Vacationer Thrown to His Death from 36th Floor of Resort in Thailand

Vacationer Thrown to His Death from 36th Floor of Resort in Thailand

A vacationer travelled to Thailand and fell from the 36th floor. This is what he looked like after the landing – ripped in half and splattered like stepped on beetle. Total bodily explosion on impact.

Needless to say, this fellow’s death was ruled a suicide by the corrupt Thai police – a ruling broadly supported by the leftists from the west who contribute to the endless death count by telling vacationers that Thailand is a safe travel destination.

Apparently, this fellow was a retired US army pilot. What we’ll never be told are the financial adjustments in favor of his new found Thai girlfriend/wife he’d made prior to his “suicide”. Thai snatches know every trick in the book and have a lot of experience putting them into use until it works out. Twinks then throw the guy to his death, corrupt cops get their cut to rule it a suicide and the bitch will be back in the streets looking for another vacationer fooled by the liberals to take a trip to Thailand to “suicide”. Life is good in the land of grumps.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Broke back you make me laugh! I have read you comments for a while, and every time I laugh. I’ve just stated posting myself. Thank you for the many comments you write. Don’t stop it makes my day! X

  1. FUCK ME!!! Now that’s some serious gore right there!!!!!! Looks like they almost had to drain that pool! Geez! I’m guessing he didn’t feel a thing and good thing cause damn that’s a lot of stories to fall from! Just wow! I commend you @GorePapi for finding stuff like this! It’s not easy for me! As much as it sucks that dude was killed, it’s sure cool to look at! Just sayin’!

      1. They would never dream of draining the pool,they just fish out the big chunks,that’s what the guy with the fishing poles job is.Then they make him the” special of the day” at the hotel’s restaurant.

  2. Jesus! He popped like a water balloon! When I watch movies and I see people fall to their deaths I’ve always thought to myself, that’s not messy enough. Now I know what a body really looks like when it hits the pavement from a high fall. I wish someone had gotten pictures of the splattered jumpers from 9/11. I bet they looked like this but worse.

  3. I will be the first one to admit that I have been wrong about Thais, I thought that, because they are not all in my country like many other economic parasites, that they were decent enough, Best Gore has educated me on this matter.

    Mind you, I still very much appreciate that Thais are not in my country, do any Best Gore members have a large Thai population in their respective countries?, I’m just trying to work out if the Thais are jumping ship from their own shit hole into someone else’s shit hole.

    1. They are the same in foreign countries as they are in homeland – only engage in gang activities. They may set up Thai restaurants to white wash blood money so to uninitiated, they may seem like working people, but Thai restaurants only provide store fronts with which to launder money raked in with organized crime.

      That’s more of a South East Asian thing, though. You’ll never find a working Cambodian either, for example. You may have heard of ABZ or Asian Boyz – that’s basically what Thais, Cambodians, Laotians and the such do in white countries.

    1. It’s a known fact that guys who can’t get a western woman because they’re douchebags, like to turn to Asian women. Asian women often seem to be more compliant and less demanding than western ladies. Also the Asians seem to like the western money a lot and the rise in status. And they’re aware that the westerners who want them, are not the best with women of their own kind.

      1. This is not true. At all. You are thinking of Thai or Pinay women, not Asian women in particular.

        In which case, you might be right.

        Speaking as a White guy who doesn’t date White women, and does date Asian women (Mostly of the Han variety) I simply have no interest in White women (which is what I’m guessing you mean by Western) because they are plain and simple ugly on the inside.

        Cheating, Notoriously Promiscuous, Race-Mixing, Entitlement/Princess Attitude, Childish, Notoriously Unhappy, vain, vapid, materialistic etc. There are very few White women worth the time now a days.

        Think about it. How many guys in relationships with White women do you know that last or are happy? I know very few.

        1. Hahaha! You date Asian women? Say no more! Actually I know a lot of guys who are in happy and lasting relationships with white women. And I also know a few who are in lasting relationships with Asian women.

          1. Yes, and I was open to dating/becoming involved with Indian, Arab Women with certain restrictions (Religion, obviously) when I was single.

            I had/have no interest in White or African women, and fledgling interest in Latina.

            I know very few men who are in happy relationships with White females. Very few. The ones that are, will most likely not be in 2 or 3 years. Most of them will have been cheated on by that time.

            Seriously – be honest. Don’t get defensive – take an honest look at the White female community. The tree is dying and most of the apples are rotten. Some are still ripe and edible, but the vast majority are not.

          2. I for one was never atracted to oriental women wheather they are from thai or japan.

            i have lived in the usa few years tho and the women there did disgust me a little bit for some of those reasons you invoke,not all of course but because its such a large country it hardly felt like a minority.I prefer women from my homeland or few other european places even tho of course,they are not perfect either

      2. Guys who “can’t get” a western woman? You are assuming we even *want* a western woman. You are assuming western women actually have value, which they don’t. Plenty of men who settle in Asia have the combination of charisma, physical attractiveness, and wealth/status to be successful with women in America. But why would we want to? American women are low quality in all things that matter to men: physical attractiveness (70% of Americans are overweight or obese), domestic skills (the average 20-something can’t cook, and would scoff at the idea of having a meal prepared for her man when he comes home), actually supporting her man instead of competing with him, and having some semblance of chastity.

        I generally disagree with Silenced’s posts as they skew heavily towards the “white supremacist” agenda but here is something that I, as a successful African American man, can agree with him on.

        I live in Japan now and intend to settle here in Asia. When I have sufficient economic resources I’d like to split my time between Japan, Mongolia, and some locations in Central/Eastern Europe (perhaps Slovenia and Romania). I date north Asian (Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Mongolian), Germanic, and Slavic women almost exclusively. The last two just because I like banging snow bunnies (growing up in a majority-white upper Middle class environment has imprinted those standards of physical beauty on me).

        You can find stupid bitches in EVERY ethnicity and culture. But I strongly believe that a *GOOD MAN*, paired with a well-raised, disciplined (impulse control is one of the most important characteristics of a valuable woman –stupid sluts who burn money shopping are impulsive creatures), educated, and chaste Asian woman will yield the strongest domestic partnership imaginable.

        American chicks? Only useful for occasionally dumping your load in them when the opportunity presents itself.

  4. If I was happen to be dumb enough to visit Thailand….I make sure to have a room on the first floor that way maybe when I get depressed that I am on vacation visiting such a place, I would be able to survive my “suicide” attempt.

  5. For real, why would the guy go all the way to Thailand just to jump out off a 36 story balcony? He could easily have done such a thing here in the states without the shitty flight and food.

  6. I think this is the story… it’s from 2010 but report sounds exactly as the pictures look. Just read the ‘wife’s’ statement. Apparently she ‘left the room to visit a neighbour and heard a loud thud. When she returned her husband had jumped’… hmmmm

    1. Yeah man, me too because back then all there was were fake stories from leftists hiding the harsh truth. I count my blessing that I was able to get out of there alive and surely won’t be tempting the fate again. As a guy who’s been on the road for 5 years, I can say that there’s so much to see the world over, it makes no damn sense to go to places like Thailand. Even if you were to make it to a different place each day, you would still not cover all that’s worth seeing in the world. Why risk it and rag one’s ass to Thailand?

        1. Thailand is very xenophobic. There is scammers who take advantage of Farangs whenever they get the chance.

          They’re often hostile towards foreigners/tourists hell i remember not long ago a fellow Australian man got killed over there.

          It’s a hell hole (Unless you want the lady boys) then i would say don’t go there.

  7. i have a confession to make, the other weekend in newport beach, i leave my friend’s house only to find 2 motorcyclist and a dead guy lying on the road in front of my car. i was one of the first 5 to the scene and i was a bit intoxicated while my friend was sober, so she was driving. i see the mess of bodies on the floor and they are all inches from my car. i mean my tires had glass from the tboned car on it and all i was thinking was “fucking shit! i’ve had a long week and i wanted to have a goodnight for the first time in month, but instead there are 3 dead bodies and a pond of blood in front of my car. why does the world hate me?!” i think that was honestly the most selfish moment of my life. i tell you guys because i would hope you can all understand and i can get it out of my chest with you guys. im not bad but i just had a lack of judgment and disrespect for life at the moment. i woke up the next day feeling like an ass. i would post pictures for you all but i didnt even have my phone on me.

  8. No photos of the room he jumped from. What a Thai joke. Yeah exactly, nobody would specifically go to “Thailand” only to constantly commit suiside From skyscraper. Maybe Beijing cause of the extremely polluted air making you whippy.

  9. Wow, good old gore! I just woke up, and saw this. That’s a goodmorning 馃檪 ! Why do people even visit Thailand? They should be introduced to BestGore before they go lol. Pointers, so-called suicides, Thai hookers dumping their babies. Thailand may have beautiful places etc., but this shit isn’t worth it.
    But I have to admit, pointers are funny as hell.

  10. Thai whore are usually submissive but quietly I can feel their resentment towards me. This emotion should prevail in the broader community so now I prefer South American whore for safety reasons.

  11. Take a close look at what remains of his upper torso… Those ribs look cut.. not shattered. Also, there is something called terminal velocity… You reach it after falling 57 or so feet. Even though this guy fell 36 stories, he did not gain speed after the 6 floor or so. Why important? Such injuries are not consistent with a floor… unless he hit a flag-pole or something else on the way down.

    It also appears the chest cavity is empty. No heart.. They don’t normally harvest organs from older dudes but ya never know. Black market sale, perhaps??

    1. In a stable free-fall position, an average adult will have fallen approximately 62 feet after 2 seconds, reaching 20 miles per hour or 29 feet per second.

      Terminal velocity is achieved after free-fall of approximately 12 seconds during which time the body will have dropped 1483 feet and be travelling at 120 miles per hour or 174 feet per second.

      36 stories might put you somewhere between 787 and 984 feet depending on construction, atria and floor /ceiling heights; using the lower value of 787 feet, the fall would take just under 8 seconds and the maximum speed of the fall would be approximately 104 miles per hour or 150 feet per second at impact.

      1. I am sure it has to do with trajectory and position of the body

        It is written though that the most efficient staged accident, in simple assassination, is a fall of 75 feet or more onto a hard surface. Elevator shafts, stair wells, unscreened windows
        and bridges are the optimum places for this to occur.

  12. Thailand a place where you can get thrown off a building with you hands cuffed behind your back and they still will mark it as a ?suicide?. (That’s if you’re a Farang.)

    If you have a death wish go there, Mexico or Brazil (Bonus points if you wearing flip flops.) 馃槈

  13. That 3rd picture ( with the shower ) looks very similar to another story here that was also ruled a ‘suicide’………… It was a couple of years ago so the chances of me finding it would be slim.

    Anyone remember the story ?

  14. Oh God… that’s just… I feel sorry for his family. Surely, Thai isn’t so creative about killing methode. Simply throws the foreigners out on their hotel windows and faked their reports. Check another news related this section…

    Sorry for grammars. English isn’t my native! 馃榾

  15. Why is it so many foreigners who go to Thailand to commit suicide? Can’t they suicide somewhere else? Or is it a cover up story by Thai corrupt police? After watching so many foreigners got thrown out of their high rise condo and label as suicide, I am now afraid to live in Thailand… why police never catch the perpetrator? I totally agreed with you that these cheap whores on the streets are desensitized by their parents and relatives not to fall in love with foreigners, but to milk them only, when foreigner confronted them, kill the foreigners as honor killing bcoz they are backed by gangsters, corrupt cops and the governments so they can get away with it. Then they go out on a street again to find another dumb foreigners again and do the same thing again and again… and we foreigners always fall for their charms, politeness and their attraction. They really know how to melt a guys heart with their sweet talks and empty promises but inside their heart they are full of hatred and no feelings at all… well trained…

  16. Now I know why tourism industry in Thailand started to decline and stop visiting by westerners and European… the tourist come here to have a good vacation, have fun and leave home with good memories… not like this… not in body bags… they(Thais) really need to change their attitude before they promote…

  17. I could never understAnd Whats so intriguing to whities about Asian women. My thing is Latinos. I’m black ,male and gay, and rarely date within my own race, because finding sophisticated individuals who have traveled like me is difficult

  18. Ahh…. another white guy gone to Asia to die of natural causes. Said it before I’ll say it again to the cool white guys out there who aren’t nazi’s or hard right racists stay away from developing Asia it’s a death sentence for y’all. I know it’s like a pussy buffet over there for you guys, but it doesn’t seem worth it even for a day you’ll end up on here. Whether sex touring, vacationing(sex touring), or retiring( expensive sex touring). You always seem to end up going out a window, going in a tub of water, or going in bed all alone, but if you go over there you won’t be going back home. Well I mean your corpse will.

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