Video of Axe Attack in Limburg, Germany

Video of Axe Attack in Limburg, Germany

Video of Axe Attack in Limburg, Germany

All that I have for backinfo at this time is what’s in the title. Apparently, the video shows an axe attack that allegedly took place in the city of Limburg in Germany.

The video starts with a person down on what looks like a parking lot. Meanwhile, a man shuffles around his shit in the trunk and pulls out an axe, which he uses to repeatedly strike the already motionless person in the head.

Nevermind that the victim is seemingly dead, the axe blows themselves seem fatal, so I doubt this was survivable.

If you have more backinfo, please do share in the comments. Props to Best Gore member @mareridt for the video:

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234 thoughts on “Video of Axe Attack in Limburg, Germany”

      1. How many Muslims are now in Congress?

        America has got plenty of problems, Europe has got more I’d say.

        America is not strictly a ‘white homeland’ – Europe is, it is the only ‘white homeland’ and it is well on its way to being annihilated.

      2. WHAT???

        I just went to Europe and visited Moscow & St Petersburg. It is based. If you have the money, it’s a much better quality of life than anywhere in the US. I actually visited Paris too and I came to a conclusion that it’s the US that hates other countries out of it’s own insecurities. Even Paris has way less shitskins than NYC. And it’s the murricans that act passive aggressive, not the french. Same with Russia. The average gathering of amerimutts is almost indistinguishable now from something in LatAm, and hence the constant butthurt. You should get out of your shithole more often. Even shittier Eastern European countries have a better vibe than spics & nogs in the US.

        The USA is a third world nation right now, most people just don’t want to acknowledge it. Our roads, railways, and general infrastructure is inefficient and outdated. Our cities are being culturally enriched more and more by the day until every college town and up turns into Detroit or Oakland. Hiring practices are keeping the better qualified out of jobs for the less motivated and adept worker based on race. We are relying on a fiat currency economically, we’re essentially saying “Come and get it pu**y!” to our debtors. And to top it all off, Whites are mixing at absurd levels, and are being overran by Mexicans and out-bred by every other race but our own. Factor in the ills of the 2 party system and the overpowering influence of the Zionist media monguls, yes, we are 3rd World.

        1. i live in a 3rd world latin american country and i travel to the USA at least once a year. I think the USA is heading in the wrong direction, and , if that continues, in the long run, it will eventually turn into a country similar to 3rd world latin america. But, at the moment, its still far away from that.

        2. You seem to have completely ignored my main point. Like it or not, America is NOT – strictly speaking – a ‘white homeland’, so there being lots of non-whites who typically average three-or-four child families is little surprise.

          Europe, is, the white homeland.

          I’m from the UK, I’ve visited plenty of other European countries – Russia is a total exception. Saying ‘Moscow is fine (which it isn’t, but that’s another discussion), so Europe is fine’ is very ignorant indeed.

          I don’t know where you were in Paris or what ‘passive aggressive’ nonsense you’re going on about but the demographics of France are all over the place, it’ll be minority white within our lifetime.

          This has happened by design as you seem to rightly suggest.

          There shouldn’t be a single mosque in Europe, there shouldn’t be any of these fucked up designations: ‘Afro-French’ ‘Irish-African’ and whatever the fuck else they come out with – if a kitten is born in a barn it is not a calf.

          Europe is fucked in a way that goes against what’s right – naturally, politically, logically and whatever else.

          A certain degree of ‘diversity’ is inevitable in the USA, though having Muslims and dual-citizens in such powerful government positions is a huge mistake that the country is seeing the consequences of. Though I’d say it’s the ‘useful idiot’ white traitors with their ‘liberal’-scrubbed minds that are more to blame, even if they are ultimately victims of this multi-faceted plan of their own destruction.

          It’s all too far gone, the roots are too entrenched, much of the white populous of the world is apathetic, accepting, deluded, brainwashed – it’s been sold as a ‘cool’ lifestyle to be ‘tolerant’, those that go against that are openly ostracised and vilified, the media, advertising, the means of propaganda – the most effective tool in the world – are concentrated amongst those that are implementing this, it’s only going to get worse.

          Europe is not ‘based’, it’s not alright.

          1. Hahaha the uk is a complete shithole, hitler should have wiped you out. You and the french are the scum of europe. Hitler was right when he mentioned how dirty the brittish are. Now look at you guys, giving out passports to the people you colonized across the globe, its no wonder uk is flooding in its own shit.

        3. Same shit in Australia. The pro-Zionist right wing here always spouts the ‘diversity minus Islam’ bullshit, even though most of the violence and social issues that affect whites are caused by non-white christians.

        4. @Not Our Fight,

          The “multi-racial” society issue is not only happening in USA alone, but also in other parts of the globe including quite a few small countries in Asia.

          If the “multi-racial” policy is to absorb high-caliber migrants from a stable country, it’ll benefit the receiving country, BUT most of the time, it’s countries such as the india subcontinent, african nations etc trying to get into wealthy English-speaking nations and abuse their well-established systems. The worst end result is that rich countries that receive these poor migrants have to lower their own education standards in order for these migrants to play catch up, and educators have to spend more efforts and patience to deal with these ill-disciplined migrant students, eventually teachers will quit…..this explains the shortage of teachers, in addition to many other problems such as crimes of all sort and hositpal crowding and disease infections etc. Living expenses across the board will move up to cater for those migrants’ benefit at the expenses of the local residents.

          If this situatiion is not stopped NOW, in 10 years time when those local kids grow up, they will NOT forgive those ‘old folks’ who approve these migrants and no matter how much money these future ‘old folks’ have, they will not be safe.

          Guess that’s the reason why the world was divided into different nations thousands years ago to avoid wars and conflicts, and to cater for the many different human races and their customs traditions lifestyles…..

          Burma recently expelled close to 1 million indian rohingya out their country, and even india and bangledesh didn’t even want them, their own race.

          1. Ameriga tried to make us all feel sorry for these Rohynga but it didn’t work. Also tried to open another front in the War on Everyone by flying in ISIS killers. We heard nothing so I surmise that the Burmese soldiers made short work of them . Fuck them!
            No one wants them because they are troublemakers and even Mohammedan countries won’t take them as you say as they ALREADY have enough troublemakers! Haha

        5. This white boy will fight to keep america pure as much as I possibly can. There will be a cleansing eventually. Unfortunately most of the destruction of america is coming from within the government. I said it in 2008, Obama was a terrorist mole and he was intent on destroying the country from the inside. Now there is racial divide, as well as a divide between the people and the police who work for them. But I will tell you this, when the muslims stick their head out and make trouble, they will be dealt with. If theres one thing blacks and whites agree on, its that muslims arent welcome in this country… unless your a democratic cuck who wants to let them in along with illegal mexicans and south americans.

          1. @Ron,
            …..most of the destruction of america is coming from within the government…..Guess you are refering to the democrats??

            Recent polls estimated 52% of white American women didn’t want to see a woman to be a president, these are the smart group of women that understand the nature of humn kind. And maybe this explained why a nigger was elected a president when Hillary was ditched, but overall the democrat is a criminal organization even though we not from USA. No one country wants to see USA fail, this may surprise many in the states, hard to explain why but it’s true. Allow minority races to run a country is not a wise choice, it will destroy the entire nation and those surrounding it.

            US need to watch out for Canada, as there are way too many Asian indians over there holding too many important goverment positions, in judicial capacity, and educational sectors etc.. Asian indians can switch side pretty quick and stir shit from within any country they reside in just like parasites, and cause troubles, just like any rohingya faggot in Burma.

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            Answer: Shoot the indian 6 times.

        6. You’re 100% right , if people in middle America saw the shit I’ve seen in Dc/MD/VA they would vote hitler into power . Many areas are worse than third world shitholes . Just a matter of time before it spreads to all areas . The “liberal elite” there love it. They have tons of cheap labor they can exploit for their businesses or lawn care or maid service , and they live in a gated community with armed security , while telling everyone else to turn their guns in ! Some changes need to be made before it’s too late . If it isn’t already

      3. Of course it’s bullshit, American morons believe that Muslims, in these countries, even get in groups and rape people in front of police who do nothing when they see this, hahahaha god man, Americans are some fucking gullible idiots.
        The truth is, I’d visit almost anywhere in the world, and even places like india and china attract me, but the good old U.S. of A. Hell no, I wouldn’t step foot in the hell hole if I was payed to holiday there

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        2. typical Muslim apologist and bootlicker the fact the majority of Muslims are non-white should be enough for any sane white person to oppose them but that’s the problem with white people they don’t defend their own.the sad thing is the Chinese people hate you when you’re in their country they tolerate you that is all you are looked at as a foreigner nothing more
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      5. Excellent point.
        And the 2 party system (ie: choose between the ‘red’ team or the ‘blue’ team is just a ‘crock’ because they end up doing the exact same thing: look after the rich & big business, while keeping the worker’s down with high taxes & poor services.

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        2. Something I don’t get, is why Americans call their multi party system, a two party system.
          Just because the majority choose to vote between two parties, they have multiple parties to choose from.
          Seems the idiots aren’t aware of this.

          1. It’s an Illuminati trick to make people think they have 2 choices:
            the red team or the blue team
            And people are so stupid, they can’t see it is the SAME FUCKIN’ PARTY
            Just different faces
            Notice how once a President has retired, he is automatically best pals with his ‘arch rival’?
            Eg: Clinton & Bush, and their “Save African Niglets Foundation”..
            Don’t be tricked !! .. It’s all Illuminati bullshit
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          2. Red or blue is better than shirts or skins. Have you seen Maxine Waters? Pray to your God that she’s not on the skins team. Get on your knees and pray!

      6. Where are you from I’m sure theres alot of white areas left in the US places like Nebraska and shit California texas Arizona are like the only states that have been taken over by Mexicans and you have blacks in the south places like Georgia Florida and shit

      7. You are in America and Europe , aint combined together ..
        You need to take ur rights…
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        Leadership will give you them…
        Instead, you kill each other on streets…
        You all must do a rebellion in big numbers… That even police will prefer to join you….
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        Do that , or stop complaining..

      8. I would just like to say , islam is not a race, its some garbage religion. Also many followers of islam tend do be arabs and being an arab isnt a race either, its an ethnicity in which includes, white arabs (many arabs are white due to being decendants of either french colonizers or due to the roman empire) just like you have white latinos (latino is not a race its an ethnicity ) since many latinos are decendants of spanish or portuguese from europe and since south america has always been very segregated between whites and indegenous and the black minorities, this means they are just as white as american whites besides the fact that american mutts are most likely from the dutch and brittish colonies instead of the spaniard and portuguese colony.

        Also did you know that persia, now known as iran, was named after a nazi politicial. Iran stands for aryan

        1. Oh come on, Nem. You’re an intelligent guy. The blame lays on both sides. The Democrats and Republicans are both parties of habitual liars who don’t really care about anything beyond their own personal agendas and lining their own pockets. The government is really a collective of angry assholes with their own agendas. And they are all so greedy, their wallets actually salivate.

          1. I agree with you here. I was just correcting Mr dark flare who always blames leftists. I was just reminding him of the political persuasion of those who brought in all these recent
            rapefugees .

            You’ve been here long enough to know that I am very observant and fair in such things and know that both parties of US America are to blame nowadays . Killary’s Dems like Pelosi and assorted Zios are more war- hungry than Trump’s Repubs and his Zios to be honest.

        1. MoI live in an area with nearly zero blacks and no muslims. The white tweakers and make up for that with their nonstop violence, theft, robberies, etc. And the drunk Mexicans make up for any lack of bad drivers by killing anyone else on the road with them. So it’s clearly not all the fault of the two groups everyone on BG seems to be so infatuated with they can’t think of anything else(black and Muslim).
          The fact of the matter is all humans are trash. They’re all scum. I don’t care what color they are. Everyone has their own agenda, and the only difference between the blacks in the ghetto and the whites in the government is the way they portray themselves.
          Both groups (poor blacks/wealthy whites in the government) are murderous, thieving, lying scum. Just like the rest of the planet.

          1. I agree with you in principle yet wealthy Whites and ghetto blacks don’t kill people in the average street like Head choppers do. It is the threat of random violence that worries people ,not that of a predicted kind ie entering a ghetto or living in a neighbourhood of known boozers ,druggies and cutthroats. Do you get what I mean ?

            As for humanity being shit ,sure, I agree .

    1. I got some backinfo: The man commiting the murder is an immigrant living in Germany who killed his wife because she cheated on him. Before he massacred her with his axe, he rammed her with his car. Thats why she was lying on the ground

      1. Thank you kindly for the UPDATE



        This is a particularly savage murder that took place in Limburg-on-the-Lahn, Germany, this Friday. A 34-year-old man rammed his 31-year-old woman with her car and then axed her while she was unconscious. He was stopped.
        A horrific murder
        A 31-year-old woman was killed in a particularly dreadful scene of violence. As she was walking on the pavement in Limburg at around 8:25 am on Friday morning, her husband driving an Audi car hit him at full speed, hitting him hard.

        His vehicle was embedded in a wall, completely destroying the front of the vehicle. The 34-year-old man then got out of his car, opened the chest before taking an ax. The victim lay on the floor, unconscious. The perpetrator then carried five violent ax attacks on his neck. The mother of the family has been decapitated indicates Bild.

        The video quickly goes around social networks
        A video filmed by a witness, showing part of this appalling attack, was broadcast on social networks. The police have invited Internet users not to broadcast these images under penalty of being prosecuted.

        The man locked up after spending the night in the hospital
        The perpetrator was arrested by police shortly after the homicide, with no resistance, while he was a few meters away from the crime scene. He was seriously injured during the crash of his car against the wall and was taken to the hospital where he spent the night under close police surveillance, reports the Frankfurter Neue Presse.

        1. Jakob ,The English language has built-in redundancy for the word Moslem. There are many words for it even if most don’t know them or they are now old-fashioned.

          Musulman ,Mussulman,Mahometan ,Muslimite, Mosulman and my current favourites Mahommedan ,Muhammadan ,Mohammedan are all names for Moslems ,also spelled Muslims.

          We also called them Moors, Turks or Saracens many centuries ago. If your surname is, Moorehead ,Moor , Morrison etc or Morris there is a good chance you have a slave-Moslem ancestor . Same if your surname is Turk or Turkson or your Christian name is Maurice.

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        1. @badanddy Nice one Jonny, i still feel kind of bad for her. I wasn’t sure if they killed her for being with a stinky mussie arab or knowing too much about the paedo stuff. I still can’t see how charlie would rather fuck horseface. I wonder which one of that family will die next?

      2. Limburg. Once a german city now Germanistan as every other City in Germany thanks to Merkel.
        As fas as I heard he is an alleged son of Tunisian immigrants who first run over his wife by car and then finish her with an ax. But as usual the mainstream press blocks everything when a Muzzle Imp slaughters someone.

  1. Somewhere, somehow, somebody must have kicked you around some
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    Everybody’s had to fight to be free, you see

    1. @hopingfornemesis

      If the governments of our countries refuse to allow the indigenous people their voice and vote then the indigenous people must take matters into their own hands or face destruction. A “European Spring” if you will. “Freedom Fighters” and all that jazz our governments like to trot out when it comes to regime change in other parts of the world.

      When they refused to allow Brexit to happen it killed democracy dead in Britain because it reneged on the deal that the majority vote wins. This in turn told every indigenous British person that change is only to be found outside of the voting system and is a rather dangerous position for them to have brought about.

      Personally I am a bit too old and booze sodden to care anymore but the combination of governments doing the exact opposite of what their citizens want and the crushing of democracy is really going to play hell with the generations to come and I wouldn’t be surprised to see uprisings and IRA tactics happening all across Europe in the near future. I expect the EU see it coming too which is why they are so desperate to create an EU wide army in order to quell the forthcoming dissent.

    1. My friends were in the falklands, and they killed and tortured lots of you junta cunts, i hope one of them was your family, they cut off there limbs and swapped them around so your families couldent identify them, sexiest thing i ever heard..loser cowards all of you build that wall and keep ALL South Americans out..

    2. There are not many English people in Germany you 5 star, prize winning twat so he likely killed none.

      If the English are the scum of the world, despite the fact that they invented almost every modern invention going, machines, computers etc along with all the inventions added to that by their American born and based genetic counterparts then what does that make the rest of the world?.

      To conclude. You’re just buthurt that we won the Falklands war hence your pitiful username, made even more pitiful by the fact that we English do not give a flying fuck about you. Not even a second thought in passing.

      1. And a ‘white Australian’ is usually just a full blood Englishman, as far as his DNA goes .. just born in a different part of the World.
        A ‘white Australian eats the same food (bacon & eggs), drinks tea & coffee, plays cricket & rugby, distrusts black niggers.
        We don’t have ‘jellied eel’ though…

      1. The Spanish were conquers themselves and conquered Argentina and the Falklands in the 15th century by defeating the Incas. Hence the Spanish names Argentina and Malvinas that he acknowledges and uses.

        That he hates English conquers is just hypocrisy and double standards on his part then.

        He is so pathetic and so very uneducated that I feel sorry for him. Poor dumb bastard.

      1. Ach, und weil dieses Stück Scheiße hier geboren wurde, aber dessen Eltern dreckige Asylanten sind, macht es die Tat besser,oder wie? Treiben sich die Teddybärchenwerfer jetzt auch schon hier rum??? Unfassbar! Es ist ein dreckiger Ausländer und fertig!!!!!

      1. Our bad (U.S.). The idea was that they stay home and kill each other. Who knew that self hating white hippies would rise up to rule the world with a limp fist and let them all run amuck?

        We have a Plan B: Teach goats to play a flute and march the towel heads back to thier shithole of origin. Some pied piper shit.
        We’re also working on an all chicken marching band to lure the black Africans into the Mediterranean. Assuming that they’re not waterproof yet.
        That won’t work for us. Our U.S. nigras love to dance but are far too lazy to march to the ocean behind a chicken.

        You’ll have to send your Hindus Paki-ng yourselves. We have a beaner dilemma brewing over here you know.

      1. C’mon Nem. You really need to expand your information sources. According to a study from the Garbage Collection and Bookmakers United news outlet, native Germans are third behind E. Europeans and New York/New Jersey wise guys for wearing Addidas track suits.

          1. you distracted the entire thread by mentioning virgins, like some psychopath who has some desire for rape, imprisonment and torture. Or the fact that you have had some spiritual or religious disappointment in your life that you rant about irrelevant topics to force them relevant and insult “the church”.

            And i was thinking of something relevant because i was either in class or just departing class.. and you were insulting his not-so-obivious religous chilvary… Soo.. anyways! Talk to the hand (and i put the hand up).

  2. I think I can figure out what is MAYBE going on here. It looks like the black car hit this person and that the person is now laying slightly under the car injured, probably knocked out from getting run over. You can see stuff laying near on the ground too, further making me think this was originally an accident where the person driving the black car accidentally backed over the person laying in the road. Then, maybe to cover things up, to get rid of the person he ran over and what he believed to be the only witness to this crime, he pulled out an axe to finish this person off. Terrible!

  3. What was the puff of smoke emanating from the trunk of his car? Did u notice that, a clear case of mobile bbq gate crash, so the moral is, when your in Germany, bring some fukin, BEER & SAUSAGES, or your for the 3rd reich chop chop…

  4. The woman was his wife. They have also two kids. The kids was in the Kindergarten when it happens. The man is 35 and his wife was 31. She died.
    She finished the realationship because the violence of her husband. Than he was searching for her and found her. Sry for my bad english. Hope u understand 🙂

  5. On Friday morning, has been killed in Limburg, a woman with an axe. Currently, special forces of the police on the spot. Update from Friday, 25.10.2019, 11.15 a.m.: To the homicide in the vicinity of the station in Limburg on the Lahn river (in the district of Limburg-Weilburg) announce public Prosecutor’s office and police in Limburg now for more information. The fact happened in the weierstein road. A 34-year-old man is alleged to have on Friday morning (25.10.2019) in his 31-year-old wife killed. The police at the moment of a crime of passion. “The 34-year-old suspect was arrested after the fact at the scene of the forces of the Limburg police prisoner”, – stated in the joint communication.
    Limburg: woman with axe
    witnesses reported, according to the Prosecutor’s office shortly after the fact, that the suspects around 8: 30 and at first, the wife with an Audi delivery. The 31-Year-old was walking on the sidewalk next to the road. Then, the 34-year-old suspect had left his vehicle. He should have smashed with an object on the lying on the ground woman. FNP-information is that it was the subject of an axe. The woman was injured in the attack so hard, that she died on the scene.
    Limburg: man kills wife with axe – police of West Brom, from
    witnesses called the police in Limburg. The police found the 34-Year-old and take. specialists of the criminal police have taken at the scene forensics. The measures, a police helicopter was used. The police are evidence that may be of Witnesses to the crime Videos or photos were made. “Such people will not be asked to publish their recordings on the Internet,” warns the police. Witnesses should present their Material to the police immediately available. The police in Limburg asks for more evidence of witnesses at the phone number 06431/9140-0.
    Limburg: a woman is driving on the open road, and with axe
    first message of Friday, 25.10.2019, 10.36 PM: Limburg – On Friday morning, a man killed in the city of Limburg, a woman brutally. A large contingent of rescue workers and police is currently on the road. A 34-year-old man has this Morning, his 31-year-old wife killed. According to police, the man has to his wife with the car.
    Limburg: On the open road, with the axe
    witnesses reported that he was slain afterwards with an axe. It happens to be against 8.25 PM. Both are supposed to have lived in the street in the vicinity of the Limburg train station. More to the backgrounds is not yet known. The road is currently blocked. The forensics team at work, also a large number of police is in use. To larger traffic but because the road is a no through road.
    Limburg: a woman is on the open road, with the axe

    1. Maybe she just bought a new Audi after he lost his fast food job? That would drive any man to the breaking point. Kinda like.. testing him. To see if he splits her head with an axe or doesn’t say anything. Women are fucked up like that. You have to see it coming. I guess she bet wrong.

  6. HAHAHA all these posers and stormfront rejects !! noone on this website (except myself) is content with life, no fulfilment on here folks! just sad cutters and bully/abuse victims who have a cynical outlook on life because they dont have one (one that matters at least) sad morose fucks sobbing into a cum stained keyboard n creepy pedophile internet land.. desperate fucks///

    the video in question is wack! recorded on a potato from the irish famine… 400 plus years ago.

    1. Interesting psychoanalysis from someone who has their keyboard bits rearranged.

      There are people in the world who aren’t afraid to say what they think, and there are a shitload more like you who go along with the pussification and mudfacing of their cultures because they are afraid of the feminazis who own their genitals and most of their brains.

      No fulfilment? Ask the bitch that owns your dick about fulfilment, then work out how to use a slash properly, then ask Mustafa next door if it’s ok for your daughter to walk out of the house in a skirt.

      You are owned, and you don’t even know it sad sycophant.

      1. @vileness

        PRINCESS DIANA PART 2 – by bad jonny

        You see after all the shit goes down, my Dear
        We’ll be just the same..

        Because the royal fuckin’ family
        Knows the fuckin’ game

        We’ll just get some queer
        To coin a fuckin’ song

        And we’ll in the clear, my Dear
        And Princess Di is gone

        No mess, no blame, no care

        And notice how we did it?
        Out in the open air..

        1. You are correct sir. I didn’t actually watch Deliverance in its entirety until this year. I did a lot of tubing this year, and we would play the banjo music while we floated down the river. Good times.

        1. I remember telling you. I just figured you were going senile or something. If the song you are referring to doesn’t have a video depicting women twerking, then I probably haven’t heard of it. 🙂

  7. What a bunch of pussies!! nobody does shit, not enough manly men to do smth, if that happened in my shitty 3rd world city, I guarantee he would get lynched (street justice) until cops arrive to rescue him from people, we are so different, we may be poor but at least we have balls

      1. @vileness

        PRINCESS DIANA PART 3 by bad jonny

        It can’t have been in your best interests
        You must have seen it clearly

        As it simply could not be ..

        Just as surely, as a dog
        Hates a fuk’n flea

        So rest assured misguided princess
        The future was there to see

        If you didn’t see it
        Then the blame should rest with thee

        And you should have known much better
        Than to expose the Royal family

        Or to take hold a Muslim
        How could that be true?

        Don’t you know that our blood
        Runs to a different hue

        (You see. our blood it runs blue my dear)
        But it’s not the same with you

        I guess you must not have realized
        What the Royals know is true

        My loyal subject, ( lab rats )
        Will never see it from on high

        So this is where we part our ways
        And say our last goodbye …

        1. @ vileness

          BUT NOW I’M BACK by bad jonny

          I used to be Bad Fairy
          Was banned but now I’m back !

          I’ve had things said about me
          I’ve copped a lot of flack

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          It’s courage that you lack

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          So why not join my rape-crew ?
          You and I can make a pact ..

          1. JFK vs LBJ by bad jonny

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            I’m doing just fine, my Son
            What do people say?

            They say that you want JFK
            Right out of the way

            O Don’t be so stupid, Son
            There must be another way

            But aren’t you kind of pissed off
            That he ‘pipped you at the post’?

            Son, I don’t even look at votes
            They say , he got the most

            But wouldn’t it be good for you
            If he just straight, flown off?

            Son, he would not do that
            Unless his head, blown off

            But that will never happen!
            He has security all the time

            Son, sometimes presidents fuckin’ die
            And it’s really not a crime

            But who would even do this deed
            It’s so unpopular?

            Son, I can’t help it if he’s in
            An open motor-car

            But to do this deed, even you would have
            To set up in advance

            Son, Texas Masons don’t fuck around
            He’ll never have a chance

            But don’t you think it’s not the way
            To become President

            Son, I won’t even bat an eye
            Too busy praying at Lent

            So he’ll be shot from the front?
            Yet they’ll say he’s shot from back?

            Son, all the media will back us up
            Those who don’t, will get the sack

            Will you stand next to Jackie
            On the foul airplane?

            Son, it’s good for my image
            My Job don’t need a ‘stain’

            But do you think the people
            Will think this’ all set up

            Son, they’re so poor they’ll think of
            Only their soup cup

            Is this the only way, LBJ?

            Son, the only way is UP ….

          1. I think Soros kicked the can and they’re pulling a Weekend at Bernie’s with his corpse.
            What they’re pushing is so unpopular- none of them want themselves or their families targeted.
            Take it up with the dead guy.

          1. Very well, Queeny
            Just after midnight here, so yes good morning lol.

            My ‘Hey Siri’ is no longer offering me filthy, racist hate filled cracks. Have to come up with my own stuff from now on. ; )

            (BTW. I got one of those special edition iPads)

  8. yeah well, he is dead… whatever is used, axe, mace,hammer, spoon… whatever hit the head like this would obviously broke the skull and kill dat guy.

    soo much shit going on in germany recently.. wtf

  9. Hi guys,
    Below the story :

    A 34-year-old man is accused of killing his 31-year-old wife in Limburg on Friday morning. According to witnesses, the man was first knocked down by car at 8:25 am while walking on the sidewalk. He then left his vehicle and hit the woman on the ground, with a voice according to local media.

    The victim died on the spot and the man was arrested without opposition of resistance. An investigation has been opened.

  10. Im from Germany. What is the problem with culture and danger? I mean the US is worse, you probably cant even go outside at night as a female. I could be an 11 y/o girl and go outside at 12pm. Bet you cant do that in the US. But It’s good that other people are taking over Germany, those true Germans are terribly disgusting.

  11. It was a 34yo “German” with tunisian roots. First he knocked her over with his Audi, then murdered his wife (31) for unknown reason. She died immediatly at the crime scene.
    While nearly chopping off her head he was shouting “You haven’t heard, what I said”, a 29yo whiteness was qouted. They lived apart, she with the 2 Kids.
    He is under arrest now, possible murder conviction, that means 8-10 years in german Jail.

  12. First the man ran down his estranged wife with his car on the sidewalk of Weierstein St., crashed into the wall, leapt out of the car and began hacking her to death with an axe, the video shows. It is the same MO as used by many Islamists worldwide, from the murder of Lee Rigby 2013 in London to the death of 19-year-old Dvir Sorek in August in Judea.

    Searchlight-Germany reports: At eight o’clock in the morning, a 34-year-old man is looking for his wife in the street Weiersteinstraße, about 300 metres from the railway station. He is sitting in his black Audi car. At 8:25 a.m. he discovers her on the sidewalk. The man accelerates and drives his car straight to the 31-year-old. The car drags the victim another 30 metres: Across the street, then across the parking lot of the district craftsmen’s guild through a heavy metal gate that had just happened to be open, and finally crashes with great force into a listed brick building.

    What happens next is chilling: The perpetrator gets out of the smoking car and calmly removes an axe from the trunk. He grabs the tool with both hands and hits the head of the defenseless woman five times with full force. The unbelievable scenes filmed by eyewitnesses can be seen minutes later on social networks. The autopsy will clarify whether the woman was still alive before the attack with the axe.

    The man was arrested without resistance, according to police at the scene.

    Leading tabloid Bild first reported the killer was a “German man from a migrant background“ before scrubbing any reference to the man’s origins. But he is Tunisian and Muslim, one of the ethnic groups with the highest crime rates in Europe. Tunisian Muslims are 45-times more likely to commit crimes than the average population, the Federal Police reports. 81,9% of all Tunisian Muslim refugees in Germany were charged with crimes 2017.

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