Videos of Deadly Shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida

Videos of Deadly Shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward, Florida

In what is being dubbed the worst school shooting in Florida history, an expelled student reportedly returned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland and opened fire at students and teachers from a rifle. According ot the latest reports, 32 people were shot, of whom 17 died.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office identified the shooter as 19 year old Nikolas Cruz. He was wielding an AR-15 with multiple magazines and commenced the attack by tripping the school’s fire alarm. Sheriff’s name is Scott Israel – LOL.

A school student interviewed on WSVN said they had a fire drill last week. TV reporter Brian Dorman said there were two fire drills today, one in the am, and one later. The shooting started during the second drill. Students reported having been confused why they had two drills in one day.

Here are the archives of Nikolas Cruz’ Instagram profiles:


On the day of the shooting, teachers at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were told during a staff meeting that there would soon be a “Code Red” or “Lockdown” drill, to practice their response to an immediate threat: SOURCE

Local law enforcement says no ties to the white nationalist group Republic of Florida and the Nikolai Cruz have been found. The Jewish ADL and AP however reported that the Republic of Florida’s leader trained with Republic of Florida and probably used his training to carry out the attack. Mainstream press then went haywire with this, even though Republic of Florida is probably a Mossad run control opposition: SOURCE and SOURCE

The FBI confirmed it received a warning from a YouTube user about a “Nikolas Cruz” and the message he had written in a comment: “I’m going to be a professional school shooter“. FBI however did nothing because allegedly they were “unable to identify the user“. Tell me again how the domestic spying is helping save the lives of innocent people? SOURCE

Props to Best Gore member @Lowk3yChris for the videos:

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341 thoughts on “Videos of Deadly Shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida”

  1. Kids these days really need to get their asses kicked to get disciplined. But not it’s against the law to be a good parent. People saying guns are the problem well no and yes. You can flood Japan with guns and crime probably won’t change there. Why? Because Japanese still teach morals and have a sense of honor. Unlike most materialistic people in the west who have a me me me mentality.

      1. It’s America you can go into a store with ID and a clean record and walk out with an AR-15, but no its never America and their lack of gun restrictions, it’s always someone else’s fault, Our constitutional rights to protect us from government, but play into the governments plans of racial divide and kneeling for professional football while they just keep pulling the wool over the masses eyes and the rest of the world just shakes their heads and says wow at least I’m not in America

          1. It kinda works like that, might be a bit exagerrated but the point is: Litterally anyone can buy a gun with a slight amount of effort.

        1. Well, it’s just like you said.
          These are some of the consequences of the ,,everybody has the right to bear arms. Even he’s a complete dumbass”- mentality.

          And yeah.
          I’m glad not to live in America.
          Because of the guns and the justice system.
          And also a couple of other reasons.
          Like the risk to become homeless.
          And the bad healthcare system.
          Well, actual because of the whole American system.
          Otherwise it seems to be good.
          I like the Ford Crown Vic.

        2. How dumb are you… I have a ID and I cant get a firearm for two more years, and they do extensive background cheeks, takes up to a year to get approved for a firearm. Shut up since your not even in america

          1. You’re the one dumb, you can get a firearm… You don’t need to wait wtf are you even talking about you fucking moron. Go get a firearm and kill yourself don’t forget to post it on here please we would all be glad to see a retarded pro-trump die in agony.

          2. Both of you need to remember America is a big place the gun laws vary wildly between states, even counties, and specific cities

        3. I’m a felon and I can get all the guns I want. I may or may not have done questionable things with them. Did I acquire them legally? No. My first gun was stolen from someone else. If law enforcement officers are allowed to have personal firearms off duty or leave their vehicles open and unattended, I can easily gain possession of any firearm I end up deciding I want if someone has it. My adult charges are firearm related. My childhood charges were violent, but I wasn’t using firearms at the time. Frankly, firearms are loud. I’d rather just use a ruse to lure you where I want you, use a gun to control you, and a knife or other object to kill you. Keeps things smooth, as long as I can make you shut up if you start screaming.

      2. What people like him think is that every problem in life can be solved with brutal authoritarianism. It’s this kind of backwards mentality that put a literal fucking childlike retard in the Oval Office.

          1. the last segment dead kids just lying on the floor, police have no audacity to cover the bodies, they just pushed them to the side & left them exposed. btw I live less than 10 miles from this school!

      3. It doesn’t matter how you’re raised, or what people think about gun laws. If someone wants to kill you, it’s going to happen, and it does everyday. You think the shooter cares if it’s illegal ffs… Gun laws don’t matter when someone’s mind is made up.

    1. Depends on the people I guess I understand your point though not to undermine it or anything, but I’ll be human on this one here I don’t know what it’ll take to prevent school shootings agreed guns are the problem in a yes, no, and I don’t know type of thing. For the moral side the West does believe in morals although we do have this weird virtue signally thing or whatever you want to call it morality is naturally a question thing anyways personally I believe morality is internal and external based off of adaptability, adjustability, and adoptability how people were raised and how they grow up and how people teach each other before morality turns into the absolute, objective, relative and subjective which is probably something one must learn on their own or with others.

    2. I agree glorious supreme leader, but i think the reason why crime won’t change in japan isn’t because they teach morals and have a sense of honor but because they’re a bunch of cucks, maybe in the samurai days morals and honor would apply, but today it’s because they’re a bunch of pussies

    3. 1. Being a good parent is the opposite of beating up your kids.
      2. Flooding any country with guns will cause mass shootings because every pissed off guy will be able to take revenge on society by just killing a bunch of people (and let’s be honest, we all here entertain thoughts of doing something like that from time to time). Australia used to have several mass shootings a year, then they banned guns and they didn’t have a single mass shooting in decades.

      1. Australia did NOT have several mass shootings each year until guns were banned. There was 1 x mass shooting in Port Arthur in 1996 and our govt. IMMEDIATLY did something about it. Bought guns back from gun owners and banned the sale of guns. Now 24 years later, we still haven’t had a second mass shooting. But America knows best – “our teachers just need guns” says your orange skinned joke of a leader. Murica is a joke to the rest of the world. Sorry, but it’s true………

    4. Dear God, although I find entertainment from gory material and I am writng you from Best Gore, please know it is because you need to know that even most of us here who love the macabre things that go on in life all the time, and are not easily set back by things…well, this time it did affect us, down to our souls and we are hurt. where were you today Lord? hmmmm? where fuck were you today?!

      1. Applauding the murder of innocent children by an adult is fucking disgusting.
        “You know all those damn 15 year old libtards making it harder on us working folk and all!”
        I can understand if this was a collage or even a rally of some sort, but this was a high school where most of these kids have no political leanings at best, a budding of ideas at most.
        Being in an upper class/working class area of Florida which has always been a right leaning state and the fact that 90% of the victims were white, these kids were most likely going to grow up conservative. I don’t know about you but 14 year old me was vastly different than adult me and my political leanings did not start to form till around my early 20’s.
        These kids were too young to grasp a real political ideology and any chances of educating them is long gone. Children are not a lost cause who are set in their views and to be used as fodder, it’s the adults that are worthless…

      2. Man we gotta get rid of all thees trailer trash snowflake looking dudes out of America we keep the white girls. I made America great again. Oh yeah. Then place all thees snowflakes inside a wall. Drop a big boom. .. safer country

    5. and yes … you’re right about that regarding Japanese… very well discipline at young age with love and honor! But indeed yes west more like me me me and if I don’t get what I want then wah wah wah.. I’ll get it somehow with vengeance! In Japan you can leave your bike unlock/unchained and won’t get stolen anywhere.. you can leave your door unlocked w/o anyone to rob/steal from you or anything else! Yes Merica still lives as the good ‘ol Western Cowboy days era !

    6. Wow. You are so full of shit.

      First of all Japanese don’t even think of harming their kids physically. If you know anything about japanese culture, children until the age of 5 are literally seen as gods. Second of all, usually kids that go on a killing spree had abusive and/or negligent parents, aka shitty family background, just in case you didn’t understand.

      Now I pretty much doubt you know what it is to be constantly smacked in the face by your own bear of a dad, until you grow a beard to face him and escape the living hell; but besides your hypocritical pussyness, some people just lose their shit along the way, and voila. Another fucked up psycho in the world.

      Violence is a cyle, couldn’t be more simple than that. And still, you mysanthropic fucks keep justifying it in all sorts of metaphysical bullshit, instead of actually understanding it as a biological predispostion that can arise in certain contexts. Seriously, you’re below the ape level.

  2. Look Trump here’s that catastrophe you wanted to distract people from your own shitty mess! Oh wait, it’s not a terrorist attack and this guy is probably white so don’t even waste your little hand muscles on tweeting about this one. Carry on……

    1. There was an NSA attack this morning, Wikileaks’ private messages showing that they colluded to promote Dear Leader Trump got leaked, plus the Stormy Daniels NDA stuff happened – couldn’t have been a better day for a mass shooting distraction to shift the narrative.

          1. Of course they picked that picture its just a edgy hat

            I wonder if this guy is jewish 40% chance even if he is hes still “white” because he did something bad.

        1. slice! i dig that you said that stouphton3. i think i smell drakkar in the air now to. no…wait, its ralph lorens Polo. guys in mustang gt’s, girls wearing our tightest levis on fridays before football games, and being able to go to del taco off campus for lunch, all legit and fun things to do. thanks for the trip back to school. very cool.

    1. Yes showing my (old) age here but when I was in school these things were still unheard of. No metal detectors, maybe 1 or 2 school security. My how times change.
      But we also didn’t have phones, Google for cheating, and so on.

      1. I laugh at your comment. “Only 1 or 2 security”. I swear to God, here in Australia even in 2020, our schools still do not and have never had ANY security guards……..Murica is SAD………

    1. Correction* he did NOT surrender , he ran out , trying to blend in with the group of other kids fleeing the school.
      He was arrested over 2 miles away !!
      And YES most “* schools √√ are supposedly gun free zones* set up by dipshit liberal morons who think spoons cause obesity ??
      And that crazy people & criminals obey laws!!

          1. Dude I remember in high school we would get frogs and squirt liquor in their mouth with a syringe. They would get drunk as fuck too! Good times lol

          2. Fits the profile of a serial killer at least. Dunno if mass killers have the same background of starting out torturing animals before moving on up to human victims.

  3. The shooter didn’t commit suicide post shooting, as is typical. These killers shouldn’t be given the mercy, to surrender when the police show up, but interrogating the shooters motive and mental health could give more insight in preventing these tragedies. So as long as they implement the death sentence, letting him live in the mean time to gain information, while x- amount of his victims are the only dead, will then be fair.

  4. its scary to think, because i’m talking about high schools, middle schools, and maybe even elementary schools, but maybe we should at least consider having a few responsible teachers in every school, take gun safety courses, apply for a concealed carry so they can DEFEND their students. i know everyone is going to say “well we shouldnt HAVE TO do that!” or “if we arm the teachers then what are we teaching our students?!” but first of all, someone armed shouldnt HAVE TO come in and kill innocent people that are defenseless and second of all, if we arm a few of the administrators (not ALL, but at least a FEW, and of course make them pass extensive background/psychological tests, and pass a few advanced gun safety courses), we’re teaching our students that their lives actually mean something to someone who can actually protect them in these unfortunate situations and that they do have a chance to fight back….yes i said FIGHT BACK.

      1. sadly its what needs to be done in most schools. it could have cut down the number of fatalities today. im not saying the teachers need to shoot to kill but they could at least incapacitate the shooter. i give props to the teachers youre talking about. they could possibly save a life or two one day.

    1. As a teacher myself. I wouldn’t be against that, but under one condition: Since I would performing an extra duty as security guard in addition of being a teacher, I would have to be paid an equivalent extra.

    2. The idea sounds good in theory, but there are some flaws. The first is that they don’t want a shoot out taking place in school. Ironic but true.
      Secondly, that would only work if every teacher or adult was armed. Which will not happen because you cannot force someone to carry a gun.
      How would the armed responder be informed an incident is taking place, and then sneak up on the shooter, or shooters.The police take a long time to do that……….

      The best thing is to stop a shooter getting into the school in the first place, but many Liberal leaders think it is discriminatory to have metal detectors , guards and bag checks on their students.But that is the brutal truth, there should be only 2 or 3 ways to get into a school, and all those entrances should have metal detectors , trained staff and bag searches………

      NYC does that, so NYC students have to resort to stabbing each other to death.

      1. i’m not saying force ALL of them to carry, just a few and it would be on a voluntary basis and IF the situation arises, there would at least be a chance to stop/incapacitate the shooter and no matter how many you arm, you cant see the future and immediately stop the guy before he shoots, and save everyone but if even 3,4,5 people have the ability to stop him in his tracks it would definitely cut down the number of fatalities and injuries.

  5. Insane. Think if you were still in high school and this happened. You were one of the lucky ones who did not get shot and you were running out walking over friends/peers. Damn. If this shit keeps happening I might have to home school my kids when they reach that age.

  6. They will report in the media within the next few days that the killer was a member of the “alt-right” and hated gays and transsexuals. That he had also shown contempt for women’s rights by mocking the metoo movement and made terrible racist comments about the forthcoming Black Panther movie so on and so forth.

    They will then say that the killer made comments about wanting to shoot “snowflake” students before ending their segment by linking guns with right-wingers and calling for a ban on them.

    If I was a biased libtard media outlet like most of our mainstream media outlets are it is what I would do.

  7. If you have extra money, invest in companies that produce metal detectors. It’s only a matter of time before they will be mandatory in all public schools. Children who grow up with this being the norm, will be less likely to question the Orwellian implementations that are yet to come.

    1. Even in darkness you find light Seraphim. When the nukes drop id like you in my survival group to keep up morale when all that’s left is radioactive wastelands and flesh eating mutated humans. I didn’t know either until I saw it on here tbh.

  8. Since we took the guns off of our kangaroos and koala bears, we haven’t had a mass shooting by them for over 20 years. However, we really need to look at preventing them from obtaining a driver’s licence, as death by vehicle has gained a lot of traction in the media of late.

  9. Because the school take down the 10 commandments, one is : you shall not kill. Now the modern society think that they do not need God’s law, or they say there’s no God, so there’s no law, we have our own law, so everyone think they have their own right, they decide who will die ,or who will live………………they become GOD . That is the fucking consequence.

  10. Those “kids” sound like fucking idiots. Not trying to be a jerk here but who the fuck is raising these baboons? are there any “kids” that are half way normal? or similar to earlier generations? the way they talk makes me so angry and scared for the future of our country i think i need to take a xanax.

      1. You fucking retards crack me up…I would love to have been a fly on the wall in one of these 17 Florida kids bedroom’s over the past 2 nights… “don’t worry Johnny, we own guns, you’re safe as, sweet dreams”… “sorry Johnny, I was at maccas eating a Big Mac while you were getting your head blown off, and my gun was under the bed..”
        stupid fucking cunts.

  11. This pussy gen is getting out of control. Now, let me be very clear: I do hold SOME ounce of sympathy for the kids, but not their fucking parents. Maybe if they taught their kids how to defend themselves, they’d still be fucking alive right now. How do you sit there and watch this shit since Colombine and not EVER HAVE THE THOUGHT of, “Hmm… You know, maybe my wife and I should invest in some kind of precautionary measure to prevent a tragic loss in our family since the only strategy schools have is hiding under the fucking fake wooden desk…”. Not a single molecular fuck should be given to’em. And it’s so hard to care when you hear “Oooooo shiiiiit bruhhh” at the site of law enforcement rolling in. A predator struck and no one was prepared. Fuck this, man. What if we got invaded TOMORROW? And here’s our president with his sheeple “No one should feel unsafe in America” spiel. What the hell is he talking about– America is so fucking huge, it would be absolutely impossible for this to be a “safe place” in which you can go outside and be completely ok. They taught these little boners how to use an iPhone X but not how to say “Yo fuck this, I’m either kicking this kids ass when he walks in or I’m jumping out the window”. That’s why a teacher locked herself and 20+ others in a God damn closet– FFFFFFFFFUCK I have never been so ashamed of my own fucking countrymen in my life. And here comes the window licking libs to blame the AR-15s again.

    1. You’re a stupid fucking retard… how is a kid at school going to stop a drop kick with a machine gun….
      Your country is the poster child of shithole countries.
      Go buy another gun and do us all a favour, place it against your temple and pull the fucking trigger.

          1. I was being sarcastic. The last thing that’s ever gonna change the death toll from shooters, will be thoughts and prayers. Yet it’s the standard response to these events.

      1. Well Dodge, there’s a lot of irony in what you said. First and foremost, you don’t know what a “machine gun” is. As a result, you’re no longer able to make any argument of any kind regarding firearms. Congrats. U played urself .

        Second, I can tell how outraged you are by the second part and to that I’ll say I’m sorry. I’m sorry you never had a dad to teach you how to fight or how to respond to shit hitting the fan. Personally, I had multiple instructors say, “Whatever the school tells us, we either run or we fight but we will not be victims here”. So, yeah… I expect everyone to reach for his throat and rip it out or dive out the fuckin’ window and run. But don’t lay on the floor and GET YOUR FUCKING CELLPHONE OUT ARE YOU SERIOUS???! Jesus H. Titty Fucking Christ, I’m not asking for a miracle here. Seriously, if we got invaded tomorrow, we stand a better chance of surviving and winning based on our second amendment. I don’t see anyone stopping any shootings anywhere else except in our own country. It’s such a shame that public education can’t enjoy that lovely American facet because it’s ran by dumbass women and their terrible feelings.

        Don’t get pissy and trolly with me because I won’t send out my “thoughts and prayers”. I sent those out after 9/11 and I ain’t sent nothin’ since. All you anti-american cry babies need to double-check your own country before you shit talk ours. We’re not a shit-hole, we’re THE Freak Show. This is the only country where women follow Kim Kardashian like she’s Cleopatra. The only one where owning a flamethrower isn’t strictly prohibited by federal law amd the first who will protect and regate the Cryptonomy. You’re welcome for the internet, cuck.

          1. Dodgyhodgy – I have a gun. I don’t think it’s to feel like “a big man.” I’m alone a lot and it makes me feel safer. It’s not about ego. I don’t post pics online of me holding it. Just don’t judge everybody on the gun issue.

          2. Well in America they taught me perfectly well how to spell “epitome”. I reckon we got something right..

            You sound an awful lot like a “city-slicker” and I don’t think I’m the one who’s the “sad pathetic little man” here. You’re the one up in arms about another country’s laws, and brother, that tickles me pink as a Texan. I hope we stay on your mind and I hope you stay talkin’ about us loooooooooong after we’re gone. 😉

        1. even if you train people they will still freeze. Its in human physiology to wanna avoid pain and confrontation especially when you re trying to learn algebra. If i ever have a kid I would like them to be familiar with the sound of a gunshot. To expect them to go from the cutie they wanna fuck next to them to −2[−3(x − 2y) + 4y]. to a sound that so sensory overloading but they should react is insane.

      2. I’m loving the ” America is a shithole country”mantra. Coming from your retarded ass it makes living here a bit more enjoyable. Not to mention but didn’t Australia consist of dumb fucks who were put into prisons in Britain for raping Kids and the queen? Correct me if I’m wrong Hodgy which I’m not you must feel real proud knowing you live on an island due to Britain hating you dumb fucks always costing the people an their Queen money sitting in cells for Rape and Murder. True America has a fuck ton of Degenerates Niggers an the like but Last I checked most of the people that live in America came from shit hole countries like Australia Mexico Brazil China Many parts of the EU an the list continues. So please Hodgy Enlightened us on how the fuck people like you call America a shithole yet want to come an live here?

    2. Congrats on sharing the most moronic message in the history of moronic messages with the class. I sure hope you are just fucking with us. Please say say you are

      You want these children, I repeat children to bust out their crane kick to combat a lunatic with a machine gun.

      Go big or go home, maybe Pai Mei can teach them the 5 point palm ex0loding heart technique and put an end to all this foolishness

    3. I don’t mind people owning guns if they’re responsible gun owners because the responsible gun owners aren’t the problem I just want to know what is the solution to this problem? I don’t own guns personally primarily because I don’t really care about owning one it would be a waste of money on my part, mind you, I don’t mind gun culture I have my fair share of thinking guns are cool and enjoy watching gun videos depending on what I want to watch. Well, this is the reality of the world we live in so I just accept it as it is, but this sucks for the victims of the families who have to suffer from this subjectively I feel bad but objectively I want to know what will be the solutions to these complex and simple problems. Funny, how we can be human on such a morbid website when necessary.

      1. The solution isn’t a piece of legislation. It’s not a democrat or a republican. It’s finally saying, “Ok. This is not going away at all for the foreseeable future and it’s time we learn how to deal with this.”

        If it isn’t a rifle, it’s a van. If it’s not a van, it’s two crock pots rigged to explode on the side of a busy street. An IED, or fuck, maybe even poison gas. We should be thankful it’s firearms and not something even worse. There’s a measure of things you can do to protect yourself, and opting out of all of it to say “thoughts and prayers” isn’t viable at all. I think these teachers need a pay bump, regular psych evals, and some actual training. Especially for these people who put 10-20 years into this field for only 32k a year. They had fuckin’ guard and he was shot first. This guy had a plan and he was inherently smarter than all of his peers. That’s a predator if I ever saw one. He knew exactly what the standard protocol of his former institution was, and he used that against them. We need new guidelines, new countermeasures, and some fresh brains on the job. The digital info age really shows how Millenials are capable of accelerated learning through having an endless supply of information. This is common sense. Truthfully, you SHOULD own one. It’s your right, and your forefathers went through enough first-hand experiences to say “YES ABSOLUTELY, this is a necessity for our people”.

        …From a tyrannical government, mind you. You don’t see the suits on TV doing anything but blame each other and the people with the suit-people given authority to kill are always late to the party. Should ALWAYS be the people relying on themselves to solve a problem. Oh yeah, Trump’s on the money… Shouldn’t feel unsafe in this country but part of that is fault of the self!

        1. You do have a good point and I like how you think on such subject matters appreciate the way you laid down the explanation of such a topic it is still a shame shit like this happens even though this website is kind of an escape of reality into another reality or whatever intents or purposes people have on such a website whether it be for desensitization or morbid and genuine curiosity or entertainment and all in all something to learn from.

  12. Looks like another generic false flag deferment to destract the simple gentiles attention from things that are actually important and impactful.. I’ve seen enouge crisis actors / sandy hook stages to last a lifetime… I wonder how many clueless ignorants are gonna fall for this shit, a person without a hint of integrity (Check!), has not even dedicated the minimum of more than 5 minutes to research authenticity of information or current events / parties involved for themselves(Check!), but instead prefer being fed a mooshed up baby food narative.(Check!)

      1. The best way to deal with negative emotions is talk therapy. Life is stressful nowadays. You both need to find coping mechanisms. At least you have each other. Suggest to your husband that he or both of you could go to talk therapy, and both of you could stay off of the SSRIs. Also, stay away from caffeine and sugar. They are stimulants and will just get your mind going.

        Positive thinking creates positive emotions. Negative thinking creates negative emotions. You control your thoughts, so you control your emotions.

  13. ‘Everyone predicted it’. It’s obvious what the question is here. It has nothing to do with guns. It’s about the school administration and authorities who should have dealt with this kid before this happened.
    Send his ass to Brazil.

  14. So we have a WikiLeaks Nsa issue out today, and an interview that I watched live and cannot find online of a student saying “we had two fire drills today and everyone thought it was weird to have two in one day” and on the second drill a shooting….. What if they proposed this plan to Obama and he said no we can’t have anyone die (Sandy hook) and say they proposed same thing to trump and he just said Fuck it shoot away make it real

  15. Lol yup another false flag event for Americans to cry and change another picture too for Facebook. I wonder what could of triggered this young man ? I find it ironic though it’s always a white male who has to do these mass killings but no black Hispanic or Arabic would commit any of these acts…What a fucking joke this world has become !

    1. “Hispanic or Arabic would commit any of these acts”

      You sure? Have you ever browsed the Beheading section on this website? It’s filled with Arabs and Mexicans. Just because they don’t shoot up school doens’t mean they’re innocent. Not everything that’s against your narrative is fake news.

  16. Ignorance certainly is bliss, let’s allow the bodies time to cool before master tinfoil hat spouts off about changing the narrative. Let’s murder some kids because our president fucked a porn star.

    Sad, pathetic but par for the course unfortunately.

    Only narrative that needs changing is the blithering lunacy spewed forth by the real sheep around here

  17. These events are often “real” as opposed to a setup to distract the public. I remember a kid (Luke Woodham) shooting up the school in my home state of Mississippi. And I recall being in a dark place and thinking “that’s not a bad idea.” I certainly was thinking for myself. And certainly glad that I did nothing crazy. The teenage mind is a ball of confusion.

    1. @cuppiecak3s @thehound76 These events are often results of MKUltra, contrary to what people want to believe to be a conspiracy, the fact is that it was a legitimate Project that worked and is completely documented & recorded. So having a goverenment agency even having a history of conducting such trials on its own civilian population tells you enough to be sekptical of your treacherous government.. Go do some reading on George H. White CIA operative, just him being as protected to all the laws he broke and downright bad shit he done tells you enough. Sandy hook has long since been identified as a false flag event with masses of reacurring crisis actors. The “Batman shooting” was also identified to have been a false flag where 2 other shooters were seen / “Batman” standing around dazed and stoned out of his mind not knowing what he was doing or where he was and having no recolection of the events that took place, nor did he even look conscious in his court appearance “drugged out of his mind”. Lets even take a look at one of the most recent “Las Vegas shooting” we’re one man… etc actually i don’t even need to go into great depths, it’d be a waste of my time. “cognitive dissonance” will overide all reason…

      All those antidepressants / ADHD pills you weak minded clowns are popping near do the same shit, you odda atleast put the bear minimum of research into the shit you dose your own body with to cope with all that postnatal & PTSD from your ohhh so difficult / challenged lives in a war zone ahemm hmm i mean a debt slavery…

      “Fun Fun Fun~ George White”

      1. Did you mean to reply to me? Because I actually think anti-depressants are poison and I do believe the government tested mind control techniques as well. I’m almost insulted because I’ve looked into the MK Ultra program so much, it’s weird having someone tell me about it. My point is that I indepentantly thought about shooting people at school. I was depressed and confused. But all I did was think; not act. But my own thoughts tell me some incidents are “real.”
        If you only meant the people you tagged and happened to reply to me by accident, never mind. Just letting you know where I stand. I’m not asleep.

      1. Yeah I agree that it’s a good thing he was taken alive. My point being that, many other people get murdered by the cops for say, having a tail light out in their car or other such heinous crimes against humanity.
        As an Aussie, I can say at least when I get pulled over for a traffic stop, the last thing that comes to mind is that some psychopathic gorilla with a badge is gonna put me outta my misery. Although, the way things are moving here, I guess it wont be too long before even that eventuality will transpire.

        1. All these bad ass scary dudes they catch “alive” then have to be booked into jail…where sometimes a woman with nothing more deadly than a radio has zero problems controlling them….maybe hundreds of “them” at a time with zero fucks given or fatalities incurred.

  18. The screaming and crying and real reactions make this so heartbreaking.
    It’s….too real, y’know? Especially the fact they were recorded on Snapchat.
    The kids seeing their dead classmates on the floor and telling each other it’ll be okay…These are children, and quite possibly have never seen a dead body and don’t know how to react. It really puts these kinds of situations in to perspective.

  19. School shootings have become a meme. And why shouldn’t it? It’s the perfect expression of contempt and hatred.
    It leaves a permanent mark. You become famous. At least you’re not gonna die unremembered. Sure I think the availability of guns is a relatively big factor, but mental health and feeling loved and appreciated is another thing. And trust me, if I had to be in the same highschool as those fucking niggers in the video, you’d see me on best gore here too shooting them up with an RPG or something.

      1. I wouldn’t go that far but I probably shouldn’t speak on such things not to silence myself or anything. Honestly I think humanity not all of course will be the downfall of itself not all the time just it is kind of like the ups and downs of the world.

  20. Lol all the anti-american retoric here is down right retarded. Fuck I think a lot of their shit is bullshit, but as a swede with my cucked government who am I to speak?
    Ahh I wish to invite this guy over to my parlament and let him have his way. He’ll be more famous than shooting up some niggers at a highschool.
    On another note, hearing the young girls crying and being all panicked really kicked my protective instinct in the gut. Ahh pussy whipped as ever. Wish I could’ve been there to hug them and tell them that how even if they died there wouldn’t have been much lost in the world anyway. 🙂

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