Video of Former President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh After Being Killed in Sanaa

Video of Former President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh After Being Killed in Sanaa

The video alleges to show the corpse of former president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh, who according to reports was fatally shot in the head in the country’s capital city of Sanaa while trying to flee to the Marib province. Yemeni’s Houthi fighters got him before he could get away.

Houthis reportedly also killed Yasir Awadi, the deputy chair of Saleh’s party General People’s Congress, and the ex-president’s son was wounded.

As explained multiple times on the pages of Best Gore, Ali Abdullah Saleh was an Israeli puppets supported dictator with a lot of blood on his hands. After 18 years in power, he was invited by Kenyan to live in the USA in exchange for giving up presidency, while Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, his vice president of 18 years was made to run as the only candidate for the president in order to manufacture the illusion of change. He will be sorely missed. Not!

Props to Best Gore members @a-sick-mind and @kamalefrommaui for the video:

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  2. Some interesting facts on Ali Abdullah Saleh and Yemen

    Yemen GDP 2014 US$43 Billion

    Yemen GDP 2016 US$27.3 Billion as there’s a bit of a war going on

    Population 2016 ~ 28 million

    Yemen GDP per capita (2016) US$ 990

    Ali Abdullah Saleh net worth (UN estimate 2015) US$62 Billion

    Yes that’s a per capita GDP of US$990 and his personal estimated net worth of US$62.000.000,000

    From very humble beginnings, Ali did very well and created an enclave of loyal followers from his own tribe and through placing his seven brothers, as well as his sons, daughters, sons-in-law and nephews in key positions of responsibility and, more importantly, power.

    Nepotism on a truly impressive scale, with billions of dollars creamed off from the country to his personal accounts.

    Completely undemocratic, corrupt and willing to kill anyone that he suspected of plotting against him.

    But look; In the late 1980s, Ali was under considerable international pressure to permit his country’s Jewish citizens to travel freely to places abroad; Passports were duly issued, permitting international travel. Who would have thought that he would?

  3. Saudi Arabia seem to be taking sadistic joy from starving the citizens of Yemen. A detail which appears to be mainly overlooked by the western msm.
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