Video of a Massacre from Muslim Brotherhood Ruled Libya

Video of a Massacre from Muslim Brotherhood Ruled Libya

Libya has fallen off the radar because ZOG wants all the sheep eyes on Syria so little is reported on what’s going on in Libya. One can imagine that with Muslim Brotherhood in de facto control, various factions of Sunni extremists now war with one another for unchallenged control of the country.

Here’s a video reminder that Libya went (and most likely still goes) through the same type of bullshit Syria is plagued with as we speak. Sunnis fed us with fabricated stories about their desperate struggle for democracy yet as is being proven, democracy was just a colorful rhetoric used to gain support for her aggression.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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19 thoughts on “Video of a Massacre from Muslim Brotherhood Ruled Libya”

  1. It is an important point to note that every time our leaders want to get away with a certain action we see constant media saturation on the subject.

    Once the intended action is achieved we have a media blackout on the subject therefore you would think that the masses, presented with this obvious ploy, would figure it out by now but they never do, they remain oblivious even if the facts are served on a plate with the words “figure it out you dildo” written in ketchup.

    Therefore because the masses are non thinking automations we will see in the next few years a war with Iran and north Korea, a ban on guns, a ban on pornography, a ban on certain books and many, many more.

    In England we have already got thought crimes, slavery and a upcoming ban on pornography, our leaders sent most of our I.T and manufacturing industries abroad to third world countries, brought in millions of immigrants who, because they will work for very little, got given all the jobs despite a lot of them not even being able to speak English.

    A lot of our indigenous population, millions, were made unemployed because of the above and now stay unemployed because there are no jobs left any more and now our leaders have decided that all the unemployed have to work for free, doing full time jobs for their jobseekers allowance, that’s fifty odd pounds a week, around ninety US dollars for you Americans,

    It is common sense for the intelligent among us that there always seems to be no jobs for a wage but plenty for a slave, that a company is not going to take on and pay staff when they can get them for free and that companies will sack all their paid staff to replace them with this free labour.

    Now to the point of my rant and its relevance to this thread, In England we are seeing the rise of modern slavery and its not being challenged because we have had constant media saturation on the subject of unemployment. Propaganda is thrown at us everyday explaining to us that all the unemployed are work shy scroungers, that they are thieves of tax payers money, that they don’t want to work and would rather sit around doing nothing all day, the list goes on and on, the same with pornography, media saturation telling us that pornography is wrong and that it is causing our population to become beasts, rapists and murderers.

    Because a lot of our population are dumbed down idiots and brain dead meat bags they actually start to believe the above nonsense and start to support it therefore we can see that the media is a powerful tool and our idiots depend upon it to tell them what to think and how to act, sadly then when a propaganda piece is shown on tv they believe it completely and when they decide to have a media blackout on the subject our idiots completely forget that it ever existed.

    We will all see our societies destroyed before our eyes because we will let them do it, we are not just physical slaves, we are psychological slaves as well.

  2. At the end he was saying, hey guys look at his smile my god look at his smile. meaning that he is happy because he saw that he is going to heaven, that is Muslim mentality. I call baloney.
    i think he also said ” i swear to god even Jews didn’t do this to each other.

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