Victim of Car Bomb Attack on Mini Mart in Kaduna, Nigeria

Victim of Car Bomb Attack on Mini Mart in Kaduna, Nigeria

Whole of Nigeria has been under attack from Muslim jihadist group Boko Haram lately. Christians are prime targets as is anything that’s not Islamic enough. Such as liquor stores.

This video shows the aftermath of a car bomb attack on a mini mart in Kaduna, Nigeria. The jihadists warned the store owners to stop selling alcoholic beverages because alcohol is against Islamic law. The owners did not comply so the jihadists responded by nuking their store.

The beginning of the video shows the remains of a body burned to a crisp. The victim’s build is small, it may have been a child. Fucking jihadists.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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16 thoughts on “Victim of Car Bomb Attack on Mini Mart in Kaduna, Nigeria”

  1. Weird. The bomblast didn’t really change anything about, it. Just, now it’s crispy skined and dead.

    Same thing here in the states as far as them attacking their own, in their own neigborhoods, instead of taking the fight to where it might make a diffrence.

    Understandably, those are crazy fucking blood thirsty Muslems that will take to fight to whom ever and where ever they want, because thier “Religion Of Peace” will forever find a near by warzone that just waiting to be born.

  2. i love this website best gore. every day i come here to shake my head and be reminded how FUCKED UP the human race truly is! god bless the internet and mark because you won’t see all the fucked up shit that you see on this site on fox news or msnbc. now i am ADDICTED to gore. it is like porn. you just can’t get enough of this shit! more gore! more gore! excuse me, i’m excited now and must jerk off to release my demon seed! ha ha ha ha.

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  4. Because alcohol is against Islamic law means the entire world has to change right? NOT !

    Hey Muslim people listen to this;
    The USA tried to ban alcohol, it was called the Prohibition, and it failed.

    You will never stop it.

  5. Everyone has the right to sell liquor. Who the hell do these people think they are? they don’t have the right to tell someone what they can sell. Ok you don’t drink fine but allow those who like to drink that right. Not your business. So kill these poor people because you can’t have it. Try it you may like it.

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