Video of Dead Syrian Children

Video of Dead Syrian Children

Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf says:

No need for translation – just another snackbarist blaming Bashar al Assad for death of these children.

That about sums the video up, as it does the whole war in Syria. Several dead children are shown in the video and they all appear to have died in an explosion. What caused the explosion – we don’t know. That’s just how it works with these videos released by snackbarists. No concept, no proof of how people shown died, only rhetoric to blame it on Bashar al Assad. Yet we’ve seen countless instances of FSA terrorists using IEDs, car bombs, RPGs, mortars fired randomly into the air and similar instances of them targeting civilians with explosives. Can’t assume it has happened one way or another.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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44 thoughts on “Video of Dead Syrian Children”

  1. I am trying to kill off my emotions, but this still gets me, and actually I?m glad about it. Thats somehow the line between a human and a devilish, deathworshipping monster. I wonder if the satisfaction to serve the evil in us is as equally fulfilling as to follow the righteous human principles ( Yeah, I know there is no black and white). I?ve always felt empty, after treating a fellow being like shit when it wasnt justified. Well, maybe I?m just a dumb sheep which deserves death, because of this weakness.
    Fuck it, if empathy is a human error, then its the most usefull yet.

      1. Check out the video for the song “It’s a Beautiful World” by the band DEVO. They put their video out in the early eighties if not earlier.

        Probably find it one you tube or the like.

      2. Get out of my mind!!

        That was my first thought too, when I read Juicy’s comment…I would love to somehow help you make that video my friend 🙂

        Btw GREETINGS BEST GORE I am a very long-time lurker and am already creepily familiar with ALL of you.

        Steppenwolf I appreciate all your translations on the Middle Eastern videos. Personally I like to know what those guys are saying, for some reason. So, thank you to you and all others who take the time to translate these videos

      1. @thedre

        hey you – thanks for noticing xx

        i sometimes take a break – i go into deep funks and i disappear for a bit till i can get my head working right again

        thought i would pop by today to see what was up

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