Video Filmed by Man on Balcony Shows Off Duty Cop Shooting Would-Be Robber in Brazil

Video Filmed by Man on Balcony Shows Off Duty Cop Shooting Would-Be Robber in Brazil

Video Filmed by Man on Balcony Shows Off Duty Cop Shooting Would-Be Robber in Brazil

Best Gore member @lilcig666 has the backstory:

This happended here in Brazil, I would guess somewhere in São Paulo state. An off-duty police officer was a victim of an attempted robbery. The officer set up a meeting with a buyer on trades website, I don’t have no clue what he wanted to sell, and he was waiting in his car when a man walked up to him and pulled out his gun. He announced the robbery but the police officer was quicker and shot him three times.

I don’t have no ideia if the perp survived but probably not, I’m not an expert on guns but the standard ammunition police officers use here in Brazil are .40 or .380 and they are pretty strong. He took three to chest at a very close distance so he probably died.

I’m not an expert on guns either. Although I would venture to guess that at close range or not, if a vital organ is seriously ruptured, the shot guy would have a hard time getting over it. Long distance shots, according to what I heard someone say, tend to cause more exit wound trauma. Not sure if that’s true or not so don’t quote me on that. As I said earlier and many times before, I know nothing about guns.

Either way, many thanks for the video and backinfo, @lilcig666:

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    1. You probably deserve it, like most. I don’t know any place.

      You have thought about hanging yourself?, it is cheaper and less scandalous.

      But if what you want is to get shot and make a pointless show, you just have to take a knife and visit the nearest police station. They will save you money and time.

          1. You say like it’s easy. It could be not efective cuz one could run away… so gun with good magazine will allways do best job and local news on tv prowes it lots of time. Canyon family kill “0” guns family kill – can’t count it. Man knows efective way but like me not have ileagal sources to get one good tool.

    2. There’s a very slim chance you can buy a gun off the darkweb. Majority of gun listings on the darkweb are just police traps. If you wanna go, maybe buy some fentanyl. At least you’ll die high and happy.

    3. Recently, third-party companies began marketing “frame kits” that allow private individuals to make guns that look and operate like Glocks and are compatible with Glock parts. Their product includes excess plastic that, unless removed, prevents you from turning it into a functional weapon. By itself, the object they sell doesn’t count as a firearm in the eyes of the law. Instead, it is colloquially known as an “80 percent frame” or an “80 percent receiver.”

    1. by best guess is the guy was robbing the neighbourhood and the people filming wanted to record his action.
      The way she says “vagabundo” (at about 5 seconds.. tho im not totally sure), which means in the context someone who does nothing of value, makes me think theyve already seen him robbing people before

    2. I try to translate. i am brazilian and my english is not good. English is not priority in Brazil. Priority its keep alive yourself.

      Samuel = Boy (soon)
      Luiz = Neighbor

      Girl – Mother…
      Boy – Take your mother’s hand (remove hands of front of camera)
      Girl – He’s recording
      Mother – He will steal, look. VAGABUNDO! (VAGABUNDO = worthless man)
      Boy – Look at him taking the gun
      Girl – You’re not recording samuel
      Boy – I’m
      Boy – I AM!
      Girl – NO IT IS NOT!
      Mother – Go Samuel, record
      Boy – He died!
      Mother – Died!
      Mother – Look there Luiz (talking with neighbor)
      Boy – Killed, it’s over.
      Mother – Killed, luiz. (talking with neighbor)
      Boy – Killed, killed.
      Girl – Samuel, you are not recording anything.
      *Cop getting out of the car*
      Cop – Drop that shit. where is the gun?
      Mother – Jesus. have mercy, father.
      Mother – We knew luiz (talking with neighbor)
      Boy – We already knew
      Mother – *Speech incomprehensible*
      Boy – it’s over.
      Mother – He’s a cop
      Girl – is he a cop?
      Mother – It can only be
      Boy – Send a bullet, send a bullet. (incentive for the police to kill the thief)
      Boy – Look up there.
      Boy – Look, it’s over.
      Mother – He just shot the guy. Killed. (talking with another neighbor)

  1. I’m always armed when I meet up with people to buy/sell shit. Had some pretty shady motherfuckers try and buy things from me and there were at least two times where I knew I was being set up for a robbery.

    There’s a whole world of asswipes out there. Best to always be prepared.

      1. Between the corona shit, the civil unrest, the meth heads everywhere, and lack of good jobs, things are pretty fucked up right now. Everyone is angry, nobody gets along and everything is politicized. I thought things were getting bad years ago. Now shit is really starting to hit the fan.

        1. No, I said it literally won’t pay my bills and won’t keep me healthy mentally or otherwise. I can’t afford to live on that wage even if I worked 60hrs a week with 20 hrs being overtime wages. I would be under water all the time. I could do it as a side job for extra money, but I couldn’t do it as my main job. And if I need extra hours at my regular job, they are available. So it’s kind of a moot point. It’s an okay job for retired people with medicare and young people.

  2. As I said earlier and many times before, I know nothing about guns.

    You do realise that by constantly and “many times before” proclaiming, declaring and otherwise asserting that you know nothing about guns, also swearing on your honour as a gentleman and by all that you hold to be sacred and holy, that you have nothing to do with guns…that this might? seem to indicate you are, in fact, obsessed with them, and likely possessed as well.

  3. I used to know a lot about guns, until mine were lost in a tragic boating accident….
    But, I do know one thing….. .40 and .380 caliber are not very powerful cartridges….
    If you want strong power, you go with 9mm (for its penetration abilities), .45ACP or my personal favorite 10mm…. other powerful cartridges include for example .357 magnum and .44 magnum….
    Then the SUPER POWERFUL .500SW

    1. The 40S&W has nearly identical accuracy,drift and drop as the 9mm Parabellum, it also has an energy advantage over the 9mm Parabellum and .45 ACP, and with a more manageable recoil than the 10mm Auto cartridge.

      The energy of the .40 S&W exceeds standard-pressure .45 ACP loadings, generating between 350 foot-pounds (470 J) and 500 foot-pounds (680 J) of energy, depending on bullet weight. Both the .40 S&W and the 9mm Parabellum operate at a 35,000 pounds per square inch (240 MPa) SAAMI maximum, compared to a 21,000 pounds per square inch (140 MPa) maximum for .45 ACP. With good jacketed hollow point bullets, the more energetic loads for the .40 S&W can also create hydrostatic shock in human-sized living targets.

      But there is nothing like a good old .44 magnums for the intimidation factor.

      1. Yeah, I agree. I have a S&W .44 Magnum and it’s a fucking hand-cannon. Older model double-action 6-shooter, no safety. Short barrel and huge recoil combine to make it difficult to hit a target unless you are accustomed to firing it, but the sound alone will make you download a brownload. Metal jacketed hollow points make it that much more scary. I carried it when I was a rancher in the mountains of New Mexico as close encounter bear protection. I’ve seen .38 magnums and even .40 caliber rounds bounce off a bear’s skull and just piss ’em off. It sits in my gun safe as I find I get riled up too easily these days. I’m retired now and don’t really need murder on my resume.

        1. I wear mine around the property half of the time 3 rounds of snake shot and 3 Black Hills’ JHP 240gr rounds just in case of black bear/mountain lion.

          Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 MAG Revolver

          Marked Sturm, Ruger & Co. INC Southport, CONN U.S.A.

          Circa 1974-75

          Single Action Only

          7.5″ Long blued steel barrel

          Non-Fluted 6 round blued steel cylinder

          Stainless steel hammer

          Home made black walnut grips

          Still have a few 20 round boxes of Winchester Black Talons for nostalgia purposes.

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