Unidentified Brazilian (Not in Flip Flops) Shot Dead on Road in Caruaru

[Unidentified Brazilian (Not in Flip Flops) Shot Dead on Road in Caruaru

The 40th homicide in Caruaru for the year took place on Monday, March 7th, 2016. An unidentified man was found shot to death on the side of the road. Not much to say other than he is speculated to be about 25 years old and was wearing shoes instead of flip flops. Military Police speculate that he was not killed immediately, but shot and then chased down before being finished off. He left a nice death stare, too.

Don’t they just tag unidentified Brazilians as “Da Silva”?

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    1. You are quite the eager “God Blessin” beaver.

      In all seriousness, because I do admire your dedication and unflappable character, which God do you worship…Mohammad? Johovah? Jesus? Or is it the Old Testament, fire and brimstone, Abrahamic God?

          1. I don’t think she stopped until she got off πŸ˜† I’m sure he died within the first minute, he probably tried to tap her leg for a breather but she wasn’t paying attention….so unprofessional

  1. The dudes who responded to this incident probably (although I am inclined to think that there is a 90% certainty) misheard his age. Chap is way too dry-looking to be 25 but then again, that really does happen.

    Also…shoes??? I haven’t heard that in a looooong time from Brazil!

  2. I met a Dutch/German businessman on a train going from Prague CZ to Berlin in a shared train compartment about 10 years ago. He did business all over the world. He has the following to say about the dangers to your life and limb around the world.

    North America and Europe are still places with Laws that kind of work (Aside from Mexico) Africa and Asia are dangerous but the people there still have some moral fiber and distinguish for the most part between life and death in a serious way.

    However, he said that in South America, Human Life is not respected as it is in the rest of the world. Life is “CHEAP” in this part of world where someone will kill you for a matter of a few dollars. It doesn’t matter if its owed or if there is a chance you have as little as $10 in your pocket, the South American’s will kill for next to nothing. Again, life is CHEAP in this part of the world. I”d bet this man died for a matter of less than $100. South America is a culture of animals, dog eat dog, murder is an everyday occurence and I would not travel in that part of the world ever again. Even the African people respect human life……….but then of course there is ISIS…………..

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