Unseen WWII Photos from Pacific Found in House of Swedish Grandpa

Unseen WWII Photos from Pacific Found in House of Swedish Grandpa

Unseen WWII Photos from Pacific Found in House of Swedish Grandpa

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members ROck is brought to you by Best Gore member @swedish-punisher, who sent us a video containing stills of scenes from WWII in the Pacific he found in the house of his grandpa:

I found my grandfather’s old photo album from world war 2 when clearing out his house. Seems like he was a psychopath and pervert.

Thanks a lot for sharing the video with us, @swedish-punisher. I presume the grandpa passed away so he’s in a better place now and the horrors of the war are of no importance anymore. Nice bonus at the end of the video. These days those women would be 400 lb heavier, wearing dyed hair on a resting bitch face adorned with a nose ring and would constantly whine about not having enough privileges without responsibilities.

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71 thoughts on “Unseen WWII Photos from Pacific Found in House of Swedish Grandpa”

      1. Grandpa would have been kind of odd if he’d shown @swedish-punisher the album when he was a kid….but he didn’t, he kept it for him when he got older. Anyway props to gramps for being a true man and a hero. Imagine if medals were made of these photos, like the ancient celtic tribes used to carry home the heads of their defeated enemies on their saddles. When they got home they hung them over the front doors. I should imagine they were the original gargoyles


  1. I call bullshit. There are too many niggers/half niggers in those photos to be world war 2 pacific region based. Some of the dead look Chinese too.

    This is a random collection in every sense of the word. Both in time and place.

      1. @hopingfornemesis
        Aborigines are the most exploited human beings on earth. They are now about to extinct. They occupied much of the Austronesian; They were mainly found in Taiwan, Island Southeast Asia, Micronesia, New Guinea, Island Melanesia, Madagascar etc… They are only remaining in Australia’s concertation camps and majority are found in Northern Territory.

        1. You are right in that Aboriginal Blacks were found in all these areas. Yet that is you using aboriginal in its proper sense ie ab origine ( native people ,original people) . Racially however ,Australian aboriginals (native ,black First people) differ much from those of Madagascar (who are part Asian ie Indonesian ) and Papuan (who are more Negrito,pygmyBlack African -, looking) and the Melanesians of the Pacific.

          Australian Aboriginals are an interesting lot. Their bodies are very Caucasian – looking and almost all were very tall ,taller than the Whiteman who came here. Many scientists said they are a mix of black and White from many tens of thousands of years ago or what we looked like when we had been out-of- Africa but before white euro man split off etc.
          New research says that they are the oldest distinct living people in the world ,older than all other Races now living or older than the Blacks of Africa.

          Think of it ,the Red Indians of America only came over to America about twelve thousand years ago . Aborigines been in Aust for 50 to 500 k years.

          1. Problem they don’t have any written history; I mean any ancient writings or paintings on rocks. Nothing much will be known about these people. In West Papua, these people are being killed on a daily basis after that territory was declared a province of Indonesia in 1999. Glad that Papua New Guinea was granted independence by Britain and it is the only self-rule Aboriginal country. In the Indian territories of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, they are a tourist attraction. People pay huge sums of money for them to drive through their land and throw handouts to them. We live in a sick world.

  2. JUST LOOK AT THOSE COCONUTS!! Reminds me of a time I sailed to an Island in the Canary archipelago, the resident breeding bird was very similar to European Blue Tit, which does not occur on the islands, but on La Palma have the most distinctive repertoire and can sound more like Great Tits! But I would have to say that the songs of the African blue tit just annoyed the hell out of me.

      1. Yes, he used to stay awake for two days straight every Labor Day weekend for the MDA telethon..
        How about Mickey Rooney as Mr Yunioshi, the myopic, buck toothed jap in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

  3. As I always suspect. The allied’s war movie always make their “boys” look like some innocent country bumpkin with a beauty face or either hard ass disciplinary officer with a heart of gold. In truth. There are always Pillaging, R&R involving caputure POW and lot of bastard child. I mean everyone are doing it. The Nazi doing it, The USSR doing it, The Japan doing it, Everyone are doing IT!! So why keeping these away at all?

  4. I found a photo of my father in law during Vietnam showing how he “scalped” (he’s Menomonie timber nigger) his 1st kill while there. He’s smiling while holding up the freshly removed scalp over the top of Charlie.
    Id post it but it would most likely get him in trouble seeing it’s against the rules of war.
    When he dies you’ll see it…..it’s bad ass.

  5. Oh my how things have changed, guys now a days be walking around with videos of chicks stuffing entire turkey dinners up their snatch holes, shitting out their insides, while wearing a snorkel calling you daddy to get the same effect as a chick with just her tits out.

    Oh how I miss those days >.<

  6. My grandpa was a surgeon in the Pacific Theater. Stitched up a lot of the sailors. I sure hope he got around to “meeting” some of those Polynesian sluts before shipping off home to see grandma.

  7. i’d say you gran’pa was not a psychopath, but more a genius.

    you know…. even with that few cliché (i think they arent thousands of them) you can go to a museum and purpose an exhibit.
    as horrible the pictures are, they are nice proof of what’s happen during the war.
    and THIS deserve to be seen.
    many people think the american are heroes who saved the world and bring peace… but in reality, they wree as same as the nazi and did some terrible things all around too. But that part of the history is hidden.

    this kind of photos is the proof that they also made terrible thing, and that should be more show to the world.

    war was a terrible thing (like it still be todays) and during such times, many many things happened, but only the good things are show from the allies and bad things from germans nazis.

    my gran’mother (may she reast in peace, she was on her 20’s during WWII) showed me soem photos too and told me alots of things. and many nazis where actually scared as fuck by this war, some left families, lovers and babies behind, as much as allies soldiers did. But history always show them as criminal with cold blood and psycopath mind.

    imho, WWII cruel facts will never reach vietnam cruel facts.

    war always change a man, and not in the good way.

  8. The pacific front was a hell, many mutilations and decapitations probably made by us marines or some crazy native villager. They also probably raped and tortured innocent women like they did in Vietnam. Do you know from what battle/island those photos where taken?

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