Video from the Battle of the Shaer Gas Field in Homs, Syria Released by the Islamic State

Video from the Battle of the Shaer Gas Field in Homs, Syria Released by the Islamic State

Latest video release by the Islamic State shows the mujaheddin taking over the Shaer Gas Field near Homs in Syria. The video has just been released, but it is uncertain when the battle took place. The reason I’m saying this, is because the latest news has it that the Shaer Gas Field has been retaken by the Syrian Arab Army in the meantime. By the way – in Arabic, al-Shaer means Poet.

Some of the corpses shown in the video were oil field workers. At least one of them wears civilian clothes with a patch that says “UNITED”. United is an oil company that operates in Syria.

As is typical of the Islamic state videos, gore is glorified, but any sign of underwear and the area is blurred. But then again, this type of hypocrisy in reporting is also typical of western mainstream media, so no surprise.

There is also a lot of insinuating going on in the video. At one point a plane is shown flying overhead, and then there is footage of some random wreckage. Or there would be a tank, and then a random blown up tank. Makes you wonder if the footage of the mujaheddin shooting is the real footage of the battle of al-Shaer, or if it was filmed just for show with no enemy present.

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  1. …because oil fied workers are so much of a threat that they even need tanks to take control of it. I bet it was a “shooting galery” for the Syrian Army when they went to retake the oil field. 😆 “Parasite hunting season is open!”

        1. Sorry @BluHell, just can’t do it I’m afraid. If that crap ended up, for some incredibly crazy reason, being my desert island disc, I would call it a day and walk into the deep dark ocean, not stopping until I reached the depth at which return was impossible. In short, I’d top myself !! 😀

          1. I wouldn’t kill myself if it was my desert island disc. I would try to make the cd into a deep sea fishing lure. Then if I caught anything I would give zealous praise to Thor the whole time I was eating it, just to spite Allah.

      1. ***I feel like I?ve heard that music a thousand times, which is a thousand times too many.

        …I think if Allah could squeeze their nuts and play the fucking thing backwards, we may be able to get “Alvin and the Chipmunks Excellent Christmas Adventure” out of it ewstomp…

        Then, simply overlap the audio, with Wal-mart’s Black Friday, “shop until you are dropped by an AK-47 extravaganza” commercial…

        Ah, the joys of the “holy” day season!!

        1. It’s funny, I was thinking the same thing watching this video. “I wonder if this music sounds better backwards?” You always hear stories of bands getting sued for putting “satanic” messages in their songs when played backwards that tell impressionable kids to kill others and/or themselves. And nobody ever does. But maybe there is some credibility to that theory because rock n roll played backwards sounds similar to this shite soundtrack and the morons in this video kill constantly. Now I wonder if there are messages of love and nurturing when you play this crap backwards.

      1. Yeah, they would all be gorging themselves on western food and drink, you know, ‘cos they despise anything to do with capitalist western culture !
        I bet they get through more cans of red bull per head than any western country.

        1. Right @ewes, I think it’s in their book.
          Sura 6:66 “verily thou shalt drink only that which the prophet ordained , spilt from the bull, it’s colour should be deepest red. Cast out all other drink from thy life for Allah the great bartender shall be most displeased”

          1. *** Allah the great bartender shall be most displeased?

            …to this day, I still kinda miss my ex-girlfriend

            Wherever the location to which she is currently passed out at…

            Longitude 8, latitude 69 I imagine…

  2. I Don’t know but, I’m pretty sure that wrackage isn’t that plane. I just can’t understand that an Anti Air gun like that could bring down an fighter jet like that one. They’re designed to could have some damage. And as finishing touch, those jets will fly probably up to 1000 kmh.

  3. Looks like bollocks to me, who exactly were they shooting at? And why the fuck would you shell an oil field that you wish to control? Are we supposed to believe that as well as being expert killers they also know how to run an oilfield? That’s after they put out the fires and repair all of the damage.

    Basic training for the average “IS” soldier must involve getting a degree in Chemistry and engineering!

  4. War is not pretty, never was, never will be especially the holy wars. The guns look fun to shoot though. I just love guns & wish I had that anti-aircraft gun mounted in the back of the small truck in my collection.

  5. Ok I got a question, the video shows 2 jet flying the very first one it shows that Isis is not shooting at it ,is it an Isis jet? And on the second jet it clearly shows Isis shooting it …is Isis equip with jets ?

      1. wat!? 😀
        No..i am a normal crazy guy.. who like this song. But i dont give much about religions! 😉
        God- Allah ..whatever, all ok. But please.. no Religions -because.. the Human Need no Rules 🙂
        Wat i like on Isis self: They fight for something.
        So.. we stupid System slaves.. go to work in shitty meantime and pay Taxes., ..and do nothing. Thats all.

  6. OMFG, shooting at empty buildings. Two companies of marines couldve taken that whole lot out. Why are we wasting our time with 1/10 measures. Oh right, the fearless US leader is pretty much one of them.

  7. Looks like compilation of several events. Jet flying is Su-24 and wreckage looks like helicopter. Syrian air force lost one Su-24 to rebels in 2012 and one was shoot down by Israel over Golan in 2013. At the start of the video there’s cluster bombs exploding maybe it’s US planes in action?

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