Videos of Deadly Shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida

Videos of Deadly Shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward, Florida

In what is being dubbed the worst school shooting in Florida history, an expelled student reportedly returned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland and opened fire at students and teachers from a rifle. According ot the latest reports, 32 people were shot, of whom 17 died.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office identified the shooter as 19 year old Nikolas Cruz. He was wielding an AR-15 with multiple magazines and commenced the attack by tripping the school’s fire alarm. Sheriff’s name is Scott Israel – LOL.

A school student interviewed on WSVN said they had a fire drill last week. TV reporter Brian Dorman said there were two fire drills today, one in the am, and one later. The shooting started during the second drill. Students reported having been confused why they had two drills in one day.

Here are the archives of Nikolas Cruz’ Instagram profiles:


On the day of the shooting, teachers at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were told during a staff meeting that there would soon be a “Code Red” or “Lockdown” drill, to practice their response to an immediate threat: SOURCE

Local law enforcement says no ties to the white nationalist group Republic of Florida and the Nikolai Cruz have been found. The Jewish ADL and AP however reported that the Republic of Florida’s leader trained with Republic of Florida and probably used his training to carry out the attack. Mainstream press then went haywire with this, even though Republic of Florida is probably a Mossad run control opposition: SOURCE and SOURCE

The FBI confirmed it received a warning from a YouTube user about a “Nikolas Cruz” and the message he had written in a comment: “I’m going to be a professional school shooter“. FBI however did nothing because allegedly they were “unable to identify the user“. Tell me again how the domestic spying is helping save the lives of innocent people? SOURCE

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  1. I hate the way white girls sound when they cry, that shit is annoying as hell. And how hysterical white boys get like the kid that kept yelling “oh fuck”. When u are in situations like that the main objective should be survival and making alotta noise only draws attention to yourself and increases ur chance of dying. I remember the first dude I saw get killed. He was standing 3ft from me and this guy comes from out the alley with a Mac 11 and knocked his fuking head off. What did I do? I acted as if nothing was happening and the shooter got the fuk outta there thus leaving me alone. He got killed the next day. I got a million and one stories like that from running around in Baltimore. But all that shit taught me simple survival skills because sometimes ur in situations where u can’t run or u either so caught off guard that u can’t really even protect urself whether u have a weapon or not. Stop all that hysterical screaming and crying white girls

        1. C’mon fellow best gore lurkers or spectators or whatever don’t mind our contradictions or hypocrisies or stereotypes or judgements or, well, you get the point and what not let us sit back and relax and watch some other gore videos maybe not this one because I do feel human on this one keep calm and watch gore on the internet.

      1. A little shoeshine boy never gets low-down. But he’s got the dirtiest job in town. Bending low at the peoples feet, at a windy corner of the dirty street. Well I asked him while he cleaned my shoes, how do ya keep from getting the blues? He grinned as he raised his little head, he popped a shoe shine rag and said “get a rhythm!”

  2. blablab I see so many bullshits here. Let’s say the true here:
    1) Guns don’t kill people, people kill people
    2) Yes, guns need keep being selled as always was on USA and it’s our human right to protect ourselfs from any retarded bastard, the fact that one mental perturbed guy makes a bad use of a gun doesn’t change anything. How many good people already save their lifes protecting themselfs with a gun?
    3) This guy had give a TON of msgs saying he “was going to kill everybody”, his instagram pics only shows him with knifes and guns with a crazy face. I remembered instantly from killers from Columbine, same shit face, same shit speech.
    4) With that being said, and what in my opinion is unforgivable and totally wrong is: selling AR-15 rifles to mental sick people is just a crim. It’s killing other people.
    Look, could have been a lot less deadly with a glock. But DUDE, selling rifles to a 18years old kid with mental health problems? Really?
    We need fix this. People should pass for a extense process to be able to buy a rifle.

    1. You have good points there another thing that might need to be noted is that you know everyone naturally can have mental health issues and not all mentally ill people shoot up schools sure we may want to hurt people but who hasn’t wanted to hurt somebody but most people don’t actually shoot up schools we find alternative ways to keep our mental problems in check so we don’t do this sort of crazy stuff sure we may watch real raw or propagandize footage of terrible things but some of us won’t actually do such things even if we wanted to rightfully or wrongfully.

  3. As the person who sent in this video this shit hit home. This is is in one of the more wealthy cities in South Florida and you’d never expect it to be so close to home. I was driving home from my university and 6 sheriffs flew by me on my way. I pass by this school on my daily route to my university and was just in awe when I got home and saw this on my local news. If anyone has any questions feel free to reply and I’ll reply back.

    1. Obviously you know nothing about gun crime and how gun control just boosts crime overall. Look at Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, etc. Could go on for days but it’s just too easy. Not to mention Mexico, wouldn’t you just love living there?

  4. I’m not a fucking antifa nor an anti-guns vegan multiculturalist Soros ball licker but what a fucking CoUNTRY where I’m glad not to live in!
    Any low-IQ with an ID and a clean crim. record can buy an M-4, AK47 or AR15 and even a 50cal Barrett (I guess), when a black dude will be asked for 3 ID’s + 50 clean crim. records and a juicy Weinstein will get it for free (Thx NRA!).
    FFS, why does this nation allows such things? Isn’t a Glock 17 enough per family do “defend” yourselves from burglars or serial fuckers?
    Now, reap what you sow.
    Oh and fuck Trump and Israel.

  5. It’s really messed up BUT the kid was expelled just before graduating.. ruining the rest of his life that he worked for.
    Schools expel kids without giving second chances or helping the kids that are vulnerable to being expelled. Expelling seniors that are athletes on the way with college scholarships for things that could be turned around. Very sad very sad. It had to get to this point before schools realize that expelling high school students is a very psychological problem.

    1. Trumpland? Was it Obamaland when the monkey was in office? It’s America, and compared to every other country I’d say we’re doing fine. Also, love how when people try and shit on America they NEVER say the country they’re from. So go on, tell us so we can shit on you.

  6. Its really funny how hard the shit-eating, dick-sucking media are trying to make this douchenugget out to be another white supremacist so that we should all be afraid of white people because they’re the real terrorists, not Muslims or black street thug criminals or MS-13.

    Even though all of the dead people are white and they have yet to find anything to support their argument.

    First thing that projectile vomits out of the mouth of every nipple-head is Congress should pass a law.

    How about putting psycho drug addicts with parental issues in old fashioned mental wards, like this country used to do 40 years ago?

    Or expedite the death penalty process for anyone who is convicted of murder then donate the footage of the executions to Best Gore so we can all watch.

  7. Looks like a Puerto Rican Jew very frail skinny and sickly middle name of Jacob which translates to Yakob in Hebrew spoke about buying animals just to kill them too. On one Instagram he has a page talking about the takbeer and on the other a MAGA hat so if both of those pages are his then he is all over the place probably just wore the MAGA hat for psychological warfare purposes but who knows he was involved with some kind of ME groups online not sure which one’s though the Columbine shooters were also Jewish along with Paddock .

      1. bro you are on the right wavelength but Reasons are what jews and christians use to their advantage….

        the only reason things happen for is eternal life…. thats what this preamble has been for.

        reasons are simple, used by people trying to be clever, i recommend you dont use reasons.

        but yes these things do just happen, and i explain it with Destiny. its unstoppable. if something gets stopped then thats also destiny……

        and im english and watch the uk news…. and what i love about america is that they Know why guns are needed not to be outlawed. british press reporters always call for it be against the law to own firearms, but they have no idea how good it is for the economy and what they rely on to have their good looks.

        god bless ‘merica.


        1. May Destiny show life and death their true purpose how ever good or bad beyond reasons or lack of reasonings all that survives will survive and all that dies shall die.

          As for guns we all know it isn’t the guns that kill but it is the people who use anything they use to kill: a gun on shelf just takes place on a shelf, a vehicle in a garage takes up space in the garage and so on and so forth. It all falls to the people.

          I like the way you think I may not plan on buying guns only because it doesn’t fit my objectives in life but will probably be interested in such things from a cultural stand point.

          1. yeah mate, completely agree. guns dont kill people, people kill people.

            i live in the uk and guns are used all the time in crime… but they cover it up like it doesnt happen.

            i applaud USA’s honesty on the reality with guns and violence.

  8. God damn at the balls on the kid that filmed this, holy shit 0_O And STILL managed to hold the camera on the action. Fucking ey, boy. Scary shit though. I feel bad for those kids. They’ll never be the same.

  9. The darkly humorous thing about, this was about 3-4 mins before I turned on the Tv to the News, I joked about how messed up it’d be if someone shot up a school just because they got heartbroken on Valentine’s Day to which when I first saw this I was glued to the screen. FYI: Dude looked like someone I had been introduced to in 2011, but it was most likely a doppleganger, he looked weird af though and I despised him immediately.

  10. I don’t know why people like this exist, but maybe if people would stop blaming Each other and get everyone the help they need and hear them out, then my best friend wouldn’t be dead. And to everyone praising Cruz in this, i hope you get a fucking red hot nail shoved in your fucking urethra and have fire ants poured on it to clean the mess.

  11. I remember freshman year in high school we had a lockdown drill that was supposed to be treated as an actual school shooting, I was the only freshman and the only girl in my business class, the rest of the class was junior-senior boys, most of which played sports, my teacher was also in the Air Force. They shoved me in the front of the room so I’d get hit first. Luckily it was just a drill but god damn, thanks a lot guys.

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