Victim of Rape and Murder Found in Putrefying State

Victim of Rape and Murder Found in Putrefying State

A corpse of a woman was found in Sre Khtom Commune, Keo Seima District, Mondulkiri, Cambodia. The corpse was in a putrefying state, and bore signs of rape and murder.

The woman’s pants were around her ankles, and her t-shirt was rolled up. The police said her name was Crete, and she was30 year old. She went missing on September 30, 2016.

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34 thoughts on “Victim of Rape and Murder Found in Putrefying State”

  1. Women that protest rape & how it needs to end make me laugh, Rape just like Racism is never gonna end, Women just have to be smarter and not put themselves in a position where they can possibly be raped or murdered, and that’s the honest truth.

    1. Here in my area, a woman was raped in Walmart parking lot. She was dressed like a regular mom and pushing groceries. She was raped and they beat her head on the asphalt until she went into a coma. She lived but has no sense of balance and is partially blind in one eye.
      It was Walmart parking lot, Born Ready. Are we supposed to never leave the house? 🙁

      What women need to do is take self-defense. I took the Gracie Women Empowered Jiu Jitsu class. Worth the money. Gracie Jiu Jitsu is top fucking quality.

      1. I’m sorry that happened to that lady that’s terrible, she must shop at some country ass Walmart in a rural & deserted area, there’s no way that women would be raped and assaulted like that in the parking lot of an Walmart in the city limits, I don’t care what time of day it is, Also on a side note, Damn! You taking Jiu Jitsu, you know that’s the martial arts ninja’s practice, that and Ninjutsu, I’m impressed, If you ever seen the movie Kill Bill you might as well change your login name in here to Black Mamba, that was the character Bill’s deadliest assassin, casuse by the way you talk, your well on your way.

        1. @mckennie1 There were actually 2 different assaults, one over in Allentown PA (rough area anyway) and one in East Stroudsburg PA right on the PA/NJ state line. The East Stroudsburg woman was attacked by 3 guys but she made A LOT of noise, that’s smart, and they ran off. Oh and another assault was in Allentown and was featured in the documentary “Walmart: The High Price of Low Cost” – good doc. Walmart is evil.
          Oh Uma is definitely a badass lady in Kill Bill. But of course, I need an original name lol and I’m not near good enough to deserve one haha

      2. That’s crazy that this happened in a Walmart parking lot and no customers, employee’s, or the security that worked & rode around that Walmart everyday didn’t see this happening and stop it, I tell you what though, If I was the store manager there, I would fucking clean house, I would cancel the contract with whatever security company that worked for Walmart, because that is beyond incompetent for any security team to not know a customer is being raped & assaulted in the parking lot, every security guard would be fired, she might sue Walmart but I would make sure that piece of shit security company got drug into the courts to and sued, Also on a side note, that’s awesome you take Jiu Jitsu, I’m impressed, you know that’s the same martial arts you train in to become a ninja, that and Ninjutsu, if you ever seen the movie Kill Bill, you might as well change your login name to Black Mamba, that was Bill’s deadliest assassin, because by the sound of it your well on your way.

    2. @bornready That’s kinda an ASSHOLE thing to say u insensitive FUCK!! My Aunt was out for a bike ride in the middle of the day, on her way to catch an afternoon movie on her day off. When a group of 3 underage NIGGERS hit her on the head with a brick, dragged her lifeless body into an alleyway and took turns raping her. She was wearing shorts & t-shirt and an ugly bike helmet(that saved her life btw), nothing sexy about it. To suggest that women should be “smarter and not put themselves in a position” is something that comes out of a RETARD’S mouth “and that’s the honest truth”!!

      1. @joedirt9, exactly, thank you. Even if she had known jiu jitsu, three young strong nigs are gonna have the upper hand. That’s why I’m always carrying. A woman got stabbed to death here a year ago inside the grocery store. I don’t need to know jiu jitsu, I know 9 millimeter.

        1. @illegalsmile55, hey girly, long time. I’m glad u carry, more good people should! I rarely go anywhere without mine and even though I don’t have a permit, I would rather be caught with it than without. Don’t get me wrong @dethbyplaster, it’s great that u train in jiu jitsu, but most predators don’t fight fair. There’s nothing wrong with being a little more prepared for a life or death situation

          1. @joedirt9 I actually have a C&C permit. I bought a Glock 27 way back. It’s great for conceal being a subcompact. But I won’t always be wearing something that works for carrying and if it’s my purse, well forget it. If it’s a surprise attack, you don’t have time.
            I really like jiu jitsu because you’re ready for them to not fight fair. I used to think a guy being between my legs on top of me was like the worst place to be. But now I know, that’s the best place an attacker could be. Pull them into your guard and you have a lot more defense strategies. The same if they choke you from behind – it leaves you room for good defense. The Gracie program was good. It’s about using leverage rather than strength. They teach you to kill if you really have to and definitely how to break arms. They don’t play. So if it’s here at my house, yeah I’d shoot them lol. But I can’t guarantee that opportunity everyday.

        1. @mckennie1 No you are the asshole with a fuctard opinion trying to sound like a big tough guy talking about women getting raped. I’m not gonna go back-and-forth with a fuckin cartoon that is too scared to show their face this is my last post towards you but I live in Jacksonville Florida and if you ever get around my way drop in and we can have a private chat, smile pussyfoot. This is a waste of time cause you’re probably a bitch that has never hurt anybody, never been in a fist fight, never stabbed anybody, never shot anybody

    3. A few years ago, I was walking to highschool and this dude started following me and as I turned to head back home, he started running after me and tried to grab me, I was lucky I was still near my home and managed to run a little faster than him. It all happened in the morning, near a circulated public park. So how am I supposed to be “smarter” or to avoid those things? Rapists, killers, they’re everywhere; things like this happens at anytime, anywhere. Am I supposed to never leave home again? This isn’t relevant. It’s true that rape and murder will always exist, but in many cases they can’t be avoid and it’s not the victim’s fault, let’s not find excuses for those horrible acts. XD

  2. Ahh … Poor woman she wore three hearts and her ” T” says it all
    Initially looking at her face I’d got the impression that the post could be about a young child but sifting through the remainder pics proved me wrong .

    Having a slit in between the groin area mostly proves to be dangerous whichever the locale.

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