Vicious Machete Murder Filmed on Street in Broad Daylight

Vicious Machete Murder Filmed on Street in Broad Daylight

I don’t have any reliable information about where this video is from.

The video shows an apparent street fight between two young men that quickly progresses into a vicious machete murder after one gets knocked down. The attacker keeps repeatedly chopping at his head and upper body with full force as seemingly epileptic woman with the camera squeals like she takes it up the pooper for the first time.


This happened in Balsas, state of Maranhão, Brazil. The dudes reportedly hated each other for a long time. On that day, they were both drinking in the same bar and started to fight despite no apparent provocation.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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86 thoughts on “Vicious Machete Murder Filmed on Street in Broad Daylight”

      1. People are screaming and taking shitty quality video instead of helping saving other guy.they atleast could have done something if not a lot in order to help the victim,should have thrown rocks at the killer guy and when he turns around run away

      1. “Meu Deus!”, not “Dios Mio!”. It’s fucking PORTUGUESE! And this is a FUCKING garbage video! I send to BestGore supporter guys 10 insane videos with 10/10 violence, but they won’t show them here, and I don’t know why. And yes! With much better video quality.

          1. I think you guys miss the first “dios” and it starts with “mio” therefore, you heard mio dios.
            And a YouTube video of the the same video we see here doesn’t prove anything.
            Just because a brasileiro posted it, it doesn’t mean it’s from brasil.

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