Viciously Brutal Stabbing of Man with Hands Tied Behind His Back

Viciously Brutal Stabbing of Man with Hands Tied Behind His Back

In yet another flashy display of brutality of one human being toward another, the video shows a man with hands tied behind his back getting viciously stabbed in the chest and neck.

I didn’t get any background information whatsoever about the video, but it has that South/Latin American feel to me.

Props to Best Gore member @wacko26 for the video:

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150 thoughts on “Viciously Brutal Stabbing of Man with Hands Tied Behind His Back”

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          2. Bullshit. You pussy beggars are the same. Many of your weaklings hide behind the law as officials or either as officers to kill innocent people. Many other breeds of people hate killers of innocent people. In most instances, those other races target and kill criminals.

    1. No. I had this video the day after this happened. This happened in Lorca, Spain. Don’t feel bad for the guy tied up. He raped a 2 year old little girl the day before. The guy stabbing him is the girls father. He was arrested for it but in my opinion, it was worth it. I had been trying to post the video here but was never able to figure out how.

    1. These people don’t fuck about , everything they do is to send a message. For all we know the victim in this video could have murdered someone himself , at the very least he’s ripped them off . Let’s just hope he was a child molester , then this is justified

    1. You don’t know the whole story. For all you know that guy could have been a snitch who cost a lot of people their lives.
      No innocent person gets fucked up like that without there being a reason.

    1. Fuck off child. The only time I wish such things is against people like you for saying it. I’d happily stab the fuck out of your chest and neck with both your hands tied up behind your back, if you find it that entertaining. I’d even film it so your mother could see the excitement on your face

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    1. I guess, if you say so.
      Brutal would have been a few little cuts to the face. Make him feel that hot blood start to leak and then slowly begin stabbing him until the entire blade is inside and then give it a little twist and pull.
      I swear man, no one gives any thoughts to foreplay anymore…

  1. These sick fucks have lost any sense of perspective they may have had. Bearing in mind the victim was likely just a very small player, a halconè or something, for a rival group, the punishment was way off the chart overdoing it.
    That’s the thing with those pricks. They work for a pittance and willingly murder their counterparts for working for a pittance for the other side. Sending a message has become moot.
    Fucking sad and pathetic low life scum.

  2. Much anger and animosity. The first few didn’t appear to puncture the shirt so he moved towards the neck. There were times when I was angry and I had clear thoughts of acting out in this way. I don’t think this was revenge because of rape or murder… theft seems to be more of a crime to these roaches

  3. I don’t understand why so many people get themselves taken alive especially if they’re in anyway connected to the drug scene, my bro worked in Iraq for years and he always said the last round in the chamber was his if the shit hit the fan maybe these guys should have the same policy.

  4. This poor fucker was caught by the Mexican fashion police officers brutal bob is the is the dude doing the stabbing that yellow shirt was the offending article and justice was being served…Bob takes no prisoners

  5. The man being killed I believe was wealthy. Not sure why but I get that vibe. This death by knife murder is by far the most brutal one I’ve ever seen on camera. The killer was making 100% sure his victim was going to die stabbing him in heart, chest, lungs, and then his neck to finish it. The man doing the stabbing needs a special place in hell for those people who are truly evil. What a horrible way to die although the victim probably didn’t feel much pain as he went into immediate shock. I wonder who the victim was? Anyone find out?

  6. Listen i don’t feel sorry for this piece of shit ,if your involved in this kind of shit , selling drugs , money laundering , ETC this shit will catch up with you eventually and when it does , well pray it happens fast , in this case he suffered alot before father death Embraced his ass !!

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