Venezuelan Policeman Shot in the Back of Head While Shopping by Gun Thief

Venezuelan Policeman Shot in the Back of Head While Shopping by Gun Thief

A Venezuelan policeman stopped to pick up something from a store in downtown TΓ‘cata, municipality of Guaicaipuro, and while minding his own business and being focused on placing the order, a man armed with a gun approached him from behind and shot him in the back of his head. The shooter then stole the policeman’s service weapon and took off.

The cold blooded fashion in which this brutal murder was carried out reminded me of this video of a taxi driver being shot in the back of his head in a similar cold blooded fashion.

The policeman’s name was Álvaro Blanco Escobar. He was 49 year old. The killer had an accomplice. They were tracked down and engaged on the road between TΓ‘cata and Altagracia. The accomplice, 18 year old Barrios Torres Sergio Javier was shot twice in the chest and once in the leg. He was taken to a medical facility where he was pronounced dead. Both the stolen gun and the gun used to kill the officer were recovered from the scene of the shootout. The killer managed to flee.

He was however quickly caught up with and killed in another shootout. He too was only 18 year old. His name was Castillo Sosa Deyvis Michelle.

CCTV video of the murder is below:

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  1. Wrong place at the wrong time. Either he was being targeted individually or this is random act. Ah well. There was not much he could do if the perpetrators Missed there mark, it’s not like his fat ass could give much chase, to many donuts for porkey here. He needed to retire anyways, to much out of shape.
    I thought I seen the brick floor move & crack when shamoo hit the ground.

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            To me it’s always been a
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    1. It’s fragile when flaming idiots are abound shooting people like fucking game birds. Cop or no cop, this guy was shot point blank for his weapon, or it certainly appeared that way.
      Best thing this 18 year old could come up with was that !

      Sad doesn’t even come close. I’d just go with pathetic.

      1. Well at least he didn’t see it coming. He went out peacefully so to speak. The suspect is a complete asshole. Everyday we walk outside you take a risk of being killed in various ways but we do it anyways because we have to live. Being shot in the back of the head at random rarely ever happens.

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  2. I’m guessing he wasn’t there to just order a salad. One second you’ve got nothing but meatball parm hero on the brain, the next second your brain is all over your meatball parm hero.

  3. Wrong place at the right time, at least he helped him loose 10 lbs of ugly fat……by removing his face.

    As far as “sad” or “pathetic” goes to describe this footage, I call it a mix of savage and optimism.

    Just another example on how far we’ve come, because at least Big Game Hunters are targeting the best, and most abundant prey on the planet.

    Giant Viruses such as this one here (it took him the rest of his life to hit the ground, by the way) with a status of “authority” due to their job, but a walking contradiction in reality as they lord over nothing except any an ill-fated toilet they decide to shit into, and the food they they obviously commanded LOTS of their attention, really SHOULD be made examples out of.

    Our fictional reality has LONG since spiraled into a depth of absolute retardation, where VERY little, anymore, makes any sense or has any real purpose.


    1. @Stench, the reason why life doesn?t make any sense or have any real purpose is because most people choose to obey and follow ideals and systems that are not of their own making and this in turn means that they never live true to themselves.

      Ok, granted, the very basic purpose of life is to pass on your DNA and die but we also need to stay around long enough to ensure the survival of our immediate offspring and/or if you are childless then the continued survival of your race and society becomes the priority because protecting your race/society ensures your continued survival in that society.

      There is purpose to be found in the above and therefore in life if our actions make our society and our place in that society more secure and enjoyable because if life ends anyway regardless of what we do then we might as well make our short life a more enjoyable one because the alternative is to live painfully.

      My conclusion, death has no purpose to the individual because in death there is no life hence no individual. Life however does have purpose because in life we have a mind and a body and can effect change to our external reality.

      That brings it back to my original point, we rarely live true to ourselves.

      We are told what to buy, what brands to purchase, what trends to follow, what foods to eat, what movies to watch, what music to listen to, what politics to follow, what opinions to hold and then there is organised religion, biased law systems, biased governments, biased media, biased educational establishments the list goes on and on but what it all amounts to is bombarding people from birth with thoughts and behaviours to adhere to in order to get them to act and think in certain ways and this means that their life is not their own so how can it have any individual purpose and/or sense to it when the people are not living as individuals.

      Puppets have no purpose other than to move according to their master?s wishes.

      Individuals do however have purpose even if that purpose is only to live less painfully because, by its very nature, purpose can only ever be relevant to the living because purpose is a construct of the living.

      1. That is one view, empty soul. It is equally true that life seems to provide no purpose or does not make sense because some people choose to vest their beliefs and actions and literally their “being” in things, beliefs, etc. they themselves cannot accomplish or see changed or are not reflected in general society, and therefore a deep sense of frustration sets in. Of course they cannot be true to themselves. This often leads to nihilism and is in some ways a form of narcissism mixed with alienation. Indeed the trick is to stay educated and aware, and actually enjoy what is there without succumbing to simple blissful existence. Balance. Life has been a mixed bag of terrible and wonderful for as long as there has been life. Education gives a person more choices about how to deal with that. It really boils down to how you choose to be, regardless of circumstances. What is interesting is the weak display of action concerning strong beliefs for many. Lots of angry words and strong statements from most, but what is actually being done in regards to that belief? I suppose fear of death/nothingness because they have vested their energy in something that would appear meaningless to society. So maybe it is fear of pointlessness that prohibits so many with strong beliefs from taking actions. They can already see the end result, so they just sit in their micro-world and get more and more bitter. Only a few are truly brave enough to step out into the light. So yes, one part of the equation is political/social indoctrination, which is inherent in every country’s existence, and another important part is self determination. How we ourselves choose plays an important role.

  4. Whether you hate cops, or not! This is a fuck of a cowardly, lowlife thing to do. I myself do NOT hate all cops, as i have experienced the help of a few in my younger days! Some had huge hearts, and went over, and beyond their duties to help somebody in need of help! I have witnessed this on a many of occasions! But the trigger happy ones that we see a lot of today, are useless Maggots, in my book! And make any good ones look bad!

  5. What a coward. And for all the cop haters here. You are here in the internet talking shit and screaming FUK DA POLIS. But in real situation I know most of you would be pissing in ya pants crying for them for help. I’m glad if they treat criminals ( who actually have done something bad ) badly. I don’t feel pity for scum, they’re freely allowed to beat the shit out of them and mutilate the scum for all I care.Problem in Finland is that cops treat criminals with silk hands. That’s because you get sued more worse than the scum does if you even bruise the bastard. There are asshole cops, but that doesn’t mean there are lots of those. They get most attention, because it’s so cool to hate authorities.
    I’m telling you this as my uncle was an officer, he was gunned down by scum in shoot out. The scum still lives unfortunately.

    1. Finnish cops should roll up the suspect in a carpet man sized, and beat the crap out of him without hitting the head. The suspect got what he deserves and no silk hands for cops. That’s really works, is done in my country for decades.

    1. Natural selection……A stupid fuck will…die..faster and sooner…..than a street smart one…..
      why in the world would you offer your back……to anyone while eating lunch….or having a shit…..being a cop in Brazil!!!?????

  6. One minute your waddling around your favorite shoppe looking for a nice sweet roll
    The next moment your laying In your own blood with a quarter sized skull perforation
    Life really IS! Short
    Your not promised tomorrow folks
    Or that last slice of chocolate Bobka

  7. hi bro what are you gonna do this evening?
    nicht dude
    cool bro lets goto shopping and shot a mass doughnut gobbler cop in the spine!
    uh hu uh hu yeah what a great idea cool let’s go

    result: all dead

    1. @ Nissan.

      Posts like yours are exactly why Best Gore is beneficial to the masses in many ways……. Me included.

      Your point on lack of appreciation is a life changing recognition of the fleshy kind who live in bubbles wearing rosey specs tending the sheep.

      Send them here for a gander but be gentle on their sensitivities at first πŸ˜‰

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