Video of Beirut Explosion with Negative Filtering Shows Missile Before Blast

Video of Beirut Explosion with Negative Filtering Shows Missile Before Blast

Video of Beirut Explosion with Negative Filtering Shows Missile Before Blast

This video was forwarded to me from several sources. It claims to show a missile hitting the port in Lebanon’s Beirut before the large blast. In order to make the missile better visible, the uploader reversed colors by applying negative filtering to the video.

Obviously, the missile could have been added to the video digitally, so nowadays a video like that doesn’t really prove much. However there are a few things to take into account.

Major Israeli publication Haaretz said in its article about the explosion that:

The port was pointed to by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a 2018 UN speech as a civilian site where Hezbollah was storing missiles, with Israeli sources saying the storage site was evacuated after the speech.

A 2018 article published in Haaretz stated:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed a secret Iranian nuclear storage facility in Tehran and hidden missiles in Beirut during his address at the United Nations’ General Assembly 73rd session.

Netanyahu said that Iran removed 15kg of radioactive material from the warehouse last month, and that it contained up to 300 tons of nuclear-related material. Netanyahu called on the IAEA to inspect the facility immediately.

And then there is this tween from Benjamin Netanyahu:

War Criminal Benjamin Netanyahu Warning Lebanon

But the most tell tale sign is the official conclusion by the Zionist press, which they zipped up entirely half a day after the explosion – fireworks and ammonium nitrate. Case closed.

Mark Twain made a good point over a century ago, when he noted that those who don’t read the news are uninformed, but those who read them, are disinformed. Consequently, an average person is best advised to ignore the MSM, however once they reach the level of awareness that no amount of propaganda can break, watching MSM will keep them up to date on what the enemy is up to. In that level of awareness, truth can easily be derived from the mainstream news, as it would be the polar opposite of what the MSM pushes. Still, it’s essential to be mindful of their mind tricks. Afterall, Edward Bernays was a Jew.

So while chances are fair that this video has been doctored, there are reasons to suspect there could be more to the story than what the Zionist press propagates. Props to Best Gore member @adrian9119 and @papawontleaveyouhenry. Stay vigilant and question everything:


Look at the Zionist press going from fireworks, to ammonium nitrate (which on its own won’t blow like that) to damage control for Israel now that the people are waking up due to all evidence pointing in the same direction. Remember – not everything is a conspiracy theory. Sometimes blatant Israeli aggression is just that – blatant Israeli aggression:

Israel Bombed Beirut

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217 thoughts on “Video of Beirut Explosion with Negative Filtering Shows Missile Before Blast”

          1. What would an explosion anywhere be without a huge conspiracy theory behind it.

            Wouldn’t the missile have to be gigantic to be that size relative to the building?

    1. In my educated opinion this is fake. With DOZENS of videos that are out there right now of the blast, several different angles, and several different distances. You would think any one of these other videos would have shown the same thing. People would also hear thrusters of the missile, no reports of such.

        1. “What about that” ? Oh, Please !
          Many people have commented about the drones in the air during the initial fire hinting that there’s some dark, sinister conspiracy theory afoot. Of course there were drones flying about over the initial fire. If I was in the vicinity at that time, I would certainly want to get my drone up in the air to get a good view and some footage I could possibly sell to the media. You see, there’s usually a much simpler explanation for these things than letting your imagination run wild with all manner of conspiracy theories.

        1. How quickly Haaretz and Times of Israel had such incredibly detailed information about the stored ammo nitrate and the Russian businessman owner of the ceased ship & cargo is just a cohencidence goy nothing to see here!

        1. The slowness could have been the angle of flight being too lined up with eyes perspective at first and less so as it came down. A similar thing can sometimes be observed with shooting stars when they appear to move slowly and get larger then all at once zip across and disappear. I just learned about this recently cause for the longest I thought it was a UFO and I didn’t realize things farther away can sometimes look slower than they appear so dont take offense as if im correcting you or something. I was unaware till it was explained to me too. I kinda don’t know if I do believe this footage or not but hopefully things will become more clear with time.

          1. I meant watching it in slow motion. There is a streak in front of it as if it was filmed in reverse. Pause it in front of the black cloud, it is easy to see.
            I think the speed looks OK

        2. @hopingfornemesis

          I don’t know. It looks real except the tail/streak of the object is proceeding It.
          I have a wait and see attitude. There should be some remains of a missile in the debris if it was a missile, but how do you find it.
          Many people are just sure it was Israel behind this and shut out any other possibility before the smoke even cleared.
          BTW; have you heard about the ship that blew up in Halifax Canada during ww1? It had almost the exact same yield as this explosion, and was also in a harbor
          These things can happen by accident and neglect. There will always be corruption, incompetence, and criminality amongst us.

          1. @hopingfornemesis

            One more thought. This was estimated at 2.4 kilotons. How do you pack that much power in a missile, especially one carried on a drone. The MOAB bomb, the largest in US inventory has a yield of only 11 tons.
            I’m not a physicist by any definition, but to have a 2.4 kiloton explosion don’t you need at least 2.4 kilotons of explosives unless the warehouse was full of explosives. In that case a fire involving fireworks next door could’ve been the cause.
            If there is anyone who can explain this please do .
            What do you think nems?

          2. @fred1212

            HI Dil Doe. IIRC, the ‘kiloton’ rating came from nuclear science, and in particular nuclear weapons science that was used to estimated yields (energy released). Little Boy for example yielded ~15 kilotons, meaning it would have had the same yield or produced/released an energy equivalent to that of 15 kilotons of TNT. I believe that the uranium-235 content was around 150 pounds.

            The yield or energy released by a reaction varies based on the composition of the substance. Ammonium nitrate is a molecule, and uranium is an element. The energy released from a compound based reaction will never reach the amount of energy released from nuclear type reaction. The difference between these two types of reactions is due to the differences found in 2 of the 4 fundamental natural forces (strong nuclear force which is present in atomic structures, and weak nuclear force which present in molecular structures). Nuclear forces are nothing more than a bond. The stronger the force the more energy in the system (what is bonded together) and vice-versa. Hope that helps, and not a physicist either, but did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once.

          3. I am similar mate . I like evidence and wait and see like you do.

            Yes! I have read about Halifax and others ,also in Britain during the same time. Fascinating!

            A missile does not have to have much killing power. A Moab for instance from memory has some nuclear material but its main aim is to feed off the air itself ,literally ” sucks the oxygen from the room ” and consumes it which makes it devastating in explosive ability.

            I do believe the place was filled with ammonium nitrate (fertilizer),already deadly, as it goes into bombs ie Oklahoma! What many did not notice is that it was right next to grain elevators ie grain dust is extremely explosive! There is your organic source for heat /fire/explosion.

            So we have nitrate (explosion and source of oxygen), grain dust(organic content to produce fire ,heat ,explosion itself). As someone else mentioned ,they almost certainly had oil and petrochemicals nearby? Think of Louisiana and Corpus Christi (petrochemical refining /depots in the port! Everywhere) . So you have a perfect storm by bad luck or by design for some clever agents provocateurs to cause to go boom. In addition, send in a Moab or other missile as your initiator (small spark of energy ) like checking the level of your gas tank with a match on a hot Texan day! Boom. Those flashes seen in the cloud at ground level may have been local small nukes like 9/11( to provide even more heat -initiate- the nitrate.

            Could it have been accidental? Yep ,sure! Was a missile involved? Maybe , I don’t know ,some say the vid was fake but who cares. You can fake vids to take the heat off the issue and make sincere scholars look stupid; diversions and character assassination. Yet ,if you add in the fact that Lebanon was in dispute with Israel (and thus the US) for enormous amounts of petrochemicals and they were expecting a decision within days and that Lebanon ,went bankrupt suspiciously too quickly,I think we are old enough and smart enough to know how the world works . Whether a missile was used or not , Israel (or its pals) did it!
            P.s the-captain and many others including @wratchet gave very good summaries.


        1. I think, everyone who think its real is retarded as Fuck! First Video is further away from the groun Zero and the Missle is much bigger as in the second Video wich is much closer to the burning Storage.

          Also, what is more logical?
          1: We send in JewTeam Six with tactical Bic lighters and light that storage with all the chemicals up so people get attracted like moths to the Lightand gather arround with their Phones to Snapchat this.
          2: We wait a bit and send a fucking obvious Misslie in broad Daylight to 4th July Beirut
          3: We kill JUST 130 People = Profit?

          1: Corrupt and idioticly ignorant Sandniggers do what ignorant corrupt Sandniggers do, given Zero Fucks about anything Dangerous in their proximity.
          2: Some stupid Habib blowtorches his Kebab to close to something burnable/or some of the safety infringements lead to some burning


          1. I’d say the second two parts is far more likely given my life experience as I tend to get out of my basement quite a bit more often than the average conspiracy nog.

            The explosion in Tianjin 2015 is another example of this. A lot of chinks were executed as a result of the investigation.

            Great recording of it by narrated by a very drunk Ken Jeong.

        1. The most obvious hint is for me…who the fuck lights up a building in Daylight and send after hours a missle to blow that shit totally out of existence? Wouldnt it be much more intelligent to just missle it in the firstplace or just burn it? Or whats the logic behind that? Some Habib did shit and lights the stuff up, and the Drone crew decided ,,well…thats a oportunity! Who will knbow?,, and nuke that shit? Just plain ridicioulus to think that was a inside job!

      1. how can you hear the thrusters as the missiles today are hypersonic..thrusters are used in space vacume..missiles have propellant or mini rocket engines..another retard entertaining a retard..look i shit my pants ,oh have you ,good job ..get my drift you cockmuncher…go to school ,get out of the trailer…

        1. Believe it or not some people just like to create fakes of stuff. It gives them a kick knowing they can do it. No real benefit other than that. Notoriety or not. Maybe sent it out to some buddies.. “hey hahaha look at this, look what I did”.

    2. I hope you are joking right? That is so fucking fake it is unreal how many would believe it to be real.. Who the fuck are you people that believe this bullshit trump ways… 2.7 tons of ammonium nitrate.. That is over 1000 times bigger then the Oklahoma City bombing.. It is what he used to do that.. his was a baby compared to 2.7 tons of this stuff.. That is a ticking time bomb just waiting for a firework bottle rocket or roma candle to hit it and ignite as dry as it was from sitting for 6 years a tiny spark could of set that off… It was negligent on the government for storing it for so damn long…KARMA IS A BITCH!!!

          1. well fuck off back to fox and freinds daytime..its time the new bloods have arrived and your parade is going to be urinated can you filter 58 thousand members plus ..certain faggots as yourselves need to do one ..mona lisa.

      1. Convenient accident don’t you think? Just before a case
        Verdict handed down by the UN on Lebanon’s share of the enormous gas deposits in the Eastern Med. A share that was in dispute with Israel (and thus US interests) .Decision was to be handed down on 7th Aug 2020.

        Funny how Lebanon has had riots and has been bankrupted just weeks before becoming potentially one of the richest countries in the area? Hmm?

        That is how these things now work. Sabotage with very natural explanations. It is called Plausible Deniability.

        1. Excellent points Nem
          I note alot of people saying it is a ‘fake’ video
          Have they short memories?
          That’s what they said when the sand niggers started cutting off cunt’s heads
          with a pocket knife
          “Oooh it’s all done in front of green screen ….”
          It was real
          What else do you think an evil sand nigger would do?
          Let ’em go?
          Now, no-one doubts the evil footage was real, just as this footage is real
          The only question is:
          Who did it, and why?
          And once again I think you have hit the nail on the head

          “Make love, not war” J Lennon

          “Make war, give head” B. Jonny

          1. The jews want amerika to attack Iran, and they will get this to happen because the jews want to subjugate every race. They are trying to start the biggest conflagration that this World will ever see.
            All population’s are going to be reduced to ashes.
            Doesn’t make a difference if this is fake real or a fireworks display.
            We’re all standing upon the brink of the Eve of Destruction…

        1. I am aware of that, I already watched the documentary “Europa the last battle” and “Hellstorm”, but the problem is muslims are cousines with jews, and they took our freedom and everything, so let’s hope they destroy each other at the end, so humanity get rid of them once and for all

    3. Why do people ALWAYS over complicate shit… are individuals aware how SMALL & POWERFUL bombs have become?
      Someone could have planted a bomb here, days, weeks, months, in advanced. Then waited for the fire and subsequent bullshit to set off the bomb.

      Why the fuck would I launch a missile, if I dont have to?

      Fake video, Real Jew attack

      1. yes how dare they blame the yids..just as the rainbow warrior greenpeace ship sunk by mossad yid divers in australian dock..just as the king david hotel bombing killing british army members.just as silverstien got insurance weeks before 9 11 against plane strike….yes how dare they..just as they blew up dr gerard bulls family in a car bomb ,reprisal for making saddams dare fuctard money hogging jewtard supporter..stick with your talmund worshipping click..devil dance.

    4. Good grief. To all those saying that this looks real, for God’s sake, the dinosaurs looked real in Jurassic Park, and that was with 1990’s computing CGI technology. I have no evidence one way or the other about the video. But, with the ability to make dinosaurs looks real in videos, you really pretty much have to take all of this with a grain of salt and wonder whether it’s real or not.

          1. I think they always wanted the population kept down but it just all got out of hand, probably due to do gooders like that bitch who invented vaccines and saved the entire populations of india and africa. Now they have to cull us again. Imagine if there were no vaccines, the whites had already built up good immune systems. the whole world would have been just like america where the natives were wiped out with measles. We had it all then that privileged cunt invented vaccinations Fucking do gooders ruin everything

          1. He’s been after one of the entitled bitches here for a while now. An entitled bitch wants to see perfection, perfect man, handsome face, fast car, the lot. She wants a man to dominate her and take charge but she also wants a man to keep her and do the cleaning.
            The secret is not to give a fuck about what she wants. She gets what she’s given and likes it until you dump her or she fucks off, it’s a win win formula

          2. I can’t compete with Mr Provocateur for the charms of you know who even though I have a brilliant smile, eyes that scream intelligence, and a ponytail the envy of all woman. So sadly, with head hung low, I return to the real, real me.
            As Ronnie states, she requires perfection, and I am still wearing last years wardrobe. How do you complete with that?

  1. What happened in Lebanon was just a small virtual demonstration of what a real modern nuclear warhead will do when the time comes. I cannot wait until that day. Bonfire night will never look as sexy….

  2. FAKE. The gay arrow is too fast even for simple browser pauses. And to be a simple fake it drops in front of the building but you can pause it and the blast comes from the back or inside of the building while the gay arrow lands in front of the wall. i dont buy it

    1. Sand miggers? You do know Lebanon is half- Christian ,right? That they are the original inhabitants of Lebanon BEFORE the Moslems or Israelis arrived there ,right?

      They were Christian -and invaded by moslems even before the UK became Christianised – and they still cling to and die for their faith. So you are happy for your fellow Christians to die and starve are you,all because some fat fucks in Washington, London ,Tel Aviv and Brussels tell you it is a good thing?

  3. The 1st vid is a distance away, the second much closer. The missiles are the same size in both shots. The missile would be much smaller in the distant video if the closer one is to be believed.

  4. If they can reverse this video and see a missile, then you could do it to all of the other videos and see the missile as well. A shit load of people were recording this on their cell phones. Reverse all of those videos too.

    From the religious propagandists I listen too, they are saying a big war is going to start in the middle east soon. Then it will spread around the entire world. Billions of people will be killed. It will involve nukes and power grids being destroyed. Make sure you have at least 6 months of food in your house that doesn’t need refrigeration. Water too, meds, matches, lighters, candles, bleach to disinfect water. Pills for aches, pains, headaches, cream for skin rashes or fungal infections, bars of soap, alcohol, etc. You can buy antibiotics for fish and birds that are the exact same as humans use. I have them myself.

    1. I scrolled down specifically to read your comment, POZ. Smartest dude on here. Ammonium nitrrate does not detonate like that. Not without specific prep work. Isn’t Lebanon one of the few countries left that is not part of the Rothschild banking cartel?

    2. poz thinks rockets cant go into space due to lack of oxygen..please fuck off..the rockets have stages and once out of the earths atmosphere the last stage has a propellant that has its own oxygen..go get educated ..shame on you ,i thought you poz was smart but i think you copy others material and post it ..dumbass..flat earther.

        1. well you posted some shit regarding rockets not able to operate due to no oxygen in you may be a flat earther said you cant have fire in space due to no oxygen…have you seen the space x launch to the iss space station .there is a live camera feed..guess you missed the science class..for fucks sake man ..

          1. Well you could have politely pointed that out instead of acting like an asshole. I do not claim to know everything. I never have. If you know something that I don’t, then share it with me instead of being a disrespectful idiot.

  5. Regardless of any videos something is clearly up with this. Mark is right. I did not hear shit about this and once I did I tuned in. It was far from headline news, an explosion of this magnitude was merely a blurb and once it was deemed “fireworks” not another word

    1. In the OP video we can see the missile matches the angle of the smoke plume. In the 4k video you’ve posted the smoke plume covers to the entire height of the frame, and its filmed approx 180 degrees from the op vid, so it wouldn’t have been visible from this angle.

  6. Fake. There’s ZERO motion blur seen on the missile. The shutter of a video camera(other than a high speed camera) stays open long enough that a fast object such as a missile will have motion blur. This is fake. I’d bet my life on it.

  7. NOOO!!! IT WAS THE ALIENS GUYS AND GALS I GOT PROOF FLYING UFOS ITS REAL……, Nah just joking I just wanted to link this video these dudes got the idea that the aliens did all of it and the invasion is going to begin here’s the link……

    Personally I don’t think there was anything to do with the outside I think everything happened all within the building, Something like ammonia nitrate with fireworks igniting causing a chemical reaction, Fuck some people think it was a terrorist attack like the fuck are you talking about a place like Lebanon Beirut, Why the fuck would the terrorists even bother the only thing they be doing is getting attention from other countries even big daddy america but who I am to convince anyways cheers BG BRO’s and SIS’s until next time its your boy Sorrow…… 🙂

  8. Guys this is fake if you dont belive me download a compilation on youtube from the date where it right happend then download the video and download the free app(android) v2art and open the video there and set the filter to reverse colors and you will see no bombs

  9. This ain’t it, chief. In both clips it the missile looks way too clear compared to their surroundings (And all of this while being filmed with a phone’s relatively low-res camera compared to an actual camera), and in two different video angles it came down in the same direction/angle? Nah. Not buying it lol

    Upon closer inspection, it almost looks like the ‘missile’ doesn’t even hit the building, and instead goes into the water in the second clip.

    1. Awesome! Interesting non-reaction from the fella and as I was fixated on him that chick behind him who randomly popped out with mask spooked me but then I remembered that is how we are now

        1. The ‘combat jack’ is a good example of what shock can do. And for those who have worked in the Security industry, the ‘oh fuck, I was in the toilet, sorry’ is another sure sign of shock 🙂

  10. Obvious fake, visually fake. If you gotta manipulate a
    video to that extent, to see what would normally
    be visible, without effects. The only logic for that would be,
    an attempt to hide CGI mistakes.
    Did “they” start the fire & then wait till it was large enough
    to obscure the “missile”?
    The other obvious question, what non-nuclear “missile” of that size,
    has a 1+kilo ton blast effect?
    Blast checks every box on the Ammonium Nitrate explanation.

  11. Well, let’s see who is contracted for the cleanup. That’s where the evidence will be handled. The Oklahoma bomb was made with AN mostly. This was a much bigger scale. It would be a good time for the death count to be played with if people wanted to disappear.

  12. If you slow it down and watch it frame by frame you can clearly see it’s Photoshopped. The missile disappears for several frame before the supposed impact.

    Kind of discouraging that this site would post this as a real video when it is in fact fake.

  13. il y a une choses qui ne colle pas ! quand on fait un arrêt sur image ,on ne vois pas de déplacement de l’air du à la roquette !? comme pour le 11.09.01, les avions qui ont frappé les bâtiments, on vois l’explosion mais pas de déplacement d’air du au passage du 747 ??… voyez vous ce que je veux dire???do you see what i mean ???

  14. I’m no expert but would we be able to see a missile coming down at its target full speed? Wouldn’t it take like full HD video slowed down in order to see it ? Like i said. I’m not an expert , and don’t know shit about missiles ! Seems like a fly farting on ammonium nitrate would set it off. Why would a missile be needed. Just a trigger device set on a timer would do the job! So….don’t fart on your ammonium nitrate! Lol.

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