Video from Iran – Crazy Woman Repeatedly Stabs a Dying Man

Video from Iran - Crazy Woman Repeatedly Stabs a Dying Man

Man, this is insane. This allegedly mentally unstable woman keeps repeatedly stabbing a man who lies defencelessly on the public road while onlookers, including the Iranian police and an ambulance do nothing to stop her or save the man’s life. She was left to continue stabbing him until he slowly bled to death. You can see the stream of blood flowing down the road towards the end of video but by that time the man was already dead.

Since Iran recognizes only one religion, we can safely assume that the woman was a Muslim. The backstory is unclear and none of the events that lead to the murder were captured on the video. She buried that knife deep inside man’s chest several times and when the police car showed up, the officer just got out, seemingly asked a few questions and left. The woman stabbed the man a few more times and then just stood over him like a looming shadow of death still wielding her knife barely whisking her brow, as if waiting for an already dead man to “dare make a move…” An ambulance showed up at one point too but that didn’t do the man any good either.

Also notice how the woman who stabs a man in the beginning of the video wears different clothes from the woman who stabs him towards the end of the video. Must have been two women who were pissed at him, cause I doubt the same bitch would have run home to change clothes and come back to continue with her deed. Unless the same one woman threw an overcoat on cause it looked like that was a miserable, rainy day. Muslim men are allowed to have multiple wives so maybe those were both his wives who were angry at him for whatever reason – perhaps he was caught fucking a goat or something?

When the video ends, the woman is still stooping over the man’s body with her knife at the ready. For all we know, she could still be stabbing that corpse today – crazy wench. Things like that show the true face of Islam – violence is acceptable by all standards and law means nothing, not even a cop would bother to interfere and enforce it.

And I hate to be the one to overuse the phrase, but: “…coming to a town near you!” Europe seems to be on the merry way to be the first to go 🙁

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71 thoughts on “Video from Iran – Crazy Woman Repeatedly Stabs a Dying Man”

    1. And what have the muslims and Islam brought to the table of life? What is it that the muslims are known for? What has Islam or muslims contributed to the world???? Yeees yes it’s beginning to become clearer, I see it I see it now,,,BLOODSHED, MURDER, DEPRAVITY, AND Dforget a total disregard for the human condtion. Oh I forgot, and a backwardness more backward then Jedward.

  1. I agree, though I would have just said the thing on her head…But that is one hardcore bitch,stabbing him right in front of the cops? then again I see the cops are a joke…but still, just standing there? fucking creepy

  2. This stabbing is just to warm up the audience for the next act- the inevitable lynching of Mrs. Crazy. This is after all a muslim country, and she is a woman…killing a man…and so it goes. Viva Islam!

  3. I live in Ireland, and the amount of foreign Muslims is disgraceful. Opening mosques left, right, and centre, even in the countryside. It’s all the fault of the E.U. with their travel and asylum laws.

  4. Yeah although possibly Mr Beard just got his ass handed to him for raping her 8 year old daughter or son and Dad didn’t have the sack to get the job done so Mom closed the deal. Maybe she’s the good guy here, (True, I have no idea, but I DO know there are people aplenty who deserve a good stabbin’ here and there)

  5. Well here’s the deal, I’m from Iran and it’s interesting for me to see you thoughts about us!
    There are some facts that you might wanna know:
    1. First Iranians are not Arabs, they are Persians.
    2. Although Iran’s official religion is Islam but we have a number of different religionsin practice. We have iranian Jews, iranian Christians and…
    3. In Iran men with more than one wife are in legal trouble!!!!
    4. This is so weird for me, every one thinks that Muslims are a bunch of aggressive people with a really strong will to kill people!!! But let’s face the facts just look at this website, there are 49 pages full of people getting kill by others all if which are done by people of other religions and other countries!!
    5. All of the countries in the world have crazy mother******s who kill people and its a really natural event if someone is killed by a brainless moron any were in the world!!
    6. The police here arent stupid enough to get themselves stabbed trying to save somebody with a dozen holes in his chest!!!
    And I’d be happy to answer anyone who has any question!

    1. I am iranian too, you are completely wrong just about everything. iranians are arabs, kurds, persians, turks, ect… the people in the video for example were speaking mostly turkish. for example in 0:48 the woman in the background asked in turkish weather if the cops have been called. the crazy woman is obviously persian because she speaking in persian, yelling at the dead man telling him its enough. the bystanders are telling her to go home in persian. and when the cop shows up people are telling the cop to not get out of the car in turkish. it seems like people are only speaking persian when talking to the crazy woman. it is obviously a majority turkish city in the north west. im willing to bet the only persian in the video is the crazy bitch.

  6. Well, sinahpr – here’s a question for you. How would you explain recent suicide bombing by a Muslim wacko in Stockholm, Sweden? Or do you really think there could be someone other than a Muslim who would strap bombs onto himself just so he can kill innocent people and cause damage to property? Until such day when all Muslims are dead, there will be no peace on Earth. Would you not agree with this statement?

  7. If you believe that they should all die, then why don’t you go ahead and help solve this problem then, by killing them yourself?

    Oh wait. Then that would make you just like them, now wouldn’t it?

    Like sinahpr said, Iranians are not the same as Afghani’s. You may as well be calling Puerto Ricans, Mexicans or vice-versa.

    There is a difference between Muslim and Muslim Extremist. The latter being the ones in which we read about in the news doing suicide bombings. I don’t see you saying that all Christians should be dead because of the Crusade.

    It’s pathetic uneducated degenerates like you that make it such a pain in the ass to be in the Army. All you people think is that everyone is a terrorist if they differ in appearance or belief.

    1. You need to ditch the liberal rewrite of history you learned in public school.

      What you call the crusades were actually the second crusades, a direct result of muslim attacks and invasions around circa. 711 A.D.

      The so called ‘majority’ of non extremist muslims that don’t commit acts of terror are irrelevant because they are not the ones committing the acts.

      You will note that the vast majority of Germans in WW 2 were peaceful people.

      Like the muslims, the peaceful majority are irrelevant because they are not the ones causing the problems, nor do they do anything to end it.

  8. Its very interesting reading peoples views about iranians, muslim iranians and muslims in general. I mean the description of the video is quite biased on its own but some of the comments are just amazing. As someone who was born in Iran and out of Iran I think I would qualify to make a point here based on facts not because what my dumb ass inbread red neck family told me. What you see on tv and is reported to you does not cover the life of 90 million individuals. I would go into detail but its not my job to educate you. Let me just say that despite iran having one of the worst governments of today and being simply ran by a bunch of dumb fucks, the people are living happily together, this multiple wife shit is frowned up on. And if you belive that what you see here happens all the time you are just ignorant. Thats like assuming every austrian locks up their kids in dungens and fucks them for 20 years. As for true face of islam, violence etc… Killing another human being is considered one of the worst sins in islam.
    And as for other religions in iran, its probably worth mentioning that many of my family friends within the country are christians and jews and are happy where they are. There are currently several jewish and christian politicians who are a part of irans shitty parlimant.

    A big thumbs up to Jumpycore for his un biased point of view. Muslim extremists and muslims are different people, if those of you who have so much hate towards muslims and iranians spent sometime and did some research you would see things like this where every year the streets of iran are filled with people holding candles mourning the deaths of those in 9/11. There will be no peace on earth until people with attitudes like yours are wiped of the planet crybaby, regardless of their religion or race. Be it muslim extremists or those like you at the other end of the scale.

  9. This just in: To avoid being arrested for ANY crime, just hold a knife. WTF is up with the cops? Are they afraid of a loony MILF or something? ALL the civilians walked right up to her and nothing happened. Cop gets there…sees she has a knife….gets back in car the and rolls the window up. Stupid fuck’n cops.

  10. So many people hostile towards Islam should go fuck themselves. I am a Spanish convert to Islam, I grew up in Canada and now I live in the UK. I was raised a Christian like most of you but out of my own will became a Muslim. When a Muslim does a crime why blame Islam, this is ignorant, Point to me where in the Quran it says to do this? Ignorant assholes!!!

  11. You just have a superiority complex and are no different then Muslim extremist, your actually fueling the extremist to be the way they are. You are part of the problem and just as responsible as the extremist are. Islam is the most fair just and balanced religion. If you are objective in your study of Islam you will see what I mean, but if you just want to be ignorant cus it makes you feel better about yourself then fuck you!!

  12. Right now it would be very interesting to hear muslim womens point of view, How they feel, when their allow husband to get another wife Can really something good come out of this til end
    i dont know all details, but in video its seems, all the emotions finally was let out and shows how she really felt.
    This kind of muslim womens could be suffering more than any other womens, imagine this pain she had, Are they really happy in this kind of relationship or making theirselves believe like this
    But i can understand, if your husband has another wife, it could be actually more positive and better marriage in sexual way. but very sexualy open women would be needed for this circumstance.
    Something that most people would probably never understand. and what are the odds with muslims. how many couples are like that in there and happy dying kill death ratio percentage
    It would be very fascinating to see and understand their mentality by having good chat

  13. there are some weird stuff going on yeah ?!? but let me explain a little bit
    this video seems had happend in one of the turkish states of iran cause people are talking both turkish and persian
    there are not two women they’re just one and by the thing crowd are whispering she happens to be his wife , but nothing regard the reason has been said
    there are several kind of police in iran which do diffrent regard the situation
    and also the law is really complicated on such matters so they refuse to do things without orders as you can hear in the background the officer is making calls to station , i believe since the victim seems to be dead they avoid getting involved , it may cause them getting in trouble
    and when she stabbs the poor guy she is yelling ???? ???? which is kinda hard to translate but it mainly means die 😀
    and also islam os the main religion in the country and not the only one , and also having more than one wife in most of the states is not such a common thing and recently you cant get married again without you’re wife confirming you

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