Video of Marie Moore Shooting Her Own Son Mitchel then Herself

Marie Moore Shooting Her Own Son Mitchell then Herself

Senseless shooting in which 44 year old Marie Moore shot her own son Mitchell deal took place at the Shoot Straight Gun Range in Casselberry, Florida. There has been no altercation, no argument, no shouting nothing – just two family members at the shooting range, then without any provocation whatsoever, Marie Moore pointed the revolver she had rented form the shooting range at the back of her sons head and pulled the trigger blowing a hole through his skull, killing him on the spot. After that Marie Moore placed the revolver in her own mouth and ran a bullet through her own head. 20 year old Mitchell Moore was dead on the scene, Marie Moore was taken to the Florida Hospital Altamonte with severe head trauma where she died shortly after.

Nobody knows what prompted Marie Moore to shoot her own son and herself. She never left any suicide note or anything and according to other people who were using adjacent shooting lanes, the two were getting along fine while there were there with absolutely nothing indicating a problem. It was a normal Sunday afternoon at the range. Mother and son were taking turns shooting at targets while talking to each other and chatting with other shooters at the same time. Everything is going fine and dandy then out of the blue the woman turns the gun at her son turning quiet Sunday afternoon at the shooting range into a cold-blooded murder suicide scene.

The police spoke with Charles Moore – Mitchell’s father who said he believed Marie was barred from Casselberry shooting range because of a suicide attempt from a few years back. However the police were not able to verify that information as there are no records of any such incident taking place. The police have records of Marie’s two DUI convictions.

According to Florida laws, shooting ranges are not required to perform background checks on people who bring their own guns to the range or rent guns from the range. Background checks are performed when a gun is being purchased, but not rented. Still… makes you wonder what would prompt a mother to turn a gun on her own son and pull the trigger.

The video about the incident, including surveillance footage of Marie Moore shooting her son and herself is below.

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    1. She was a cunt, she did it because she hated her husband and wanted to hurt him the worse way possible and ruin any joy the man had or will ever have in his life. She also blamed the boy for making her fat ruining her chances at landing a richer better looking man, that she could drain his life force while sucking chad dick. Or since the boy is almost grown, the father was about to divorce her crazy ass and fuck younger women.

  1. Now thats some fucked up shit some one at the range should have been watching his back. The range I go to in East L.A. they have armend workers on the side of the shooting line keeping a look out.

  2. NONE of the Yank sites quote her last words: “God had decided I am the antichrist and I should send me and my kid into heaven.”
    Gee, wonder why that is not advertised in America?

  3. The Yank sites are bullshit and full of censorship. Their belief rests on protecting you from the truth and reality. Life is better a fantasy. USA hardcore Israel lobbyist.

  4. What does her being convicted of two DUI’s have to do with why she shouldn’t have/use a gun? I can understand that they shouldn’t have gotten a gun since she tried killing herself there before, but Driving Under the Influence has nothing to do with weilding weapons.

      1. Omg. This shows how fucking stupid you are. So any crime? So jwalkiing? No guns, speeding? No guns? Are you really that stupid? I pray you were being sarcastic, but I have a feeling your just a stupid liberal bitch that has no idea what she is talking about so just wants to spread false facts. God help us. Please tell me you aren’t reproducing.

    1. Having two dui’s is a good indication she was mentally unstable, especially since she had both of them in her 40’s within months of each other, past suicide attempts, history of Bipolar and hopeless substance abuse issues. All the red flags were there.

  5. Sick north American people, they live under pressure, their society is based on a “blind freedom”, made up of illusions and blinded flags. they are always waiting the upcoming threat, under alert state ever. But believe me in that country does exist good people, with good thoughts but they are a minority part of population i guess, or great media simply don?t listen them just because it wouldn’t give so much money.

  6. Trevor,
    it just proves how irresonsible she is having DUI’s. That’s reason enough. Irresponsible people should not have access to firearms, plain and simple. This is the result of that.

    I doubt anyone heard any last words. You cannot hear much of anything in a shooting range, let alone someone talk. And be realistic here, of course american media would report such a thing (not fox news, nothing bad about their god), because sensationalism is what sells.

    Correct. That’s pretty much how it is here.


    1. Exactly. But all Muslims are bomb throwing terrorist towel heads. Hahaha no you really are correct on this. But it’s the fact that the idiots with guns are the ones that make it on the news here in the states. Other countries have this shit too, but they don’t publicize it like we do.

  8. Hey hatefigure,

    You should stick the 2nd Admendment up your mother’s ass and while your at it also stick an M4 assult rifle up there to and pull the trigger! NOW STICK THAT!

    I forgot one more thing make sure it is on brust too.

  9. I actually saw this woman and her son at Shoot Straight in Casselberry (where this horrible murder-suicide took place) two weeks before this happened. Her son spoke of wanting to join the military, and she was (on this first visit of their’s together) actually scared of the handgun she was shooting. Her son was a very nice boy, and she appeared to be a completely normal woman, if not a little awed by the 12-guage I was shooting at the time. Such a horrible thing just helps these gun control extremists ruin things for RESPONSIBLE gun owners and the owners of such shooting ranges. Shoot Straight has now suspended (seemingly permanently) all rentals of guns, as she used a rented gun to kill her son and then herself.

  10. it looks like marie moore was goofing around (being an idiot) pointed the gun at her son accidentally pulled the trigger, and then in that second, realizing what she had done….took her own life.

    although, i also believe that the most dangerous people can control their emotions until they want to do something violent. hence, acting cool and calm until the shooting.

    1. No they found writings at her house afterwards where she wrote how she needed to send her son to heaven and herself to hell. But the way the still frame video changes it does look that way

  11. and at you dumbass, it’s way too late to get rid of the 2nd amendment. all that would mean is that regular citizens would not have a way to protect themselves from all the fucked up socipathic 14 year old negros,and fucking illegal drug running, weapons trafficking equadorians. This IS a violent country, but those fucks, their guns are all illegally obtained – so the banning of the 2nd amendment wouldn’t effect them at all. I’ve lost 3 family members to gun violence perpetrated by blacks, and I fully 100% support the right to bear arms by law abiding citizens. Look at your fucked up muslim crushed country, they don’t even need guns, they use knives, screwdrivers, claw hammers, machetes. They are raping your teenage girls & murdering your fine teenage boys & you don’t do fuck all about it. You’re really one to talk about “daft yanks” there’s 300MILLION people here fucker, and 10% alone are illegal fucking mexicans, 30MILLION busted ass broke ass stupid ass illegals & you wanna say YANKS, they don’t even exist any more.

    1. The only reason criminals in my area and around the USA don’t just go on raping and robbing everyone in sight is because they know there is a good chance they will be shot. You can’t depend on cops to be there 24-7 to protect you, the cops are just criminals with a badge and a license to kill. The cops are more concerned with harassment of citizens and writing citations then to risk their own safety busting hardened criminals. In the USA calling the cops on someone could get them killed and is considered a serious shit thing to do. It is better to defend yourself anyway because it takes police an hour to respond. By the time they get there you are fucked if someone wants to harm you.

  12. I read somewhere that she shot him “So he could go to heaven” at the cost of sending herself to hell.

    Touching, in a disturbing sort of way. Funny how the mentally ill are drawn to fanatical religion.

  13. You are right on the money. I am in Canada and as much as my people like to think we’re different then the Americans (and we are to the core) the same shit happens here.
    It is the Regime which controls this continent to blame for the sanity of the North American mind.
    Then again just viewing this site reminds me I am glad to be a North American.

  14. The following news reports make it seem all the more inhumane. Maybe it’s because I’m half drunk right now, but this is one of the most fucked up videos I’ve seen. A guy can’t even trust his own mother. Humans are pathetic.

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