Van Attack on Crowd of People in Las Ramblas Area of Barcelona, Spain

Van Attack on Crowd of People in Las Ramblas Area of Barcelona, Spain

On August 17, 2017, a van plowed through a crowd of people in the popular tourist area of Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain, killing at least 13 and wounding at least 20.

Two men reportedly used a white Fiat Talento to carry out the attack by driving onto the pavement and into the pedestrians between Plaça Catalunya and Gran Teatre del Liceu.

A Spanish government spokesperson said in a press conference that the attack was terrorist in nature. The story is still developing.

Props to Best Gore member @elbosnio for the videos of the aftermath (and everyone else who sent them in afterwards).


British newspaper reported on an Aussie crisis actor who was at three major false flag attacks: London Bridge, Paris and Barcelona. Keep an eye out of 26 year old Julia Monaco at your next Mossad act of terror.

Another aftermath video:

One more aftermath footage:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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208 thoughts on “Van Attack on Crowd of People in Las Ramblas Area of Barcelona, Spain”

          1. Spot On. CNN just blamed the attack on Charlottesville. Saying it was a copy cat of the white supremacists in Virginia. Liberals already blaming white Americans

          1. I am a PROUD 1000% Donald Trump Mexican-American supporter. “Everything” he has done so far is spot on great.
            FYI, America is under siege from many quarters and the sheeple just go abut happy as lemmings blithely dancing towards the cliffs.
            So, every Best Gorian who disses POTUS Trump is a POS … and gets a big FUK you with a long cholla!

          2. You mean like providing hundreds of Billions worth of military equipment to Saudi Arabia? Or when he called for the cops to resort to brutality and extrajudicial execution and torture more often, and ensured them he will end the ability of citizens to hold police accountable for brutality? Or when he said he wants America to become an even more tyrannical police state with more than measly 25% of world’s prison population? Or when his government requested webhost of an anti Trump website to provide identifiable info on over million of website readers so they can crush dissent and silence everyone who exposes Dear Leader for who he is? Of how he’s pandering to Israel by attacking Syria and doing all he can to attack North Korea, and dropping 14,000+ bombs through first four months of 2017, which is 40% more bombs than Obama dropped in 2016 through same period? Or when he condemned those who deny the Holocaust and pledged to confront anti-Semitism. Or how he filled the swamp with every Zionist shark there is, ensuring the globalists have an unshakable foothold on the swamp?

            As the most pro establishment US president ever, Trump has only done what’s good for Israel, Goldman Sachs, big pharma, private prisons, also pro censorship, anti free internet, anti cannabis, anti freedom of speech, anti male, pro feminism and pro female privilege, and is running the history’s richest cabinet stuffed with Zionist cronies.

          3. I don’t think Trump is perfect. I don’t expect him to come through with some of his campaign promises. But I just could not vote Clinton. Then this smartass commented he wondered who voted for Trump. I thought I’d tell him because, well I’m always doing something to annoy someone. Why not this guy?

          4. I voted for him. I ain’t about to put my vote in for another bottom feeding, entitled, brainwashed, loony liberal… Aka: the trash in this country. Let’s live off of the government and spend money like a nigger= that’s the left.

          1. No Mudlims allowed, I feel bad saying it but really it’s true who is out there killing people with bombs, machine gunning gay clubs straight clubs, news paper companies, police stations, big trucks going thru crowds in France, air ports suicide bombers going into markets ice cream stands, killing innocent kids in England music concerts, mosques, all the time in Mudlim countries it is Mudlims who are doing it!!! Who is doing that it’s not Christian churches come on!! It’s the peaceful Mudlims so no we are not going to let you our country anymore done!!!!

          1. @John singleton mosby ISIS, Trump and the fucking BBC? So you don’t put much stock in those of us that say all three are either Jewish puppets, puppet mouthpieces or fronts for Jewish destruction, forcing mass immigration into Europe, then? Does Trump criticize European policies in regards to border enforcement or lack thereof? Yes! Does he criticize the Jewish element present in Europes suicidal behaviour? No!

            Oh wait! George Soros, a supposed and rather conveniently(For the jews that is) an ex-nazi and again, also conveniently, “a traitor to the jews”. Is Soros dead or rotting in a cell somewhere? No! He is in fact, very alive and very free(conveniently for George) plus hes a Billionaire! and allowed to travel country to country, no questions asked.

            Now! In what universe does that make sense? A dumb universe surely, maybe the one we’re in, it would seem. The one where people think that Trump is on their side and is working for you, I know, dumb, right?

          2. I really dont give a shit! About anything you say because i think for myself. And i just like that Trump says it how he feels and doesnt gaf what others think. I also like that he’s an asshole. I tend to get along better with assholes.

        1. Only problem is our stupid corrupt government and media DO nothing but roast this guy like he’s on trial! Every fuckin day since He was voted President elect all there is Trump this/that….he’s racist, he a commie traitor,he’s wrong,his policies are shit, cabinet members dropping like flys,fired,or quitting….he’s trying to keep illegals out,and everyone riots and marches against it,then shit like this happens and everyone says why/how did these terrorists or illegals get in? Let the guy do his fuckin job the way he told us he was gonna do it to make it safer for us all.

          1. @No Cuntry: Very well said.
            Trump walks through fukin minefields for us every fukin day! I love the MAN.
            He drives his fukin enemies nuts because he fukin understands them… Like G. Patton said of Erwin Rommel, “You bastard, I read your book!”
            Go trump go! We’ve got your back!

            P.Fukin S: I am Mexican-American and if ever we go to war with Blacks (mayates) I will side with Whites big time….. And, so will most Latinos I know.
            VIVA AMERICA!
            VIVA TRUMP!

          2. I know its retarded and annoying already. Its like calling a plumber to your house to fix your plumbing. And just standing over him and when he’s about to begin fixing your shit you tell him: “no no dont do that dont fix it like that” and so he tries another way…and again ur like “no dont do that either” so again he tries a different method trying to achieve a repair and again…..and again…till finally hes like fuck it you deal with it…and your like damn that plumber sucks and doesnt know what hes doing…..well if you wpuld give the motherfucker a chance and shut the fuck up he might make great progress and do a great job. All day they bash this guy and just complain about what hes tryin to do to fix things…and despite that hes making progress but still they bash him.

          3. Well i work for a refinery as does most of my family along with law enforcement, border patrol, health professions and civil servants. And everyone seems to be doing pretty good soooooooo fuck it

          4. If you expect to hear me say Hillary, I’m gonna have to disappoint you. You can search Best Gore for “Hillary the Obtuse”, which is what I called her long before she announced running. I have been saying it since she was Obama’s secretary of state, that she’s hands down the dumbest American politician who, in her entire career, never let anything out of her gap mouth but pure and unadulterated bullshit.

            I have answered questions like this multiple times, but just to sum it up in tl,dr; – if I were an American, I wouldn’t vote at all. The dumbest argument of all is that if you didn’t vote, you have no right to complain. What bullshit – it’s if you did vote that you have no right to complain, because you voted the bullshit in, so put up with it. But if you didn’t vote, then you have every right to complain, because you have to suffer what other people voted for.

            But that’s not the main point – Dear Leader Trump, much as Hillary the Obtuse are one and the same. It wouldn’t make one shred of difference if one got the office as opposed to the other. As Mark Twain said – if voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.

            But still, they need the sheeple to participate in the elections in order to maintain the illusion that the likes of Dear Leader Trump were democratically elected. Stalin has known that long ago, which is why he said that it’s not the vote that counts, but the one who counts the votes. Stalin maintained throughout his tenure as a dictator that all his citizens need to know in order to accept his authority is that the election was held. You let them know who won, and they will accept it. Leaders of today follow Stalin’s teachings to the dot. Hell, in Canada, father of present prime minister, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau went as far as strike down the constitution which guaranteed the Canadians basic rights, and replaced it with the charter, which is a plagiarization of Stalin’s first law, only adopted to the modern times. But the principle is the same – you have the rights on the paper, but your rights only apply if we say they apply, and cease to apply when we say they don’t apply anymore. In other words, it means – you have no right at all, though on the paper it looks like you do.

            The only real way to deliver a blow to the establishment is by way of mass non participation in the election. It’s like with MGTOW – feminism is all about exploitation of men. Without men, women won’t get anywhere, so even feminism relies entirely on complicity of men to become cucks, ie modern plantation slaves. But now that instead of fighting the rigged system, men are opting out and refusing to participate, feminists are freaking out. They used to be able to control men with cock teasing, but with men turning a blind eye to women, cock teasing completely lost its effect and feminists are freaking out.

            The establishment would equally freak out if the internet was being flooded with one video after another of polling station being empty, nobody coming to vote. The establishment would quickly realize that they have lost the control of the populace and would quickly start crushing down.

            Trump or Hillary are both the same. But unfortunately, Trump voters have proven to be way beneath sheeple in how dumbed down they are. They worship their dictator as Dear Leader and that makes them dampers to the human progress more so than the sheeple. I got to hand it to the establishment, though. They pulled a good one on the populace with Trump. They were equally successful in the Philippines, where the country’s stanchest globalist got the office while Filipinos got hoodwinked that he was anti establishment. Much as happened with Trump in America.

      1. Jesus Christ. We all need power hungry, narcissistic man babies that get their speeches from Fox News tweets? We all need more 1% hateful pricks? More presidents that give their moronic family members and trust fund son in laws jobs helping run the country so they can take care of their own interests before ours? Yea sounds great

      1. Amazing how many women are dead on the ground. Just goes to show that men move faster than women do to jump aside. Must be some biology/anatomy thing.

        Either that or the men pushed them in front of the van (no sense dying if you do not have to). Or they were gossiping with their bitchy friends and not paying attention. Or perhaps they were just doing some solo shopping while their men are getting a blow job down around the corner by a young Spanish senorita.

        Hard to say really.

        1. Shoot well I think they need to stop killing in the name of allah, and work with others who are not their religion, once then maybe the killing can stop if not then we need to bring back the crusaders

          Then this time finish the job

          1. If we just let them kill each other not only do these attacks stop but we also don’t have to spend any money. IT’s a win-win. Every country goes through periods where their leader kills hundreds maybe thousands of people. Why should these brown people have it any differently?
            The Iraq/afgani conflict are nothing but oil wars. All wars are about stealing resources and marginalizing hard work by poor people. We have to put a stop to this world protection bullshit. Most of us eat meat, so why care that some muslims are killing each other? fuck em!!
            even with a society like ours rife with resources people still get murdered. As long as people eat meat or go hungry people will kill each other and I’ll be here to watch it on bestgore 🙂

        1. thats just not true. i mean they might act very socially conservative like you know the way Christians pretend to be doing but most people come here to get away from where they are. i mean like there’s like bloggers in these countries who are being smuggled out or need to be because they dare had a thought different from what ISIS or whatever other crazy ass group thinks. A lot of people come here because they believe in what we got going too, although there a really good saying if your gonna come to the melting pot you gotta do a little melting yourself.

        2. can we kick out the neo nazis and kkk and alt right people who are responsible for most of the terrorist attacks in this country?
          they dont want to adapt to our ways and they where born here. hell they dont even want a democracy.

          1. Define terrorist attacks. I’ll give you Timothy McVeigh though he was not deeply into white supremacy. But what other events? I’m not mocking you. I’m serious.

        3. I agree it’s very difficult to know who is willing to accept christians, Hindu’s, Jews, Native American beliefs… etc

          Most don’t and just live here creating groups against our way of life then their children get balls and begin to learn ways to hurt who they reflect as non believers…. bitch you came to this country for freedom now your taking it away from this country and that goes out to all countries England France Philippines India Germany Belgium the list goes on. It’s like and evil disease that festers and grows stronger then erupts on all liberties of that country.
          India better watch out – their already so many on its western part of the country

          Thanks Hinduwarrior

      1. Yep exactly, and the more of these things happen the more I am driven to actually step into mosques and to murder everyone I see in them.
        eye for an eye, litterely.

        If there is going to be a recruitment of people who executes those scums like in the holocaust, I would without a doubt sign in for that job and have pleasure in that job too.
        without any regret later on.

          1. Hey Mark, you have to laugh. The Spanish Police are now reporting that a passport of a man with a Moroccan name was found inside the van.

            ID left on the car seat again, lol. You couldn’t make it up…………oh, wait!

          2. Yeah found on the drivers side – it’s like the most important I’d required to escape and you leave it ummm – Bullshit bullshit.
            I feel like it is a Jason Bourne movie plot

          3. If the idea is the Muslims are used as scapegoats, if they were gone, attacks would actually stop. At least until new scapegoats were found. And the many real Muslim terrorists which do exist without any Jews behind them would be gone as well. Of course, eradicating an entire group of people is not going to happen. I was just musing.

    1. Well it needs too, Germany has been run over by Turks, Romanians, and now Mudlims pretty soon there will be no true Germans watching Tootie Frootie on tv.
      Once that happens they will take apart all the castles and German cultural places and make parking lots, starting with Rothenburg, Heidelberg, Muchin, neuschwanstein, Wartburg, Hohenzollern, castles and sacred places to Germans will all be gone one day! Get ready for it … also no Christmas markets, May Pole holidays and German fests all gone. Germany will be one big Mosque and will be just like Budapest get ready friend

          1. Yes, so you know how law abiding the Germans can be. There are rules and you follow them. There’s a whole underground forming. Militant camps are springing up everywhere. Archery ranges are packed with German citizens. The wait is over an hour to get in. The German press won’t publish it. It’s gonna get ugly.

    1. Seriously…how the fuck is there not some muslin lynching sweeping not just this nation but entire world?
      Yet I see more and more and more and more Muslims,towel heads,burka cunts DRIVING,shopping, out everywhere with their 8kids,and extended families in my state. No joke, sometimes I wonder am I even in America anymore!?? I feel like a fuckin foreigner in my own country?! It’s sad.

      1. I get the same eerie feeling….. Fukin Allah 10 and Jesus 7 in the 9th inning. Slugger Donald Trump comes up at bat with the bases loaded and two outs.
        Better pray he hits it outta da park.
        VIVA America…. VIVA TRUMP!

    1. It was a concept but you can mix some colors together, but not all so let’s start with the Mudlim color …. it does not mix with anything even some of its own don’t like them cause they ruin the color right Mr painter??

  1. My money is on fresh-off-the-boat niggers.

    I keep seeing boats full of adult male niggers(no women or children in sight despite what libtards will tell you) land on the beaches of Spain. I knew then as I do now that Spain was fucked as anyone who has ever seen Planet of the Apes can tell you.

    So yeah, my money is on the Velcro heads.

    1. Y que han hecho los políticos desde lo de Atocha? Si que reforzaron a la policía pero nada más. Eso sólo ha servido para retrasar lo inevitable pero no hemos pasado al ataque. Ahora nos toca llorar y lamentarnos

      1. @ElBOSNIO: Amigo, yo rego que se despierte Espania y haga lo necessario para totalmente eliminar estos enemigos del planeta.
        [Friend, I pray that Spain awakens and does what’s necessary to totally eliminate these enemies of the planet.]

  2. CNN will says its a Neo-Nazi copy cat attack

    The Real Owners of America are the big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions. Forget the politicians, The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land. They own and control the corporations. They’ve long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the statehouses, the city halls. They’ve got the judges in their back pockets. And they own all the big media companies, so that they control just about all of the news and information you hear. They’ve got you by the balls. They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying ­ lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want; they want more for themselves and less for everybody else.”

    “But I’ll tell you what they don’t want. They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them. That’s against their interests. They don’t want people who are smart enough to sit around the kitchen table and figure out how badly they’re getting fucked by a system that threw them overboard 30 fucking years ago.

    “You know what they want? Obedient workers ­ people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork but just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shittier jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, reduced benefits, the end of overtime and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it. And, now, they’re coming for your Social Security. They want your fucking retirement money. They want it back, so they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street. And you know something? They’ll get it. They’ll get it all, sooner or later, because they own this fucking place. It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it. You and I are not in the big club.”

    The Great late George Carlin

    If you didn’t know, Divided politics is the entertainment division of the NWO globalists

    The right wing and left wing belongs to the same bird

        1. Carlin was never afraid to speak his mind. About these comments in particular, I disagree slightly.
          The people ARE smart enough to understand this and even not like it. But being complacent is just so damn comfortable, ain’t it?
          It’s not lack of brains. It’s lack of drive. It’s the joy of being lazy.

          1. @itsplaster yea it’s just clear and evident that religion,race issues,laws set by government is all bullshit. They got us wrapped up,and hypnotized….to the point of just take it in the ass like everyone else. Only thing that matters for US the sheeple is internet,cellphone,tv,Xbox,and never ending amount of fast food for us to survive on. That’s what makes being complacent so easy. with the media influence they got us so twisted 90% of population can’t differentiate Hollywood from reality. We missed our chance to revolt/revolution against the powers that be. After 9/11 everything changed…that was the Coup de Grace.

    1. cnn wont say any of those things. however i bet trump and idiots like you will say thats muslim terrorits but when its a kkk neo nazi not a word about terrorism why do all you fucking neo nazi’s look like the last example of a white man id want representing me. i mean fuck stop smoking all that fucking meth.

      1. @no Are you as fucking dumb and gullible as you sound? KKK, Neo-nazis, muslim terrorists, CNN and Trump hmmm!?! I wonder if all those have connections in some way, with one another? The jews maybe? Well CNN and Trump are no-brainers, Muslim terrorists wandering through open borders, not to mention ‘ISIS’ the bogeyman.

        What else? ah yes “Neo-nazis” famous for its “NEW” and revitalized and somewhat timely and convenient resurgence, the “OLD” Nazis of course, famous for the holocaust of course(I mean, how could we forget that? good luck trying to forget that by the way), another jewish created bogeyman perhaps?

        The KKK? Hmmmm oh wait! Wasn’t the Klan created by a mason? What is a mason, I hear you cry out, Well FreeMASONry is just another mask, a Cabalistic jewish order.

        Do you see a pattern here? Maybe how, that these groups that people like you are so convinced are on opposing sides, when maybe, just maybe, are in fact, all in collusion and working together for a singular purpose, has that thought ever crossed your mind?. Don’t be a “useful idiot” all your life my friend.

        1. Agree with you 100%

          We control the opposition by leading it….

          All these groups are controlled by the leader…control the leader, you control the herd…oops the group….

          The is all about NWO globalists like George Swartz Soros and his evil ilk like Kissinger and the other so called elites…

          AshkeNazi sick evil fucking Jews…I wonder where they got the name Nazi from…think real hard…lol AshkeNazi

          The best way to hide something is in the open….Cheers

      2. all I know is that black lives matter is a terrorist group for killing cops and lynching and killing people because the color of there skin, I know black cops killed black kids too but they won’t put it on tv. I think that part of a white supremacy is a jail gang, join the gang or die, so yeah. when I get side tracked I close my eyes and tell my self I am going to live in the jungle and I am going to build a treehouse in the jungle and such, so I can get back to being more productive. yeah they don’t teach you that at school.

    2. @Mike1111: WOW! You got it right with the George Carlin material.
      The Carlin thing is very re-mindful of stuff Aldus Huxley wrote in “Brave New World” (1932) and George Orwell wrote in his book “1984”.
      Thanks for posting Carlin’s dire warnings.

    1. I carry and I say fuck those signs on doors that say “no concealed weapons” or “No Weapons” I want to protect my wife and kids and others around me if I can.

      I’m no HERO but I’ll be the fucking BUTCHER if needed!!!

        1. That’s interesting. I’d think a privately-owned business would have the right to allow or not allow guns on the premises. Personally, I have no problem with C&C but I’d think the owner could decide that. That makes me curious now.

    2. i mean like over the last 6 years they’ve already lost 80% of the territory they where occupying. it doesn’t fucking matter because there’s always gonna be some fucking nut job ready to poison the mind of young people who will never even be able to hear a differing opinion just that you praise allah and then if you kill yourself in his name you’ll go to heaven.

      1. Its more than that. Some of these ISIS recruits have had their families killed by bombs dropped by America and its allies and they probably were innocent or didnt have anything to do with the war. Ill tell you this…if some other country dropped a bomb and my son and family got accidentally killed….even if our country was in the wrong, i wouldnt give 2 fucks. I would want to kill every last motherfucker in their country. Im sure thats where alot of their hate comes from. Also think if ypu were living in a sand hut and poor but tried to live by religious morals and you see in America people like nikki minaj and justin beiber are filthy rich. That would add fuel to the fire. They hate us, but im sure they have a good reason. No one hates and has that strong of feelings for someone for no reason.

  3. Las Ramblas used to be a pleasure to visit, but that’s going back a while.
    Nowadays, all you see there are hoards of would be thieves, plotting and scheming in the hope of snatching your wallet/purse. And the local undercover cops are worked to the bone in that area, there must be at least one undercover per every ten civilians there.
    What a sad state of affairs and a further reflection of leftist, do gooders idiotic policies. Fucking PC, leftist bullshit is prevalent in all aspects of civil service, Europe wide.
    I am not the slightest bit surprised this has occurred there.

      1. I agree with you. Do they think Europeans are going to take this forever? German citizens were bamboozled by their leaders. Merkel was really looking for cheap labor. Indentured servants. It backfired. Think of the first wave of “refugees”. Citizens were tripping over themselves to help the migrants. Collecting blankets and clothes. Putting migrants up in their homes. Hiring apprentices. The 1st sign of discontent that foreshadowed problems was the migrants just dumping garbage everywhere. Their filthy living quarters. The one area of the world where cleanliness and order is an obsession is Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Who thought this would be a good idea?

  4. Much appreciate these vids, seeing the newest gore content from around the world faster than it takes me to look out my window n see what the weather is like really is magical to me. Thanks

    Quite upsetting this one as I can relate more to these normal folk going about their day just like strolling around a peaceful Sunday market with the family than I can to retarded protestors, border crossing illegal sorts or low IQ sandal wearers which I quite like seeing get ploughed by metal machines, drowned shot stabbed and beheaded.

    Prayers out to those in Spain atm but who’s tomorrow? That’s a scary thought. RIP

  5. Thats what happens when you let this people enter your country.. keep helping the muslims and they will kepp killing, i think this politicians are retard or there is something strange in all of this…

  6. ISIS is Israel terrorist front. Jew owned politicians are importing these savage goat raping gentlemen by the millions, every year, and now staging terrorist attacks so our western governments can justify reducing our freedoms, the end goal is a totalitarian police state aka communism/bolshevism/judaism. With every incident like this you will see some new law passed, some freedoms removed, until one day you become a slave.

  7. Everyone blames letting immigrants into their countries for this mess, but for me that is an impossible thing to do. I am Canadian, and we are the prime example for the rest of the world to look at. We let EVERYONE into our country and these immigrants are so astonished by our great way of living and acceptance that they leave their pathetic 3rd world morals behind them. Why would anyone want to attack us we are friendly to everyone. Nowhere on this entire planet will you hear “sorry” and “excuse me” as much. You fools are to busy hating, get over it already and become something greater. I wish being Canadian was a virus I would infect you all.

    1. Fuck all to do with immigrants. Most if not all of these recent terrorists were born wherever they decided to blow themselves up. “More Trumpage” aka keep selling them weapons and sponsoring IS, that’s great that. Make America great again, get rid of the immigrants and give America back to native americans… what a bunch of ignorant dickheads, America was built by immigrants!

    2. your country is too fucking cold on average.

      these things are from the desert.

      you dont have much of what they want

      warm climate, lots of consolidated population for easy bomb use, sand, etc.

      you better hope that the rest of the world doesnt get overrun, because it will become your turn then.

    3. @Canadian: Gee, I live south of you in ‘merica. We are so fukin retards compared to your meretricious selves “up” there.
      Could you please come down to our gang ridden Latino barrios and Black ghetto type communities in places like Detroit, Chicago, Compton, Oakland, etc. and give the peasants here the benefit of your enlightened views.
      You know, I have the urge to say “Fuk Canada.” but I know this would offend some Canadians who have their heads screwed on right.
      BTW: Keep your fukin liberal virus … we can do without the illness and are developing anti-virals for it as I speak. One that shows promise is called ‘Trumpicillin.”

  8. Wow! I’m amazed at how many people instantly accept that this is real, what, none of you have any doubts? seriously? I thought that frequenters of bestgore were the more discerning type when it comes to this type of jewish fuckery, more so, than your typical brain-washed dumb cunt of the street, Fuck!.

    This is the programming stage of this whole “destroy the west” fucking bullshit. You’re all being programmed to hate muslims ONLY, hardly any mention of the Jewish fucksters anywhere, certainly not from the likes of Rebel media, Fox news, Tommy Robinson, Pat Condell, Sargon, etc.etc. Fake alt-right media, all fucking controlled opposition. But all the dumb cunt Trump supporters, Fuck! are the biggest motherfucking jokes on the internet.

    Trump was selected as President to fire up the lefties, say outrageous shit, to keep triggering them, ‘the left’ which is easily bought, and already in the pockets of the jews. The Jews are not dumb enough to try and buy-off a “right leaning patriotic conservative” yeah! try asking a patriot to sell out his/her own country, you’ll be picking up your fucking teeth. By the way, Has Trump(another kike puppet) built the wall yet?

    But heres the kicker; Do you believe that this attack is real because you actually believe it?, OR because you’ve been programmed to hate muslims first, so that when you see shit/bullshit like this, your hatred is not only justified, but that it also feeds and strengthens your hatred. It feels good right? Is “Muslim sympathizer” winging its way in my direction?.

    1. No. We must lower 1 of the fsggots into a cauldron of boiling bacon grease inch by inch to see how faglord allah helps his follower fag get outta it 😆 Then we must submerge the other circumcised faggot in a pool of camel piss with a breathing tube after flaying him & let him drown 😆

      1. I like the way you think KuntKopter.
        I was kinda trying to save the public purse. I’m sure that for a few extra coin – the Brazilian inmates would be more than happy to get a cauldron on the boil – how the fuck are we gonna get a camel to Brazil though?
        Substitute goat?

  9. When is the media going to start screaming “Islamic terror” the same way they blame white people for Charlottesville? So sick of the hypocrisy of constantly blaming one group while utterly ignoring another the most violent assholes on the planet.

    1. @Terry Well said! Exactly! Another false flag, these false flags are happening on a weekly basis, pretty much now. But all these people want to believe its real to justify their hatred and indeed, it actually feeds their anger. They’ve been programmed to hate muslims first, so that when people like us point out that these events are fake, they simply don’t want to hear it.

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