love of money.
            Oakland campus cop fucked the hotdog vendor for his cash.
            He is the robocop.

            Robo is Spanish for either “stole” past tense or “theft”

      1. I also agree with you guys, because i find it strange that none of this guys criminal past, was ever discussed, or disclosed in order for us to paint a more thorough, and detailed picture of what this individuals past criminal record was. Did he have priors involving weapons, and or lots of violence???

    1. What kind of bootlicking bullshit is this? A reason for a stop? This is from a police state. The cops don’t need a reason for anything. Simply wanting to harass citizens and knowing they can get away with it is all the reason they need.

      Furthermore, any possible criminal history of a man in a police state is irrelevant. USA has more prisoners than any other country in the world by a vast margin. Much more than Brazil, for example. Only a true retard would believe that more Americans are violent than Brazilians, because more Americans have a criminal record. In America, people are imprisoned just to keep private prisons full, so that their stock market prices hold up.

      So whatever this man may or may not have done is left for speculation. The only proven criminals in the video are the ones in uniforms. The victim is a question mark. But by just talking to the local people, it’s clear that he was victimized, stalked and harassed because cops enjoyed harassing him. Local people also confirm how deeply corrupt Bend PD is. So I wonder what all this mindless bootlicking you are demonstrating here is supposed to prove? That you can’t see past the tip of your nose, perhaps? Cause that’s about the only thing it has proven,

      1. II had the same type of shit happen to me in Ottawa when i was a much younger man. I was drunk once, and mouthed off to a Cop outside an Irish Pud in the East-End of Ottawa, so this rookie Cop gave me a light bitch lap in the face, and my automatic reaction after getting slapped, was too instantly, and without even thinking, punch him in the face. After this incident, 3 Cops jumped me, and hauled me off to the Old Ottawa Cop Shop on Beserrer st.
        Once there, i again started shit, and they closed the cell door on my left leg, and broke it while saying that we do not,,, hit Police Officers. After being released by my lawyer The following morning, and to the hospital for a cast on my lower right leg right above my ankle. The charges were subsequently dropped after a couple of witnesses at the bar testified that that Cop had hit me first, and also the fact that they broke my leg while in Jail. But after this Mark, every fucking time that i was pulled over, no matter how minor the traffic violation, they would make me remain in my car, while they called for more cops to attend the scene, just to give me a hard time, by taking their time, busting my balls. So after calling the station for a Plat number check, I.D. check, and to also check my criminal Past, or background on their Motorolla’s ( no computers in Cop Cars back then), they discovered after calling in my plate number for my info, they had “Approach with Caution” because i had hit, or fought with Cops before. So i had to wait until one, and sometimes two Cop Cars arrived. But even though this asshole hit me first, it was because i had trouble with them previously that they kept pulling me over for small and stupid things while getting a kick of wasting my time, embarrassing me, by making me wait, lol, fuckers. But that is the only point that i was trying to make, is that even though they were very wrong for killing him, and shit, and the people were on his side, it could have been because he had not did anything wrong for the past many years, so they figured that those Cops should have just left him alone, but in actual fact, and at some point in his past, he must have done something in the past to get there knickers in a twist, lol, which i myself still love to do when a Cop is being a total goof, cause i find it funny, “”But NOT Me Wife, 😉 then ;( “” But what they did by tasing him, and then killing him on the spot, and for no apparent reason whatsoever, in my opinion, (and i’m sure most on here will agree),,, is just all kinds of wrong Man. 🙁 But i am positive that he pissed them off long ago, just like i did when drunk and did not give two fucks, lol.

        1. And i am not big on Most Cops still today, When i was younger it was real bad cause i hated their fucking guts real bad from seeing my Father drunk, and still in his Cop uniform come home at 3 am, and beat the living snot out of my Mom, and sometimes, we watched him beat her till blood covered the whole living room floor, and she was out cold. So i am, and have Never Ever been, NO Cop Boot-licker Brother, but instead i am a Cop Boot-Spitter Mark, lol, especially if he his being an asshole, or a complete, and utter cocksucker with myself, and for no reason. Because then, he gets some “Free Spit” for a quick shoe shine, but only if he carries his own rag, that is, lol. :).

          1. On the real there’s this real fucking porky that did me dirty. Fucking little prick I’ve begged destiny to make our paths meet again.
            No doubt in my mind whatsoever I would take this pinche fucking puerco’s miserable life if I had the opportunity.
            I dealt with him about a year ago.
            I was pulled over and I was caught with a bowl in my pipe. Since there was nobody with me that could drive my vehicle
            He just impounded it with all my tools in the car and a couple of cell phones with important info and pictures. I asked for my stuff and cell phones as I’m in the back seat and officer tells me if I want them to go to the impound towing yard.
            This little piggy tried and tried so hard tried as much as he could to fuck me over and he couldn’t.
            He was desperately looking and looking for a one person to lock me up with a serious charge but could never find that person. He even locked me up at the station for a few hours so he could keep me in his power until he found the person he was looking for.
            Luckily for me he never found that person.
            Now that I think about it he released me after a few hours had gone by was because his shift was about to end and I was his detainee, his responsibility.
            Motherfucker gave me a citation for some drug paraphernalia
            And as he’s writing the ticket and hands me my shoes he tells me “you are very lucky I couldn’t find this person very lucky.”
            So he hands me my wallet and ticket and walks me to the back door and out the facility.

            I would erase this particular pig off the face of this earth for just this reason alone of taking my shit, not only was that personal shit but I worked so hard for it. By him taking my ride and my tools he’s taking my means of sustaining myself.
            And no real man takes another man’s means of self-sustainability.
            That’s really low shit right there.
            That alone right there in my books merits a death warrant.
            But being the nice guy that I am I wouldn’t have urges to off a person just because they fucked me up over material shit.
            I can get past that because material shit truly means shit to me.

            But this cop taking my shit is nothing compared to what he did when he released me. And that what he did is the reason why I feel the way I do towards him.
            As I’m halfway to my house and I’m going through my wallet I noticed a fucking ID card that didn’t belong to me and I ended up going back to the station and waited another fucking hour while receptionist got a hold of the piece of shit officer.
            After one hour officer comes meets me at the lobby and I asked for my Driver License to which he responds “it’s in your wallet” and I tell him, when you arrested me you tell me to be honest with you and I was and now you gone Bullshit me about my DL… He tells me, “I put it in your wallet, is in there if not you must have dropped it somewhere”
            I looked at him closer eye to eye and tell him, “so you put it in my wallet, that means that you placed two identification cards in my wallet, right?!?
            He’s looking at me in the eyes and snatches the other ID from my hand and tells me “I said I put it in your wallet, you must have dropped it on your way out, now if you’ll excuse me I have to go have a nice day”
            I tell him, “So you’re just gonna steal my driver’s license like that and plant that identification card in my possession and that’s it”
            His eyes now were dogging me and he tells me one last time
            “I said have a nice day” and walks back to the department.

            On the personal I can deal with a lot of unpleasant unnecessary shitty people it doesn’t matter what job they do or what title they hold but **liars**
            **deceivers** I fucking hate with a gut, I truly do.
            Specially those people that can look at your eyes and lie to you.
            I wouldn’t power piss on their bodies if they were engulfed in flames.
            I wouldn’t mind taking this type of people out myself. I wouldn’t mind at all. They deserve to be killed, to die. They have no place in the world I live in.

      2. Knowledge truly is power…
        If you as a citizen don’t view the police with respect and recognize that they are no different than a gang with licence to kill.
        You’re highly likely to get killed by a porcupine.
        Is it fair?!? Probably no!!
        Is it true?!? You better believe it is true!!
        Is there a way to not get on a cop’s bad side?!? Absolutely, just know what to do when dealing with them.
        Be straightforward and honest and compliant and that’s it cops won’t fuck with you.
        And I speak from experience dealing with cops.
        Been pulled over at least no less than 25x’s and I have never been manhandled by an officer not even once out of my 7x’s I’ve visited county jail.

        1. We best leave this this one alone guys, as i can truly, and honestly understand why our brother got upset when speaking about this, as remains a very fresh, and quite sensitive topic for himself. Cause when i look back now at what he has personally gone through, while Never, Ever committing one single crime in his life, it pales in comparison to what i have gone through. Because Unlike himself, i did commit my crimes during my youth, so i deserved my time in jail, and was as mentally prepared for it, as i would ever be. I was unafraid because i had nothing, or nobody waiting for me, and so as a result, i did not care if i lived or died back then, because of it. But our friend on the other hand, had to leave everything, including his friends, most of his belongings, and his place of residence, and to top it all off, he had to flee his Country, but that was only after he endured many, many months, of mental, and physical torture, while being locked-up in a maximum security wing, that is (reserved for murderers, and extremely violent inmates), and NOT for a young, innocent, and terrified man as himself, who was not accustomed to being locked-up with dangerous criminals, and living their lifestyles. I am truly sorry, and feel bad Mark, for making light of this Police Shooting, because i never meant to harm, or upset you brother, i was only thinking of the that time that i got in trouble with them for fighting, and not about the awful life changing experience that you had with them, and the unfortunate murder of this guy, as this must of brought back some very troubling thoughts, and awful memories of the times that you were tortured at the hands of these Crazy Cops.

      3. To ask someone to stop for some regular procedures is not that much of a terrible thing if you think it out lightly, you just need to be patient, dont trigger them, and comply.

        According to this > http://www.bendbulletin.com/localstate/5011377-151/a-life-long-struggle , on that night hes been “driving erratically” and “failed to comply” (dunno according to who), so if the cops see that happening and ask him to stop, even if that “hes been constanlty harrassed” possibility can be confirmed, you shouldnt really defy them. In either cases, just think of cops as irrational animals. If you walk and see a bear you wont go waving your arms screaming at them either, will you? Yeah, didnt think so either…

        On a personal reply, i perfer to think and see things on a broader level, and i was pretty sure this site thought one to think for themselves and make their own research, and not just trust a single source’s words because if one says it, it makes it true. Are you really gonna blame me for it? But hey, im a “Fascist” anyways, so call it whatever you want, “bootlicking, donut lover” whatever… I simply believe that authority exists to be respected, and its not something that some would think of as a challenge… and even if you do, at least do it in a smart way and play them, and never try to act though… and according to that individual’s past, hes got a history with drugs and alcohol, and been in jail at least times… So not smart at all.

    1. Cops, Jews and Niggers, all scum, all double Y chromosome shit bags bringing us and themselves down. I prefer to just stay away from events like this. It is a real shame that I don’t feel comfortable in my great nation of freedom, after 10:00 pm because authorities are out and about looking for a trophy kill and up by dawn to haste the working man. cops suck and what is worse you gotta treat them with respect in our prison nation.

  2. I don’t see what difference it makes if there was six additional chapters to this story. from what I saw (despite zoooom grrr) thiscop clearly committed murder and nearly took out his partner! firing over him like that, I don’t think he slipped on ice he dove for cover from crazy maniac firing off pistol! the guy was tazed not once but twice and if cameraman was correct one hit him in face. I can see whether reflex or hell him even trying to drive away ( which I doubt because tazers seem rather debilitating) nothing justified that barrage of bullets. you hear other cop come up and ask if he had gun and instead of saying yes or no he shouts “shots fired” . ridiculous. this is clearly an epidemic either training has failed or psych exam even to get hired has failed. but US cops are a fail and you’d certainly hear an outcry from even cops themselves if they cared. this is not normal. another giant fail with zero consequences, zero accountability. I wonder how often a relative of cop gets murdered by police. how does that work out? no one gets pissed till it’s you and then too late

  3. Larry Davis killed pigs in new York and was even acquitted. But the blue brotherhood killed him in prison once he as alone with them. I hate pigs. I hate all government. I hate Republicans and and liberals. They are all the same. They worship the state. They are sick. Also, supreme Court in the U.S. said you Can kill pigs in defense of illegal arrest. People better start getting hip to laws and shit…. “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. This premise was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529. The Court stated: “Where the officer is killed in the course of the disorder which naturally accompanies an attempted arrest that is resisted, the law looks with very different eyes upon the transaction, when the officer had the right to make the arrest, from what it does if the officer had no right. What may be murder in the first case might be nothing more than manslaughter in the other, or the facts might show that no offense had been committed.”

    “An arrest made with a defective warrant, or one issued without affidavit, or one that fails to allege a crime is within jurisdiction, and one who is being arrested, may resist arrest and break away. lf the arresting officer is killed by one who is so resisting, the killing will be no more than an involuntary manslaughter.”

    1. I hear ya. Use to come here for the gore, now I come here for the gore and the ridiculous ass theories “mark” comes up with. The funny part is watching the rest fall for it, won’t be long until the “hardgore” followers are asked to drink the Kool aid.

  4. This victim of the police state was armed with a running vehicle. Combat is a precarious line of work, especially when drunk and or trigger happy/adrenalin addicted. The icy conditions didn’t help. This poor sack of shit was doomed as soon as those men with guns arrived.

  5. 1st time he stepped on it unintentionally because of the tazer, 2nd time intentionally to save his life. that’s the way I see it. can’t blame him, that’s cold blooded murder with the usual miss piggy ‘fear for our lives’ show. fucking hypocrites… hope they get what they deserve. if the law protects them, maybe karma bites their asses.

  6. He was obviously going AWAY from cops, not towards them and cops werent in any kind of danger by the moving car.

    But they put 3 bullets in his heads anyway, they probably have some abandonment issues.

    Plain, simple murder.

  7. Los policías son algo así como los engendros, los niños consentidos de sus padres los políticos; es decir, el gobierno y el estado. Por tanto, si los gobernantes son unos mierdas imperialista consentidos, abusones y corruptos, así serán los “niños consentidos” con uniforme y placa. Yo suelo decir cuando veo a un perro que ladra agresivamente a alguien sin ninguna razón aparente, que “así es el perro, así es su dueño”.

  8. No fuckin way. Im from Bend. I remember this occuring but i never knew that Tisher was involved. In Highschool i had to do a ride along with a police officer for 8 hours for a part of my Criminal Justice course. And Tisher was the guy i was assigned to. This was before this altercation took place. Whats weird is that i thought that Tisher just didn’t seem to be Police material. Turns out not. The fuck is he laying on the ground for? Hes acting like he was the one whos in the shit shoes. Even in this small town the shooting just went over everyones heads like nothing happened. When this guy died in the hands of a bunch of goons.

  9. This is a fine example of an innocent (10 year-old boy) killed by a “highly trained” piece of trash named DAVID HAWN who was part of a SWAT team executing a warrant on a suspected drug trafficker. AMAZINGLY, this SWAT team member, presumably trained and deliberate in his movements, asserted that his 870 Remington “accidentally discharged” as he stood on the back of the horrified child. EVEN MORE AMAZING is the fact that this same officer had just one year earlier entered a home as part of a SWAT team executing a warrant and promptly shot a “suspect” who he encountered during this very stressful event. Only problem: The suspect had expired several hours earlier. Necrocide?


  10. for you officer friends and family . When it’s all said and done .do you really think whomever your doing this for us really going to keep their end of the deal . No they are gonna turn on you first cause you can’t be trusted . Your willing to break the law for them . so then what’s to stop you from murdering them and theirs for another group . Oh karmas a bitch whatever your doing it for will be for nothing . The sad thing the people you leave behind are the ones who will end up paying for your deeds . So if your in that loop be careful what you do . It will you know it will come back to you .

  11. For you who don’t believe me . Remember the saying about , when all logical explanations are exhausted only the illogical explanation remains no matter how impossible it will be the truth . So you have officers doing this on video with multiple witnesses and they still get out of it . Why ?

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