Unborn Child Dies Due To Sectarian Violence in Syria

Unborn Child Dies Due To Sectarian Violence in Syria

Sectarian violence of Sunni Muslims against everyone who’s not a Sunni has reached a new low in Syria. Since the beginning of the genocide they call the Arab Spring, Sunni terrorists have been pushing the age of people they killed lower and lower. And as if killing infants was not satisfactory enough, now even the unborns fall victims to their war for power.

Hillary the Obtuse approves of this wee baby’s death.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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38 thoughts on “Unborn Child Dies Due To Sectarian Violence in Syria”

  1. If you look carefully when the camera reflects the light from the baby and back again, it looks like a heartbeat.

    Sad that the kid never had a chance, but realistically, it probably wouldn’t have survived very long in a war zone anyway.

  2. Was that the entry or exit wound right next to the unborn child’s left ear? Pretty sad that even the womb isn’t a safe place anymore, at least this child was spared from becoming another instrument of destruction or being reduced to a smoldering pile of meat in that horrid place.

      1. As an aside to this discussion – I’ve always wondered why they say after a devastating tornado that “it looks like a warzone.” Why don’t they say “it looks like a big fucking tornado just destroyed my trailer park and took my fat lady bending over silhouette with it…” They don’t say warzones look like a tornado just came through here…

  3. very sad but probably was a good thing for the child…….he wouldnt have lasted if he were born alive….if he did survive his childhood it would have been filled with terror, violence, and grief….and he would have become a very messed up adult. still…very sad…he must have been close to full term…

  4. If this were my child, I don’t know if I could even live after. It’s hard enough having to deal with the fact that your country is in a war, but then to lose a child on top of that… I don’t know, you say its for the best, but as a mother, I would have to disagree.

    1. If you lose one you move ahead and have another one shit happens people die everyday you can’t bear the grief of losing a child your whole life besides probably dead babies get re-born almost instantly as they die

  5. Thats fckd up… What do these people fight for. Whats their goal. Theyre just a bunch of cowards going after the innocent. I mean dont get me wrong, they contribute a lot of material to best gore but still.

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