Video of Oklahoma Man Being Violently Arrested Before Dying in Custody

Video of Oklahoma Man Being Violently Arrested Before Dying in Custody

On February 15, 2014 an Oklahoma man by the name of Luis Rodriguez was violently arrested after being overwhelmed by 5 police officers who subdued him by forcing him to the ground. Luis Rodriguez later died in custody. Video of his arrest was filmed by his wife Nair.

While there is a lot I could comment on with regards to this type of citizen murder by police, which happens so often it can no longer be written off as “a few bad apples”, there is a far more pressing underlying issue that many fail (or fear) to acknowledge.

As much as it irritates women to hear that, these things happen because of gender inequality whereby females receive preferential treatment and males are always seen as the root of all evil. If police respond to a domestic violence call, and you as a man are present, you are the one who gets beat up and arrested, even if you had nothing whatsoever to do with the alleged violence, and even if you were the actual victim. Men are the default arrestees for domestic violence calls regardless of context.

This extreme anti male sexism is exaggerated by openly stated policies of arresting a male without asking whether they are at fault. That is why in this case, the man was approached, threatened, arrested and murdered despite not actually being involved. It happened simply because he was a man.

At 0:04 you can hear the victim says “I can’t breathe” and at 0:11 (once the victim had stopped breathing) one officer says “Calm down sir.” Just how are you supposed to calm down when you are subjected to so much excessive force that you can’t even breathe?

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  1. Nair? I was never into the Mexican hairless breed. They’re just not my type.


    I fear the police these days. I hate having to deal with them on any level. If I ever find myself in this situation, I can only hope that a camera is around to catch it all on video. That is the only thing that keeps a badge in line.

      1. Careful there, bud. Some men in black suits and sunglasses are going to be knocking on your door to take you away to a secret government site to have to “re-educated” if you keep talking like that… 😳

    1. This is the kind of shit that makes me very angry.
      I live in America and this happens more than you think.
      And then the fucking cops ask this lady for her ID.
      She should have asked am I under Arrest, if not then I will not give you my ID.
      So go fuck off cop.

        1. I am sure they would have. However she could have sued them for it.
          There is no Law in America that states you have to show your ID. If you are detained or Arrested then yes. They would have violated her 4th amendment rights other wise. That is why people need to know their rights. Don;t let these fuckers get away with this shit.

    2. Think the killers in costumes were way out of the line there! they should be on trial, but they will more than likley get a new pair of shades,……….. with mirrors on the inside! and they all need to look inside,………deep inside.

    3. I really do now even though all my experiences with the police I was blacked out. The last encounter they had me just like this guy, except my face was in dirt. I came out of my black out barely breathing with a mouth full of dirt. My natural reaction was to get up and fight back because I had no idea what was going on. They hog tied me and threw me in the back of the police car. I got real pissed off and banged my head hard as I could in the back of the police car several times. It’s funny because the whole time my parents were watching and couldn’t do anything. Even though they called the cops on me because I blacked out and tried to kill myself but completely unaware doing so. The cops were more of a threat to me, rather than myself.

    1. It’s easier said than done. We’re witnessing a descent to tyranny that manifests with cops beating innocent people up on a daily basis. It’s not natural for any person to just stand idly while a gang of cops have their way with him. Everyone’s natural response would be to try to defend themselves against the injustice. It’s sad that when we see a cop car with lights flashing, we don’t feel protected, but threatened.

          1. I wonder how many people on this site would openly claim that they can’t feel… And how many are not lying, looking for attention, or being a smart ass. poor empty emotionless fucks! πŸ˜‰

        1. I understand what you mean all too well, but people who don’t feel little or any emotion are usually very logical. I’m new on this website, but trust me if you want to post on here and be accepted and taken seriously this is not the way to do it- have common sense. I mean it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, you would never say that out loud would you?

    2. And resisting arrest is a reason to kill somebody? Then just about 90% of the people in this World should die a horrible death because about 90% of people have done things much more “horrifying” than “resisting” arrest (arrest for what? what did he do?) But of course not even you believe what you say , you just want to be stupid. I think I know you . You are that cunt with 100 accounts on YouTube.

      1. Actually I don’t even have a YouTube account, and I am not being stupid it’s that guy fault for being so fat,and you don’t need to resist arrest to get killed in a funny way dead is everywhere

    1. Happens all the time in this digital age, sadly. Imagine being a little Arab child or Mexican child and seeing your father getting beheaded on camera, or your mother being stoned to death. This world… 😯

        1. I’m glad to be back. For a while, I was not in the right frame of mind to associate with a lot of people. I tried to at the time, like on here, but I ended up just acting like a complete jack off and being rude to people. I had to take a step back. I feel a lot better now. I blame the drinking!

  2. Can you believe how that pig was trying to convince her and himself that that guy is OKAY…phssst…they had to hold him up just to have his dead meatpuppet sit up for the video..ladies and gentlemen you just watch these awesome pigs kill a man rough in front of you….how do you feel?!?!..personally I’m nauseous by this shit..fuck!!

      1. Scary. The officer could of cared less that he just killed a man πŸ™ Sad situation.

        The RCMP killed a Polish man (Robert Dziekanski) in Vancouver at the airport back in 2007. It was filmed by a bystander and put online and on the news. Nothing happened to the officers. It happens a lot in N.America.

          1. If I’m ever pulled over, I video the cops on my mobile, not that I think they will harm me, but don’t trust that they won’t antagonize or make some sort of bull shit up, and I live in AU. The cops here are crap. Revenue raising pack of pigs they are.

  3. Five guys putting all their weight on him…that’s Atleast 1000 pounds on him….it takes less than 30 seconds to put on handcuffs ….if they were wearing street clothes they would be arrested for murder for suffocating him for several minutes…..there is no excuse or reason to restrain him to the point of him dying…..These pigs make me sick….

        1. That’s why I use emoticons. Sometimes text isn’t enough to get my point across. I feel like a nitwit dork for using them, and they don’t exactly scream Dignified Commentator, but!!! They do help. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ 😎

  4. The cops were just playing weekend with Bernie ….let’s sit papa up to look like he isn’t already dead and someone block her damn video view….what’s even more sick is these pigs will get leave with pay… they get a mini vacation by killing someone…how fucking special….

  5. I weep for my fellow man. Three of those five pigs are overweight and were so out of breath. The other two fuckwits are waif cunts compounding a bad mix of pig pack mentality.
    Because the video doesn’t show what precipitated the murder they will make up a wonderful story while they enjoy a paid vacation.
    This reminds me of the murder of Robert Dziekanski at the hands of juiced up, brainless RCMP fucktards who got away, for all intents, with murder at YVR airport in 2007.
    So nauseating.

  6. Cops fucked me up pretty good last summer at the beach, I fought them back out of defense, I had about 50 witnesses watching it unfold, people were screaming what are you cops doing to him he dident do anything, I honestly dident do nothing at all to deserve what they did, my poor kids crying and screamin, they had to watch there dad get cuffed and carted away, I had 3 charges that got dropped, because of witnesses, I was totally innocent man, they aren’t nothing but fucking bullies.

    1. Yeah they’re!!!..I got a lil roughed up by banning cops while drunk once…I protected myself and knocked the wind out of the arresting officer…I didn’t run or anything..just laughed at him….he didn’t press any extra charges though…infact he tried to put me down infront of his fellow depts because he had warned I hit…but don’t worry she hits like a girl…..Lmao I told him yeah that’s why you were rolling around on the asphalt trying to catch your breath pig…HAHAHA..they ALL started busting his balls!!!..hilarious!!..I’m lucky I’m white..if I wasn’t he would have shot me…they HATE any other races round here..pigs are uber racist around these parts….fuckers!!

      1. Fuckin pricks, I’m not saying there all bad, I’m sure there’s a few good ones out there somewhere, but from my experience as a WHITE MAN, Italian by the way, they haven’t been good, to protect n serve, my ass.

        1. Oh yeah no doubt I’m sure there are in fact I personally know some from my cop classes back in my college days……but when I’m getting arrested for trying to help someone who was possibly getting beat on but lied to the pigs and because I was drunk I go to jail…ummm..there’s something very wrong with that pig…blaaaah!!!……Italian men are so handsome! you speak any ny….I do a lil.. πŸ™‚

  7. I’ve had two disappearing posts today. Strange.
    This video makes me nauseated. No gore compares to nausea of this vid.
    Reminds me of the RCMP murder of Robert Dziekanski in 2007 at the YVR airport terminal.

  8. Since I watched in a video two american cops taking down a surrended man, this is exactly how I see the police there. There’s no reason to handcuff someone already inside a prisonal facility if he was not charged with a violent crime nor resisted to his arrest. Unmeasured force because it’s never too much for a male adult.

    1. Yeah the cops here in the US are every bit, if not more dangerous than ANY criminal or thug because they have the “law” on their side and an endless supply of “backup.” They drive around waiting for trouble to start up and if it’s a slow day….. they make trouble. And Hail Bathory! I was just listening to Blood Fire Death. Great shit.

  9. I made the dumbass mistake of calling the cops on my ex so I could get out of my own house as she got all snakey on me. The pigs treated me like I was the bad guy. I fucking hate them. I been a recipient of police brutality on a couple of occassions. I been beat up and once ran over by a squad car while trying to run away from them. I should have sued.

    1. @jessie, I’m sure you have mentioned before that you aren’t exactly “straight up”, and also you mentioned being hassled by the filth, and even touched on the subject if “Karma”.

      Is it not “Karma” that you are getting pulled by the Filth (for “shit” you didn’t do) because you got away with the “shit” you DID do??

      Do you mean to Sue? For taxpayers money?

  10. Wer’e only seeing the end result of this, we don’t see why so many officers had to subdue him. lets face it by the looks of him he was a heart attacking waiting to happen. Years ago in London the police went to a housing estate to arrest someone and there was a fat old black women in the flat who started trying to fight them and had to be subdued, She’d been given a nice new housing association flat that was paid for by the council even though she was here illegally. She ended up having a heart attack which sparked of the Tottenham riots. Crowds of blacks rampaged and set fire to buildings and then atacked fire officers trying to put out the blazes. Police officers who were totally outnumbered had to protect the fire officers. Police officer PC Blakelock was chased and fell and was then set upon by the crowd and was stabbed and macheted about 40 times. They tried to cut his head off to put it on a stick.
    I’m not saying police officers can’t be total power crazed aresholes, but don’t always assume you know when your not seeing the whole picture.

  11. I’m not a big fan of the Police, but I fail to see the violence in this arrest. I note also that as usual with these videos the beginning has been missed, so instead we see a partially edited video which just shows some cops sat on an arrested person. Indeed he has died but surely without knowing these cops have done anything wrong, which no one on here can know, we shouldn’t be assuming they did.

      1. I only have a minute so I can’t write it all out, but just search the story online. It was a fairly big story here for a few days so there’s a lot of info about it (odd that it wasn’t mentioned here). Basically, mom hit daughter, people called cops about domestic disturbance, wife takes off running, husband runs after wife to try & calm her down, as cops pull up they see the man running and assume he’s the guilty one, tackle him and this is the result. Ok I guess I did have enough time πŸ™‚

  12. The daughter ‘s going to have to live with guilt of what happend to her father for the rest of her life because of her childish behavior and not obeying her parents in the first place……

  13. it is pretty pathetic to see how 3 men hold 1 down, its obvious hes not harmful. Peoples follow some stupid book of life rules how to act in every situation.
    I understand in police they are told like this, but every situation in life completely different in present time and people go too far like this
    Like some trained machine and if you add spicy ego the mix result is destructive.
    Its like seeing those money hungry bastards, who think too much of themselves and act their better, more powerful

  14. I don’t know the context, therefore this woman can scream and cry as much as her lungs help her, i cannot form an opinion based only on this.

    Sorry misses “oh no my husband is dead”, can’t help you here. Seek the Human Rights bill. And get yourself a taco to help you through your loss.

    1. Please tell me you are just PLAYING stupid.
      Cops are pigs and those three should be in jail. I hope they’ll never wear a uniform again. They just assumed that guy was guilty of something because… well… he was a man. We live in a country which in many respects it’s like a 3rd World country.

    2. In a way I am, but you need full facts to blame them, because otherwise you are no better than them, persecuting them withouth knowing exactly what happened.

      Your virtues are delicious, young lad and us Robin Hoods of the internet thank you and welcome you in our humble imaginary world.

      1. No matter what happened you do not kill somebody. Not for resisting arrest , not for not showing the ID…
        not even for something much much more serious. Was necessary for 5
        mother fuck*rs to pin him down for more than a minute? Don’t you see that this faggots they call themselves cops are killing people every day in this stupid country of ours? What “facts”? What are you talking about? What could have happened so those assholes killed that guy? NOTHING justifies something like that. I hope they go to jail for many years (of course that is not going to happen). This kind of shit only happens in the worst 3rd World countries and… in the US of A and rarely in the UK.

  15. I love it when they tell you to calm down while you have 5 blokes on top of you with their knees and elbows in places to purposely cause you pain. It’s nothing but a show to make it seem like your fault for wanting to escape this agonising situation they put you in. There all a bunch of murderers and you should NEVER trust the police! SCUMBAGS

  16. I experienced the sick games of two particular cops back in my teenage days . They fed off each others depravity . Happily , the case was dismissed in the end . In my country the cops are still reasonably fair by and large , the two I mentioned still represent a minority . That could change though cos as we know , corruption spreads like wild fire . You’re in real trouble if you call the cops and they turn up and start with the bullying tactics , cos who do you call then to stop that shit ? .

  17. Damn illegals. Here for all the free shit they can get. Asked to show ID and the guy wigs out? Slam his ass to the ground. When someone is workin’ with the cops and the cops pull shit, then it’s time to expose the bad apples. Throw this guy in a body bag and put the bitch and her daughter on the bus back out of this country.

  18. Your man kill in Oklahoma City was killed in Moore Oklahoma in front of the Warren movie theater. This is just so you can please up date the form. Moore police are way worst then OKC police. This all started because the wife and daughter were arguing and mother slapped the daugther in the face. And daugther is over 18.

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