Venezuela – Man with Head Blown to Shits

Venezuela - Man with Head Blown to Shits

Man, this dude got fucked up pretty badly. He ain’t walking this shit off anytime soon. Even his arms seems jellied, but that head got blown to shits.

Did you know that a size population of Venezuela is similar to that of Iraq, a country with active war zones yet murder rate in Venezuela is dramatically higher than in Iraq? Venezuela recorded more than 19,000 murders in 2009 making it one of the most dangerous countries in the world. The only reason why Venezuela is not THE most dangerous country in the world is because bonus places like Mexico, Brazil or The Philippines still exist.

Small gangs are said to be the primary contributors to Venezuela’s ultra high murder rate. Through drug smuggling activities, the gangs are well armed and do not hesitate to use their weapons at the slightest provocation. Violent crime is not isolated to any specific parts of Venezuela and occurs throughout the country, including the main road that connects the capital city of Caracas with the international airport. Countless reports talk about roadblocks set up by gangs to look like police checkpoints, sometimes involving gang members dressed up in police uniforms.

What a country!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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34 thoughts on “Venezuela – Man with Head Blown to Shits”

      1. That info would be contained in the post where it says author after the related gore links. This looks like the victim of a bus accident or a plane crash based on the seats behind him and the vehicle glass littered around him.

  1. i must disagree to the statement above regarding the most dangerous countries in the world..I dont think we, Filipinos from the Philippines, are violent as that.. We are not used to killing people brutally or not. And we are not making a life out of it. Our country is a peaceful place, as I believe..;)

    1. Not so sure about that. It’s definitely violent but overall it’s countries infested with brown people who hold the dubious distinctions of being most violent from African shit holes to Mexico and anyplace south of it and of course the Middle East.

      Only way to real world peace is to eradicate the brown cock roaches around the world. They produce nothing, contribute nothing, cause nothing but violence and strife. Get rid of them…along with all religions…and that will largely eliminate reasons for war.

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