Uncle Da Silva and His Niece are Shot by Two Men on Motorcycle in Brazil

Uncle Da Silva and His Niece are Shot by Two Men on Motorcycle in Brazil

A Fatal shooting happened on February 26, 2015, in Bonito, state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. 32 year old Davi JosΓ© da Silva and his 17 year old niece, PatrΓ­cia Maria da Silva, were traveling by motorcycle (some reports say Davi was driving, others say Patricia) when another motorcycle came up along side them, two men on a motorcycle in Brazil…a Da Silva and his Da Silva niece…you do the math.

Shoots were fired and Davi was struck, the one fatal bullet passing through him to also hit his niece. Davi fell from the bike, causing a crash and he died in the street while the murderers rocketed away. Luckily, Patricia was not serious injured in either the fall or the shooting. She was taken to hospital, but the culprits remain unknown at this time. But what I do know is that we get a nice double pointer on the last image.

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        1. @gunkgirl not really. In Final Destination they all die a violent death don’t they? It’s been years since I’ve seen those movies. I mean more like her time for a violent death has passed and since she’s still alive after that moment she gets to die a peaceful natural death at a very old age.

          1. I’d say if you’re destined to die a violent death, then it will somehow catch up with you sooner or later, judging from the Final Destination movies haha

  1. Looks like the Da Silva Killers Love to use motorcycles for transportation and for assassination purposes can’t say I blame them there quick it’s easy and quite maneuverable in tight spots I got hand it to the killers for that attempted two-for-one special on these guys but they failed to kill one and that helmet did this man no justice. 😐

  2. I’ve seen many videos of potential bike jackings in Brazil, that I’m inclined to say this may have been one gone wrong.
    Too bad we can’t see the bike because that might have been a good indicator.
    I’ll have to go with his shitty jumper though and assume that his bike wasn’t worth stealing and he was shot because his name is Da Silva instead. πŸ˜‰

  3. Brazilians should be well aware of the “Da Silva Curse” and take steps to avoid an early death. If unable to migrate to a safer country, a Da Silva should consider changing their surname. Perhaps a change of name may be enough to avoid the curse. Or may try staying away from drug dealing and other forms of criminality. The Da Silva Curse may simply be a matter of lifestyle. -“live by the sword die by the sword”,

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