Vicious Machete Murder Caught on CCTV in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Vicious Machete Murder Caught on CCTV in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Vicious Machete Murder Caught on CCTV in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

On La Duarte, one of the downtown avenues in Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic, a man was viciously murdered with a machete while standing in front of what looks like a clothes store.

The killer didn’t mess around. He swiftly approached the victim and right away struck him with a full force machete blow, that would have been difficult to survive on its own. As the victim collapsed, the machete-man finished him off with just as heavy a double tap, before swiftly darting off.

Here’s CCTV footage of the attack:

Aftermath footage. Got to love how the guy in the foreground is casually fiddling around with cell phone cases while life perishes in the background:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  6. hmmm.. attacker work in a banana plantation or something…

    he is pretty pro with machete, almost behead the guy on the first hit.
    can see how fast the blood run on the ground.

    even with a machete, if you hit super strong, you not necessary cut that easily :/

    btw, aftermatch footage is same video as first one.. bug ?

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