Venezuelan Man Collapses from Stab to Chest During Altercation on Street

Venezuelan Man Collapses from Stab to Chest During Altercation on Street

Venezuelan Man Collapses from Stab to Chest During Altercation on Street

According to the backinfo I got, the altercation captured in the video features two Venezuelan man. One of them appears to deliver a single stab to the chest of the other, penetrating the victim’s heart area.

Despite obvious difficulty, the stabbed victim tries to follow the stabber, but seconds after the stab collapses. Apparently, he died from the wound, which would not surprise me.

Props to Best Gore member @cesarfenco for the video:

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78 thoughts on “Venezuelan Man Collapses from Stab to Chest During Altercation on Street”

    1. @HonkeyKong
      Fuck Dude,,, that was one super fast, and well placed stab, as it seams that he got him right Square in the heart.

      And I’m sure that the poor bastard,,, he died in only mere seconds after he hit the ground, and the video ended. Fucking Punk Coward used a knife because he came on to an opponent he knew that he could not beat with his bare hands. Fagot-Cocksucking Punk Weasel. 🙁

        1. @thedre

          Excellent point Honkey – the rule of thumb is always, if the other guy has a weapon, particularly shank or pistola – Get da fuck outta there

          Cause you may not get another chance !!

          You may start off as the blue and white flag

          But you will end up as the blue white and red flag !!

      1. There are no men any more..
        Its use to say ” dont be the man”
        In this days no fighr is over without involvement of knives or any other weapons…
        But in this specific case …. Victim was sopouse to take in account that smaller one dont get close for free..
        To be aware to danger , and be faster than him…
        In doe’s days you need to be a Chameleon… To change color according conditions in the field…
        I saw in past people think they are tough, ang getting killed in same way…
        If someone smaller than you approaching he ain’t gonna be faster for nothin’…

        1. @asaf197says:
          Fuck man is that ever true my Good B G Bro! Cause when we was growing-up, we settled our differences using the old-fashioned fisticuffs. And when all was said & done, that was that, and the fight was over.

          And when i mean over i mean that either one man gave-up, or fell to the ground. We did not keep kicking a guy that was already down and out half to death, or stab him for good measure.

          But instead we extended our hand, helped him back on his feet, when back inside the bar, and bought each other a couple of beers, laughing it off. Unlike today’s punks and cowards that fight with guns, or knives man, so stupid, and uncool man.

          1. @Ejaculossaurus Rexxx
            You are right. In my many years in kick boxing we would fake a punch in order for him to move, and react to it while i would kick him on the side of his face so hard, that i would either kill him outright, or sit him down hard, with himself having a bell ringer louder than Big-Ben on Steroids & on complete surround sound. That little Useless cowardly cunt!

          2. @asaf197says
            I Hope your right Brother,,, I Hope your right, as that fucking back-stabbing cunt, and cock-sucking weasel needs a good shit-kicking & back-stabbing of his own. Or tied-up to a tree, and have every single limb cut-off with a dull, very dull hacksaw starting with his little cock, if they can find-it that is.

      2. It’s usually the scrawny wiggers that pull knives when challenged with fists. Fuckers are lightening quick! I know of two blokes who died in this exact way. Fucking Jews and their promotion of ghetto culture…

      3. @thedre

        I am a bit puzzled….
        I think he is a fucking pussy but at the same time, this is Brazil so you need to have a fucking knife, baseball batt or a gun if you whant to walk on the street with a semblance of security.
        It already looks like Africa over there.

        1. @★ ϺƎƗИ ƑƲȞɌƩƦ ★

          It does look like Da-African Dread-Lock Holiday indeed, lol. And your absolutely right, as there is no facking way that i would walk the streets there without a sharp 3 foot long Machete, or at the very least a 12 inch long Hunting knife. Like a solid top-Of-The-Line Browning Thick-Bladed Hunting Knife.

          I’d Bring One Just Like the one that I Sent Mark when he was living in Dominica after his car was broken into. The Dirty Nigger, or Niggers,,, got in it by smashing one of the windows in it, and Stole his duffel bag containing the only money he had, and his only laptop that was also in it, The Fucking-Cunts 🙁

          Have A Listen cause this song says it all, if you listen To The Lyrics.
          Cheers Bro!

          1. @★ ϺƎƗИ ƑƲȞɌƩƦ ★
            Glad that you liked-it my good Hitler-Supporting B G Brother. And cause i thought to myself that it did, & it does go well, (at least for us 2) that is, lol and blended-in with the topic at hand, lol. 🙂

      1. True enough @brokeback Give that fucker a stick, or a leather belt to bite-on, and then stick your finger in there as deep, and as hard as you can to stem the flow t’ill paramedics get there. And if the blade was real wide, then bring-in your multicultural horse cock dude, and slam that fucker in there. Hey whatever works when trying to save a life man! 😉

          1. The jew is too selfish to rid the world of another jew.. They would shift their shapes and see through my deception.. They need to be given poison shekels.

  1. The lesson here is don’t fuck around with people with knives. Unless of course if you’re a motherfucking expert and your opponent doesn’t know how to use it. When we watch movies like the ones with Steven Seagal some of us think that we can handle it but as seen from this video, I don’t think so. By the way, did he know that the other guy has a knife? I can’t decide from the video.

  2. DAMN! I said it before and I’ll say it again we need to ban all “ASAULT KNIFES”Theres no reason for people to have such weapons.#1.there always loaded #2.they never run out of bullets.#3.they never make a sound it’s like they have a built in silencer.LOL!

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