Video of 2002 Kaspiysk Military Parade Bombing by Chechen Terrorists

Video of 2002 Kaspiysk Military Parade Bombing by Chechen Terrorists

Kaspiysk is a city in restive Dagestan where conflict between Russian military and Chechen jihadists has been going on for years. This video if from May 9, 2002 bombing of the military parade which Russian military held on Lenin Street in Kaspiysk to commemorate the 57th anniversary of Soviet victory in the World War II.

Anticipating the parade, Chechen terrorists carried the bombing out by planting a Russian made directional MON-50 landmine on Lenin Street in advance. 44 people died in the attack, including 19 soldiers and 12 children with additional 133 people wounded in the explosion. Soundtrack enhanced video is below. First two minutes contain nothing but images of the parade.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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21 thoughts on “Video of 2002 Kaspiysk Military Parade Bombing by Chechen Terrorists”

  1. Something is just not right here.
    You have a busy main street the a parade is going down, and no one tripped the land mine before the troops got there? No vehicles, no civilians, no one at all.
    Hmmmm, something is not right…
    No one seen any one digging a hole in the pavement ? No one seen a lump of freshly disturbed roadway?

  2. Chechen bastards! I dont know whats holding Russian army from taking action and killing those bearded fucktards. Well its somehow same with us Serbs and Kosovo Shqip (Albanians). We could blast the shit out of them but our government is holding us back. So Albanians keep killing, raping and torturing the shit out of us, and they even stole our land. DAMN MUSLIMS!

  3. Haaah while I certainly don’t like seeing kids killed or killing them no way. Seeing dead russians is pure fucking nirvana my goodness I love when they die violent horrible deaths. I hate religion, but bless those chechen killers. To effectively kill barbaric, animalistic, savages you gotta sometimes sink to their level and in the case of russians thats landfill putrid corpse low. Had to be done though what you gonna do. Die Ivan die.

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