Unidentifiable Pile of Hacked-up Human Flesh

Unidentifiable Pile of Hacked-up Human Flesh

Total hack-up. I wonder if this is the result of an encounter with a boat propeller. Just what else could hack a man up unrecognizable like that? I guess Mexican cartels could, but this somehow doesn’t seem quite the way they do it. Rippage seems too extreme for your average human wielded hacking tool, but after seeing what humans are capable of, I can’t rule it out. Who knows…

What do you guys think happened to this unidentifiable pile of human flesh?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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39 thoughts on “Unidentifiable Pile of Hacked-up Human Flesh”

    1. Crushed by something large evidenced by the crushed chest as well as dirt in the wounds. My guess would be a large vehicle like a truck (18 wheeler). Just a guess based on years of looking at similar posts!

  1. Yum yum, makes me hungry. And all I’ve got is an apple and some gummy bears. I don’t even have a good canibal joke for this scene. I do, however, have the desire to download these pictures to my cell phone and put them up as my wallpaper and screen saver.

  2. You’re right, Mexican cartels probably wouldn’t take that much time it seems like straight up beheading is most practical for them in terms of time. Plus a head can transported easily, stuck on a pole in the rivals neighborhood, or strategically placed to deliver a message.

  3. What would do that kind of damage to his face, arms and legs but do no real damage to his chest or torso? Im starting to think maybe he did get run over by something across his body and thats why his top and lower half of his body got fucked but his middle didnt

  4. Most likely he went through a large machine – a crusher of some kind with rollers – that pulled him in and spit him out the other end. Maybe he landed in the cracked wheat bin before they brought him here.

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