Unborn Child Fished Out of a River in Brazil

Unborn Child Fished Out of a River in Brazil

An unborn child was found floating in the Rio Água Preta (Black Water River), near a bridge that connects the Uruçuca city center with the suburbs of Anfrísio Goes. Throwing fetuses away like garbage seem rather popular in Brazil. There was this one fished out of a sewage treatment plant, another one also found in a sewer, one was even found in a shopping mall bathroom. Nice respect for human life that’s looking to start off on this planet, Brazil.

I got the photos with fetus’ face blacked out. I think it’s for the best – considering that it was submerged in water, the face probably looked all kinds of not pretty:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. well no wonder! if i had a kid with a big black bar across its face like that i think i might rethink keeping him…..

    hmm must have been hard to birth with that black bar….its got some pretty sharp corners…ow ow ow ouch!

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