Unarmed Group Brutally Attacked with Swords and Machetes

Unarmed Group Brutally Attacked with Swords and Machetes

In this CCTV video, a group of guys is seen hanging out together late at night. Two cars then pull up and as soon as the hangout guys recognize the people inside (rival gang members, perhaps?) or notice that they are armed, they attempt to make a quick dash for it, but at least three are caught. What follows is an incredibly brutal machete and sword attack that left each victim for dead.

The most prominent victim is the guy being chopped up along the bottom edge of the video. However there is another one who tried to run but was tripped and fell. Between 1:00 and 1:06 you can see yet another someone getting chopped at straightly off the bottom edge of camera.

This was an incredibly vile attack and the victims were just left there in pain to bleed, with no one coming to help. Holy shit is all I have to say. I’m surprised the video wasn’t full of chopped off body parts flying about.

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    1. I don’t know why i’m laughing at that frod but it sure fits… all that’s left is master chief t bagging them then running off and this would make a good Red vs Blue episode….
      with said its still stupid that they didn’t have a damn gun

      1. You are totally correct, it was in Kuala Lumpur. I read that the attacked group always hanged around that corner and smoked some hemp: The machete guys attacked them when they started to sell weed an other drugs. Not sure if is correct. But damn it was savage.

    1. flip flop disputes in this side of the world are serious shit…..Don`t fuck with another mans flip flops, Their god, Wan San Shoe declared a ban on foam related agression to foot fettish, but do they listen, well you make up your mind!!!

    1. I hear ya! I’m moving a little more North to Fort Collins, Colorado. Mostly white (whitest city in Colorado), average age 29-years-old, low low crime, liberal douchbags (which is good for quietness) secluded (the property I’m looking at), pot is legal, mountains are 10 minutes away.

      I got sick of the people a month ago here, 100 miles South.

      Ready to go all mountain man type of shit! With a legal bag of really good herb every two weeks or so. πŸ™‚

        1. @ Wicked

          Awesome. Hell, maybe we can hook up and burn a legal one sometime. Yell when you’re comfy in Colorado. It’s badass here regardless of the city (unless it’s the extreme East, then it’s like Missouri). Freedom takes on a whole new meaning. Mind your business, and everyone else will do the same is my experience for the most part. C. Springs was just to conservative and Mexican for me; not that I hate Mexicans, most are really cool, but I do like a majority white. The way it goes. Denver and North and West is a completely new State.

          1. But of course my friend I’m always down to split a spliff or two…I’m excited..a lil nervous because I won’t know anyone around there but fuck it..it’s time for a new beginning….I’m not sure where we’re moving to exactly..but somewhere away from the cities….because FUCK people…lolz…maybe if we’re neighbors you could show us around Frodo… πŸ™‚

          2. @ Wicked

            Absolutely! I know many of the hidden gems, both man made and more so, natural-ly made. There’s is very little that excites me man made, and there is plenty nature made that does, but ironically, there is many of both in Colorado that fills the bill. Castles, trails and forests to boot. It’s all there for all of us to enjoy; legal bud or no! πŸ™‚

      1. The key is not raising your expectations regarding people. You can’t be disappointed if you already expect little from them, because that’s what most humans will throw at you, the middle finger.

        I rarely engage in interaction with people anymore. I photograph, I travel, I work, I read, I go rock climbing, and that’s it. And I’m happy. Nature itself is beautiful. Humanity isn’t.

        1. Couldn’t agree with you more P. Dude.
          Although I have little respect for the human race as a whole, I still treat people with kindness and respect… however, I am often left wondering why I bother.

          1. I try to do that. I treat people with respect, if it is reciprocate, of course. I’m a frequent blood donor (donated yesterday), I have helped many charities here, and foreign ones, but like you said, I’m starting to not care. I see no point in my efforts. They’re fruitless.

        2. @ P. Dude

          I agree! My expectation are really low at this point. As I said in another post, I’d rather take my chances with bear, lions and anything else with sharp teeth before dealing with people.

          Though watching tourists is pretty comical. They are like their own special bred!

      1. No no no..not here fiend…I care about everyone here….my racist comments don’t even apply to people here….my fellow goryans well ALWAYS get a pass with me…it’s the sheep I can’t fucking stand….FUCK ignorance begin bliss…imma park my roomies vagina (prius) on the next dumb motherfucker that crosses my path….sigh

    2. I can get so angry when seeing stuff like this! Humans can be such vile creatures. and yet we all have the ability to be good too. Somewhere along the way of life there is a fork in the road where people either choose to do vile things, or good things.

  1. Lolz revenge of the flying floating flipping flop of fiery fury…slice and dice these Manley mice…don’t even think of it..not even twice…slice and dice these Manley men made of lice….I would have loved to of seen some flying body parts…entrails…something other then just bloodshed..great post though ate..thank you!!

    1. @ Juju

      Most have, but there are plenty that have not. Eliminate those that have, embrace those that have not, and it makes it more bearable, more real.

      Though there are more times I agree and I shake my head, it’s those rarer times that even me, Mr. Cynical, that I can smile and embrace those that have not let me down.

      1. You made me smile Mr. Cynical, thank you for that.
        True enough Frodo, all is not lost.
        The senior’s residence my mother lives in is a very happy place (despite the realities of it).
        The staff genuinely care and are very dedicated… and the residents inevitably work their way into your heart.
        These people have restored some of my faith in mankind.
        It’s a nice bubble of life πŸ™‚

        1. @ Fiend

          I agree 1000%! It’s amazing the places that you can find that humanity that jives so-to-speak. Much like this site, Bestgore.com.

          I’m down with those people that don’t allow their own personal halo to choke them out and pull them down!

  2. SUBANG JAYA: Police are looking for two men to facilitate investigations into the murder of a trader, who was slashed to death outside his shop along Mile 14 Jalan Puchong.

    The two men, A. Yogesvaran, 22 (last known address, No 99 Jalan Teratai 6, Puchong Perdana, 47100 Puchong) and A. Sambanthan, 23 (last known address, No 1 Kampung Pulau Meranti, Batu 18, 47120 Puchong are persons of interest in the murder of P. Thangavellu Radhakrishnan, 25, on Thursday.

    Subang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Yahaya Ramli said police have identified two out of eight men believed to have attacked the victim.

    ?Eight men armed with machetes came to the shop in two cars and attacked him.

    ?The men also attacked a burger seller and two of his customers who were outside of the shop at that time,? he told a press conference on Friday.

    Those with information on the case are urged to contact the police hotline at 03-2052 9999 or visit the nearest police station.

    It was reported that Thangavellu Radhakrishnan succumbed to his injuries, while three others, a burger seller and two customers, were in stable condition at the Serdang Hospital.

    The incident occurred at around 8pm.

    In an unrelated case police are looking for two men to assist investigations in an incident, where an off-duty policeman was robbed at Bandar Sunway about 2am on January 1.

    The two men are Ram Singh Jagee Singh, 33 (last known address, C-2-9 Block C, Jalan PJU 1A/5, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya) and A.Thirumal, 28 (last known address, 105-1 Permatang Pasir, Jalan Bachik, Malacca).

        1. I hope you like it. Its a really beautiful movie, and the fact it happened in real life makes it more enjoyable.

          To me, it showed how happiness can be found in nature itself, it showed how little we appreciate this planet, how we only value things after we lose them.

          I didn’t ask to be born, and honestly if I had been given the choice I wouldn’t want to, but since i’m here, I will enjoy this planet, before the species I unfortunately belong to destroys it.

          1. I remember reading about the real life guy behind the character, before that movie was made.
            It really intrigued me. That guy was a die hard outcast and freedom lover.

          2. It was a good movie, but the point was he (in his own writings)realized that nature, like humanity, can also be harsh and unforgiving. He wrote that he realized (in his opinion) that true happiness can only be found when sharing life with the people you love.

  3. I wish I could have seen what was happening to the guy on the top of the screen, looks like they were cutting his head off or sticking the shit out of him. Crazy how that guys arm was flapping around on the bottom there.

  4. Wow all those people just driving past and not stopping to help. Maybe they have seen this sort of thing so often that they know it is gang related and steer well clear. Did the chopped up guys survive?

  5. Fucking brutal! Their machetes were not sharp as it could be, because no any member pulled out.

    Where this took place? Seeing the sidewalk, it happened in a poor country. In Brazil? I do not think, is not our style… Mexico? Maybe… But I bet at somewhere in Central America, like Dominican Republic.

    If this took place in Europe, US&A or Japan, then this world is fucked up for real.

  6. Now that’s brutality! It’s been a long time since I don’t felt this sense of disturbance, repulsion and repugnance. I still got some feelings in me XD
    I though I was already desensitized, damn

  7. This incident actually took place in my country, puchong, selangor in malaysia. 1 of them died while the other 3 survived but injured badly. 3 of the guys attacked in this cctv footage survived, but the guy that died was actually inside his premise somewhere beside this cctv camera. the guy who died was actually the one that the attackers were after. the father of the dead man said that his son had some arguments with some group of men few days before this incident took place and this is some sort of a revenge attack, nothing to do with gang rivals or things like that. the other 3 guys that survived were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time… one of them was a burger vendor nearby the dead man’s premise whilst the other 2 were his and the dead man’s customer. the dead man runs a restaurant by the way.. poor guy… n btw.. the brand of the car is Waja by Proton Edar.

  8. The guy that you can clearly see getting chopped up has no survival instincts, just stands there as a group of machete wielding maniacs run up to him..like really?
    Judging by his injuries its kinda hard to tell if they were fatal, but the dude that got tripped by the second car is definitely dead, I think they beheaded him.
    Damn…rest in peace fellas.

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